AEW Dynamite results from 04-06-2022

AEW is invading Beantown tonight as we’re LIVE from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts! As expected, we’re getting right to the action!

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
Adam Cole vs. Christian Cage

The two men lock up early and it is Christian Cage who takes control to start, but Adam Cole quickly reverses it by taking the veteran into the corner, abusing the full five count. Cole then rolls to the outside and then spits at Christian. However, as he tries to run around, Cage goes under the ropes and then drops him with a clothesline.

Cage then unloads a series of chops, but Cole reverses when being put on the top turnbuckle. He escapes out and hits a kick to the legs, which sees Cage drop and hang, allowing Adam to get a free superkick shot to the face. Outside the ring, Cage is then sent into the guard rail and the steel steps.

Cole continues putting pressure on inside the ring, standing down on his neck while Christian’s head is stuck on the bottom rope. The veteran once again turns things around with a dive to the outside, and then they go back and forth with punches inside the ring. Cage is able to connect with a swinging DDT, but Cole then kicks out.

The veteran then looks for an inside cradle, and then he transitions into a reverse DDT, but misses wildly with a top rope splash. Cole then follows up with a series of kicks to the fact, and he then hits the Boom, but he doesn’t drop the knee pad. This allows Christian to kick out, just before the three count!

Cage ends up hanging Cole onto the middle rope as he leaps to the outside and slaps him. But as he tries to jump from the second rope, Christian once again gets caught, this time by a superkick. Cage kicks out and then Cole looks for Panama Sunrise. However, Christian slaps him and follows up with a hurricanrana, and this time it is the Undisputed Elite star kicking out.

Cage looks for a Spear, but eats a kick to the knee, although Cage then reverses the Panama Sunrise. However, Cole reverses the Spear with a Pump Kick. The reversals continue after an attempted Boom, and Cage finally hits the Spear! But Cole kicks out, and they gain a huge standing ovation.

Cage goes after his opponent, but he hides through the ropes with the referee stuck in the middle. Cole hits an eye rake and then nails the Boom, this time without the kneepad.

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match: reDRagon head to attack Christian, but Jurassic Express makes the save and they fight to the back. Cole is left alone in the ring and Hangman Page comes out. Cole tells him he won’t face Hangman unless the AEW World Championship is on the line, as Page is scared of him. However, Hangman says he will give him it, and it will serve as his punishment.

Hangman Page says next week, AEW LIVE in Texas for Rampage. He tells the Undisputed Elite star he will defend the AEW World Championship…in a Texas Deathmatch! He tells Cole to get his affairs in order.

MATCH #2: Qualifying Match in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament:
Samoa Joe vs. Max Caster
Max Caster hits his rap, claiming that Samoa Joe is injury prone, pointing out that while they beat NXT in the ratings, Joe was their champion. When the bell rings, Caster runs his mouth to Joe, and he headbutts him and then starts unloading with strikes into the corner as he then dances before unloading a big chop.

Joe charges into the corner and follows it with his classic enziguri. Joe then chops the back of Caster and follows it with an elbow drop. The Acclaimed regroup outside the ring, but Joe then charges out with a tope suicida, dropping Caster again, while Anthony Bowens managed to escape.

Joe then follows Bowens and that allows Caster to blast his opponent from behind. Caster hits a few chops, but then Joe drops him with a charge. He follows that up with the Muscle Buster, and this one is over.

Winner: Samoa Joe

BACKSTAGE: Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal are shown, saying they won’t ruin his moment, because they’ve got more class. Last week, they changed their outcome on life, and Lethal wonders if he’d have that outlook if Joe actually answered his phone. Jay says he called Joe for four months asking for advice.

However, Jay says Joe only answers the phone to billionaires. He says he respects Joe, and he’d have rolled out the red carpet. Sonjay says it isn’t too later, and Lethal agrees, so next week there will be a present that Samoa Joe will never forget.

BACKSTAGE: Tony Schiavone is with the Blackpool Combat Club, and William Regal hypes up the Rampage matches that his men will be having. Jon Moxley says the forecast is bones cracking like thunder and raining blood.

MATCH #3: One-On-One Match:
Shawn Spears vs. Capt. Shawn Dean

Shawn Spears takes control straight away, bringing Shawn Dean down to the mat, stomping away on his face. He then dumps Dean outside as Spears points out the Wardlow signs that he is on security alert again. Back inside the ring, Spears continues his attack, dropping his opponent with a swinging neck breaker. However, he opts to stop the pinfall himself.

Spears then picks up Dean, but backstage several members of the security staff are shown having been taken out. Wardlow is then shown, dominating every staff member who gets in his way! This leads him to the ringside area. However, just as he breaks through the guard rail, security gets hold of Wardlow. The distraction works though, as inside the ring Shawn Dean catches Spears with a roll-up!

Winner: Capt. Shawn Dean

Schiavone is shown with Best Friends as Chuck Taylor says they love Wheeler Yuta, and he could do it with him. Trent disagrees and says he doesn’t love him. He tells Yuta to take notes from his match with Bryan on Rampage. The two men push each other and then walk away.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti are out with the usual card gimmick. It sees them take shots at American Top Team.

Eddie Kingston and Santana/Ortiz are shown brawling the JAS earlier tonight, with Jericho’s group running away and driving out of the arena.

Kingston and his group then make their way to the ring as he calls Chris Jericho a two-faced coward. He says if Jericho is with his wife and kids, he’s attacking them, and the same goes for the rest of them. Santana says that this is what they do, and Ortiz tells them to turn up next week for a six-man tag match. Kingston says they will be in New Orleans and they will beat their ass Junkyard Dog/Butch Reed style!

Jade Cargill then appears with Mark Sterling for an interview with Tony Schiavone. She tells him to cut this shit. Jade introduces her baddie section, showing the women at ringside. A baddie is a beautiful woman with confidence who knows herself, and Jade says she knows herself.

Mark admits it was hard to find good-looking people in Boston, but Jade worked hard and did it. Marina Shafir isn’t allowed in. Jade calls her trash, and says she is tired of MMA losers coming into the business, and the wrestling rejects coming into her show. Mark says Shafir calls herself the problem, but Jade claims to be the problem solver.

MJF and Shawn Spears are shown backstage, as Spears tells Wardlow he is pissing up the wrong tree. MJF says if Wardlow shows up next week, there will be twice as many security members. MJF then tells Shawn Dean he will face him next week, and there will be a purple heart, as he is going to hurt him more than he could have done in the service.

MATCH #4: Tag Team Tables Match:
Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy vs. The Butcher and The Blade
The Butcher and The Blade get out tons of tables immediately, and they then rip the legs from one of them and use them as weapons to take advantage early on. Inside the ring, The Blade sends Jeff towards a table that is propped in the corner, but he doesn’t hit it. Blade then charges into and Jeff sidesteps as Blade crashes in.

Outside the ring, Butcher drops Matt with a chair to the face. He then sets a table in the middle of the ring on just one led so it is slanted. He tries to suplex Jeff through it, but Matt makes the save and they hit a double DDT. Butcher is then propped on that table, but Blade pulls Jeff off the top rope.

He then hits a neck breaker to Matt as the heels regain control. Butcher then lifts up Blade and he leaps off the top rope to send him crashing through the table. They then turn their attention to Matt in a two-on-one situation. Outside Butcher charges into a table, which Matt avoids. Blade then continues the attack on Matt himself.

Jeff then grabs the foot of Blade (even though he should be eliminated), and that allows Matt to turn things around. He uses the chair to attack Butcher, who gets set on a table. Matt connects with a Leg Drop, eliminating him as well. Matt then dives to the outside, but Blade avoids it and Matt crashes and burns through a table.

Matt then gets launched outside, onto the concrete. They then suplex him back over, slamming Matt onto the floor, but Jeff had pulled the table out of the way.  Jeff charges into Blade, and he then begins fighting with Butcher outside the ring. He connects with a Twist Of Fate to Blade, and Matt does another.

The Hardys then bust out a ladder, setting Blade onto the tables below, while Jeff hits the Swanton through the table to win it for his team.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

After the match: Andrade, Jose, and Private Party head out, but Sting comes down to level things up. Andrade puts The Bunny between them so he is able to escape.

BACKSTAGE: Christian Cage is seen pouring water on himself, and he then throws it away and leaves. Jurassic Express then point out that reDRagon’s record isn’t good enough to face them, so they challenge them next week instead, and they’ll put the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line.

A backstage video package takes place with Thunder Rosa revealing she will defend the AEW Women’s World Championship against Nyla Rose.

BACKSTAGE: Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm are shown. Jamie hopes she faces Toni, as she says all the momentum she has stops with her. However, Storm says this has only just begun.

MATCH #5: Qualifying Match in the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament:
Julia Hart vs. Hikaru Shida
As Hikaru Shida poses in the ring, Julia Hart blasts her from behind and then uses the jacket to choke her. The Varsity Blondes question it, but she kicks them out. Shida then drops Hart onto the top turnbuckle and follows it with a knee strike. She then gets out a chair and launches off it to hit a dropkick.

When Shida gets back to the ring, Hart attacks her, showcasing a more aggressive side.  Julia continues to dominate, standing and pushing down on her while Shida’s on the ropes. Shida tries to mount a fightback in this with several hammering blows. She charges into the corner and hits a knee strike, following up with a great suplex.

With Hart on the ring apron, Shid heads to the corner and drags her opponent back over with a suplex into the ring. However, Hart then attacks the eyes of Hikaru, following up with a bulldog, but Shida kicks out. Hart then misses with a high-risk move, and Shida follows with a back fist and then a spinning knee strike. She hits the Falcon Arrow and advances.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

After the match: Serena Deeb’s music hits and this leads to Shida looking towards the entrance way with her Kendo Stick but Serena then tries to take a cheap shot by attacking from Shida from behind with a steel chair, but Shida is ready for her with her kendo stick, while Deeb holds onto the steel chair. They face-off but don’t fight.

Swerve is then backstage talking about being at the Grammy’s. He hasn’t forgotten about the last match. He heads away to the locker room, but Hobbs and Starks head in and jump him. Keith Lee then appears and all 4 of them start brawling, where Starks throws Swerve against a heavy duty case while Lee puts Hobbs through a thin wall.

MAIN EVENT: ROH/AAA World Tag Team Championship Match:
Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler © vs. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson
Cash Wheeler and Matt Jackson start this out hot, with some shoves in the corner. But the FTR star then brings Matt down to the mat several times. He keeps things hot with a shoulder tackle and then he mocks the Bucks by doing their pose. Jackson charges in, but Wheeler brings him down again and Dax Harwood comes in.

However, Nick Jackson manages to tag in, but Harwood keeps control with a headlock, as he then starts working the arm. Dax pulls the headgear off Nick, puts it down his pants, and then throws it at Matt, following up with a scoop slam to Nick. They keep the pace fast, but Nick then tags out, only for Dax to roll away. All four end up in the ring facing off.

All four men end up brawling, and it’s the challenges who come out on top, taking both men down with a double hip toss and dropkick combination. But Wheeler responds with a double clothesline, and he tags in then locking in a Sharpshooter. Nick tries to break it with a superkick, but Wheeler avoids it and then gets put in a Sharpshooter by Harwood.

Nick gauges the eye of Wheeler, and that breaks things up. The Bucks then hit several combination attacks in the corner, including a cannonball/enziguri. Matt heads to the second turnbuckle and drops down with an elbow drop, and Nick then comes in, pushing Cash’s head into the ropes.

Nick gets slingshotted over the top rope, landing on Wheeler, as they maintain control here. Cash is able to sidestep Matt though, sending him outside, but as he looks for a tag, Nick takes down Harwood with a dropkick, stopping it just in time. Matt charges to the corner looking to hit Wheeler, but he avoids it and Matt eats an enziguri from his brother. This time a tag happens!

Dax comes in hot taking down both of his opponents, sending Nick to the outside as he unloads with hops and strikes on Matt. He then nearly catches Matt out with an inside cradle, and they then go through several pinning combinations back and forth. When that ends, Harwood just stops things with a piledriver, but Matt kicks out!

Nick gets dropped onto the apron by Wheeler, while inside the ring Dax and Matt go to the top turnbuckle. Dax hits a superplex, but as Cash aims to dive onto him after a tag, Nick stops him with a hurricanrana and everyone is down! Nick tags in and hits a great knee strike and then a bulldog-dropkick combination for the Bucks.

Nick takes out Dax with a big kick to the face, but then he holds onto Nick’s next move as he rocks him with a brainbuster to the floor. Matt dives out with a dropkick, but as he comes back in, Wheeler drops Matt face-first to the mat, and somehow The Young Bucks star kicks out! FTR look for the Big Rig, but Nick blocks it and then distracts the official, allowing Matt to hit a low blow. They then hit their own versions of the Big Rig, but Wheeler fights out!

Nick then grabs an ROH Championship belt, but Dax starts a tug of war with it. Nick fights out and ends up clocking Cash in the head with it as the official doesn’t see. He falls back into a roll-up, but Harwood breaks it up! He gets sent out with a double superkick, and they then hit the BTE Trigger to Cash, but he gets his foot on the rope at the last second.

FTR fight back and then hit a slingshot powerbomb/tombestone combination! They then nail Matt with a BTE Trigger of their own, kissing Matt for added effect. That is followed by the Big Rig as they retain their Championships in an incredible tag team match.

Winners: Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler

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