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AEW Dynamite results from 09-28-2022

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

The show opens with Jericho Appreciation Society making their entrance all in matching purple suits for the Championship Celebration.

Luigi Primo is in the ring throwing dough around next to some tables with pizzas on them.

Angelo Parker asks the AEW Galaxy to appreciate them, and Daddy Magic talks about how he called the pizza guy in and he asks what kind of pizza he made. Luigi says he made the best-a pizza, from New York City. The crowd wants pizza but Anna Jay tells them they can’t have it, but they can have the greatest Ring of Honor World Champion of all time, the Ocho, Chris Jericho.

Jericho also says they can’t have the pizza, but they can have the most important ROH World Champion in history. He says more people have seen him with the belt than any other ROH World Champion in history, and he’s going to change the way ROH is remembered, and this is the era of Ring of Jericho.

He’s starting tonight with his Championship defense against one of the greatest today, former ROH World Champion Bandido, but he’s a wrestler and sports entertainers always beat wrestlers. Chris turns to Daniel Garcia and puts him over, giving him a gift. Garcia opens it and pulls out a purple bucket hat.

Jericho puts it on him and they all celebrate while Daniel looks on like “am I really part of this clown show?” He takes the hat off and considers it before throwing it on the ground and decking Luigi Primo! He says this is enough, this isn’t him and he tolerated it for a little bit but he’s finally had enough.

He wants to tell Chris something he’s been meaning to get off his chest for a long time – he thinks it’s time for him to – Jericho puts his hand on the mic and cuts him off, telling him to consider his actions wisely, because the right decision means a long happy career, and the wrong one means Chris takes him out tonight.

Jericho asks if he’s a sports entertainer or a pro wrestler, Garcia takes a long measured stare into Jericho’s eyes…

…and “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson makes his entrance, flanked by William Regal.

Danielson gets in the ring and tells Jericho he needs to stop making decisions for Garcia, and tells Daniel that he’s a man and respects his decision, and if he wants to be with JAS or BCC, he can do what he likes. Chris tells Bryan to shut up and says Daniel Garcia belongs to him and does what he says.

Garcia yanks the mic out of his hand and says he doesn’t belong to Jericho and he doesn’t have to do anything he tells him to. He makes a bunch of mocking suggestions as to what he could do that would be entertaining, culminating with asking the crowd if tagging with Bryan Danielson would be entertaining.

Of course they’re all into it, and Daniel pitches a match, he and Bryan vs. Guevara and Jericho. Matt Menard yells at him and says they’re sick of his crap, and threatens to punch Danielson and knock him out right here in Philadelphia, PA. Bryan says he has good news, he can have a match with anyone who wants to fight him, so he wants Daddy Magic right now!

Commentary hypes up tonight’s show.

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard vs. Bryan Danielson
Menard shoves Danielson and jaws at him, off the ropes, Dragon takes him down and bends his arm to the mat for the bicep stomp! Uppercuts, up top, Matt knocks Bryan down and we go to break!

Back from commercial, whip to the corner, Menard with a couple lariats, chops, but Danielson steels and rises through the chops, shrugging them off and returning his own, backing Daddy Magic into the corner for more chops and chest kicks! Backflip up and over, off the ropes, Axe Bomber!

Repeated chest kicks, Angelo Parker saves his partner but Dragon destroys him with a dropkick! Pulling Menard away from a diving knee and Matt follows it up with a shinbreaker into the post! Big DDT on the floor from Parker, back inside, Menard hits a Tenryu Powerbomb.

Claudio Castagnoli comes down to even the odds and hauls Angelo Parker backstage bodily! Danielson explodes out of the corner with the Busaiku Knee followed by the LeBell Lock submission to get the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

We get a video package for Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson later tonight and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a Maxwell Jacob Friedman video package.

Wheeler Yuta comes charging down and gets on the mic, calling MJF out and saying they’ve got a real problem, and it’s not the cheap shot from last week, it’s that he had the audacity to put his hands on Tony Schiavone, a man who’s done more for AEW than Max ever will.

He thinks actions should have consequences, and what better punishment than to come down here and fight Wheeler in his own city. But hey Philly, don’t get to excited, MJF likes to run and hide, behind the Inner Circle, behind the Pinnacle, behind the Firm, behind this very microphone, because he knows once the bell rings, he can’t hang.

So, he’ll address the crowd on MJF’s behalf, running down a short checklist of cheap heat, before calling him down for the ass-kicking he deserves.

Enter Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

He mocks Schiavone as a fat old prick and a coward, just like everyone in this podunk arena, except Wheeler, who he gives credit. They grew up in this sport together, and they’ve wrestled each other up and down North America and he can admit Yuta’s one of the best in the world.

But going toe-to-toe on the microphone with daddy last week was a mistake, and he had to get spanked. He says Yuta has about as much charisma as Joe Frazier does today, and Joe Frazier is dead. He talks trash about a local sports team and says he makes more money than anyone in the arena or watching at home.

Wheeler says he’s going to leave Max in a pool of blood on Broad Street. Bad things happen in Philadelphia, and tonight is no exception. Yuta hops out of the ring, but MJF calls the Austin and Colten down to save himself from the beatdown. He asks the crowd if they want the match and of course says they’re not gonna get it.

But he will fight Wheeler Yuta in DC next week and he refuses to give Philly the benefit of his catchphrase, leaving the Austin and Colten Gunn to do it for him.

And so we go to break.

MATCH #2: AEW World Championship Eliminator Match:
Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson
Robinson blasts Moxley during his entrance and puts boots to him! Whip into the barricade, throwing him into the ring and we get a bell! Moxley blasts Juice with a lariat back to the floor and rolls out after him, hard whip into the barricade, straight suplex, we see MJF watching from a skybox and booing.

Jon puts him over a ringside table and pulls him up with a knuckle lock, throwing Robinson back inside. Meeting him face to face, trading forearms on a postage stamp, Juice with circling jabs and Moxley cuts him off with a kick to the midsection! Uppercut, off the ropes, blocked and Robinson bites the ear!

Back to the floor, Juice lays him out and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Moxley is busted open on the floor but sidesteps a cannonball, sending Robinson through a chair! Back inside, Jon lines him up, boot up on the charge, double lariats and neither man goes down! Another set, still standing, roaring, fired up, running Ace Crusher from Moxley.

Ankle lock applied, Juice counters, big falling powerbomb out of the corner. Death Rider reversed, Pulp Friction connects… Backbreaker rack, spinning out, Moxley lands on his feet, Knee Trembler… Wrist clutch stomps, falling back into a Cross Arm Breaker for the submission win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match: “Hangman” Adam Page makes his entrance, both men then stare each other down in the middle of the ring, MJF says that he might cash his chip in to win the AEW World Championship before they reach Cincinnati, Wheeler Yuta then appears behind MJF, Yuta then throws MJF over the couch, Yuta then lands a series of punches on MJF before security breaks them up.

We get a video package for Chris Jericho defending the Ring of Honor World Championship against Bandido, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Saraya’s debut last week.

She makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She says she has chills and she’s back, it’s been a crazy road but she’s damaged but not broken. She’ll create change here, and she IS the revolution. It’s hard to talk out here, it’s been a while, but AEW is officially her house. Give her time cues all you want, she’ll take her time and leave when she’s ready, and she calls the whole women’s roster down.

Toni Storm makes her entrance, leading Athena, Madison Rayne, Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale with her.

Saraya introduces them, starting with the champ, Toni Storm, who’s finally being utilized to her full potential, a fighting champion and the best AEW has seen, and she’s honored to be in the ring with her.

Dr. Britt Baker interrupts with Rebel, Jamie Hayter and Penelope Ford.

Britt gets on the mic and talks about how much she’s given to AEW, up to and including her neck, which is strong enough to handle it, unlike Saraya’s. She makes fun of nobody knowing how to pronounce Saraya, which leads to her pointing out that Britt rhymes with… (beep)

Baker says she respects Toni Storm and had high hopes for her when she first got here, but she just couldn’t keep away from problematic people so her and her new little tag partner broke her nose and took her out of the equation.

But that’s not why she’s here tonight, she’s here because Storm has Serena Deeb tonight, and Jamie Hayter will get her shot after Serena does. One missed step from Toni and we’ll be hearing the words “and new.”

Serena comes down and Saraya says she hasn’t been around long but she spoke to Tony Khan – it’s nice to have a boss that listens to her – and they decided that this match is going to be a lumberjack match!

MATCH #3: Lumberjack Match for the AEW Interim Women’s World Championship:
Toni Storm © vs. Serena Deeb

Saraya joins the commentary desk for this one.

Collar and elbow, Deeb with a wristlock, Toni reverses to a side headlock, Serena gets a hammerlock, Toni reverses to a kneeling armbar! Front chancery, arm wringer, Deeb with a headlock, shot off, shoulder block, shoulder block, Serena falls to the floor and the lumberjacks throw them back inside!

Chops in the corner, Storm turns her around for forearms, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, crossbody… Deeb throws Toni to the floor, the heels put boots to her but the babyface lumberjacks come around for the save to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Storm in control, headed up top, diving crossbody… Deeb with a cover for two, dragon screw reversed into a victory roll, reversed to a sunset flip, Serena rolls through into a seated double wristlock can opener! Changing gears to a Spider Twist, Toni reverses to a pin for two and a break!

Big headbutt, German suplex, Jamie Hayter pulls Toni out of the ring and brawls with Willow Nightingale to the back! Storm back inside, Deeb lights on her, headlock takeover, wringing the leg, Serenity Lock applied in the middle of the ring! Toni gets the ropes; Athena backs Baker off on the floor!

Serena draws her up, back body drop reverses, Storm goes up top, diving crossbody, roll-through into a half-crab! Toni gets away, hip attack, jackknife pin reversed, Storm hits Storm Zero on Serena but she kicks out, this leads to them fighting into the corner that leads to Storm hitting the Avalanche Storm Zero to retain the Championship.

Winner: Toni Storm

BACKSTAGE: The Acclaimed are interviewed Billy Gunn and they tell Philly the AEW World Tag Team Champions have arrived and next week on Dynamite it’ll be national scissoring day. Keith Lee rolls up, saying he was all ready to congratulate them but then he watched the footage back and saw Billy Gunn cost he and Swerve the match, so…

Billy says he’s got two words for Shane Strickland – “scissor me – and we go to break.

BACKSTAGE: Private Party and The Butcher & The Blade are bickering, and Andrade El Idolo reminds Private Party that they work for him.

Jose tells them like it or not, Andrade’s his boss, so shape up or ship out.

Matt Hardy rolls up and says what happened last week felt right, and they’ve always been connected. He tells them to quit, get out of their deal, and he’ll be waiting, and this time they’ll do it right.

MATCH #4: One-On-One Match:
Ricky Starks vs. Eli Isom
Ricky lays out Eli with a massive spear, followed by the Roshambo to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks

We get a Jungle Boy video package where he says he’s going to decapitate Luchasaurus.

Commentary hypes up next week’s matches.

MAIN EVENT: ROH World Championship Match:
Chris Jericho © vs. Bandido
The match starts off with both men shaking hands, Jericho then flips of Bandido, Jericho then hits a clothesline on Bandido, Bandido then hits a corkscrew over the top rope onto Jericho as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Bandido catch Jericho in midair with a superkick, Bandido then hits Jericho with a suplex after holding Jericho up for over 50 seconds and Bandido then hits a hurricanrana on Jericho from the apron as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Bandido hit a superkick on Jericho, Bandido then hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Jericho to secure a near fall, Jericho then hits a Lionsault on Bandido to secure a near fall, Jericho then locks in the Lion Tamer on Bandido but Bandido is able to reach the bottom rope, Jericho then pulls the mask over the eyes of Bandido, Jericho then locks in the Lion Tamer to secure the submission victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match: Jericho says that he’s going to beat every former ROH World Champion, Jericho challenges Bryan to a ROH World Championship Match on October 12th episode of Dynamite, Jericho then lays out ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise with the Judas Effect!

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