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AEW Dynamite: Road Rager results from June 15th 2022

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur and Jim Ross are the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

MATCH #1: Hair vs. Hair Match:
“The Wizard” Chris Jericho vs. Ortiz
The match starts off with Jericho going for a Lionsault, Ortiz gets his knees up before landed a clothesline on Jericho for a near-fall, Jericho rolls to the outside but Ortiz follows him, Ortiz then throws Jericho into the barricade, Ortiz then punches Jericho as he’s seated in the barber’s chair, Jericho then lands a series of punches on Ortiz in the corner, Jericho goes for a top rope hurricanrana but Ortiz counters with a powerbomb from the top rope, Ortiz then hits a diving headbutt from the top rope for a near-fall, Ortiz then goes for a suicide dive but Jericho catches him with a forearm, Jericho then lands a suplex on Ortiz from the apron as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Jericho taunting the crowd before landing a kick to the stomach of Ortiz, Ortiz then fights back with a series of chops and punches, before knocking Jericho down with a clothesline, Ortiz then lands a series of forearms to Jericho in the corner, Ortiz runs at Jericho in the corner but Jericho gets his boot up, Jericho climbs to the top but Ortiz climbs to the top as well, Ortiz hits a cutter from the top rope for a near-fall, Jericho goes for a suplex but Ortiz counters it and hits a DDT for another near-fall, Ortiz goes for a second rope corkscrew but Jericho counters and hits the Codebreaker for a near-fall, Ortiz attempts a hurricanrana but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho, Ortiz then reaches the bottom rope as a brawl goes down at ringside, While ref Aubrey Edwards was distracted, Eddie Kingston then hits Jericho with a spinning backfist behind the referee’s back, Ortiz goes for the pin but he gets a close near-fall, Fuego Del Sol with a baseball bat, jumped into the ring and knocked out Ortiz behind the referees back, allowing Jericho to secure the pin-fall victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match: Chris Jericho, Jake Hager and Fuego Del Sol celebrate but then Fuego unmasks and reveals himself to be Sammy Guevara. Ortiz then begins to cut and shave his own hair, Eddie Kingston says that Ortiz is a man of his world, Ortiz screams “Blood and Guts” in the mic as Ortiz continues to cut his hair.

MATCH #2: Twenty-On-One “Class Action” Handicap Elimination Match:
20 Plaintiffs vs. Wardlow
All 20 men get on the apron to start the match, Wardlow knocks four guys off the apron, the remaining men try to take down Wardlow but Wardlow pushes them all off, Wardlow then powerbombs a plaintiff from the ring to the outside into more plaintiffs, Wardlow then submits someone as he lands a powerbomb, Wardlow then stacks a few of the plaintiffs to eliminate them, Wardlow then lands a powerbomb on three of the plaintiffs before pinning all three at the same time, Wardlow then takes out four more men with powerbombs for the eliminations, one of the plaintiffs jump off the top rope but Wardlow catches him, Wardlow then powerbombs the man into the remaining plaintiffs, Wardlow then gets the final pin-fall.

Winner: Wardlow

After the match: Wardlow throws Smart Mark Sterling into the ring, Dan Lambert interrupts with Scorpio Sky, Lambert tells Wardlow to start watching over his shoulder, Lambert directs Matt Hughes and Tyron Woodley to attack Wardlow, Hughes and Woodley enter the ring, Wardlow says that they are smarter than to take order from some boss in a skybox, Wardlow says that they are from the same cloth, Woodley and Hughes then push Smart Mark into Wardlow, Wardlow then hits Smart Mark Sterling with the powerbomb.

MATCH #3: One-On-One Match:
Dax Harwood vs. Will Ospreay
The match starts off with both men locking up, Ospreay then counters it into a leg lock, Harwood rolls threw, Ospreay then rolls threw, Dax then puts Ospreay in a headlock before landing a shoulder tackle, Ospreay then lands a running hurricanrana on Harwood, Ospreay then lands a series of chops to the chest of Harwood in the corner, Dax counters and lands a stiff chop of his own, Dax then hits a snap suplex on Ospreay for a one count, Dax then lands a back body drop on Ospreay for a two count before once again placing Ospreay in a headlock, Dax goes for a suplex on the apron but Ospreay counters and racks Dax into the ring apron, Ospreay then hits Dax with a running basement dropkick, sending Dax crashing into the steel steps.

We are back from commercial as we see Ospreay lands a spinning kick to the stomach of Dax, Dax then lands six German suplexes on Ospreay as the crowd gives them a standing ovation, Dax then lands yet another German suplex on Ospreay, Dax goes for a top rope headbutt but Ospreay moves out of the way, Ospreay then hits a 450 from the top rope for a near-fall, Ospreay goes to the top once again,  both men then exchange punches and chops, knocking Ospreay to the apron, Dax then counters Ospreay into a crossbody from the top, both men exchange roll up but only secure near-falls, Ospreay then hits Dax with a flying crossbody from the ring to the outside, Ospreay then lands a stiff elbow to the back of Dax’s head from the second rope for another near-fall, Dax goes for a powerbomb but Ospreay counters with a roundhouse kick, Dax then catches Ospreay and lands a slingshot powerbomb for a near-fall, both men then exchange a series of headbutts as they get back to their feet, both men then exchange forearms, Dax then hits Ospreay with a clothesline, turning him inside out, Ospreay then hits Dax with a sit-down powerbomb for a near-fall, Ospreay then hits Dax with a running elbow to the back of the head for the pin-fall victory.

Winner: Will Ospreay

After the match: The United Empire jumped in the ring after the match. Cash Wheeler and Roppongi Vice joined the fray to even up the numbers. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy returned and strolled to the ring to help his friends! Ospreay stared at Orange in the center of the ring.

We get a video package highlighting the upcoming Interim AEW World Championship Match between Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi, both men will have a face-to-face in the ring, next.

Jon Moxley makes his entrance first, followed by Hiroshi Tanahashi. Both men then stare each other down, Moxley says that he’s been chasing Tanahashi for a very long long time, Moxley says that its always been about Tanahashi, Moxley says there’s only one man they call ace, and that’s Tanahashi, but not for long, Moxley calls Tanahashi an inspiration, Moxley then calls himself the best professional wrestler on the planet, Moxley says that everything he’s worked for the last three years is on the line, Moxley says that after Forbidden Door, Tanahashi will start calling him Ace. Jericho, Sammy Guevara, and Tay Conti then interrupt, Jericho says that Moxley is only standing in the ring because Moxley took his spot, Jericho says that if Moxley doesn’t leave he’s going to shoot a fireball at him, Jericho says that the last time he saw Tanahashi was when he beat him two years ago, Tanahashi tells Jericho to shut up, Moxley and Tanahashi are then attacked from behind by Lance Archer and the rest of Suzuki’s men, Jericho then announces that Conti and Guevara have joined the Jericho Appreciation Society, along with Archer and Desperado. Jericho issues to a challenge for Forbidden Door but Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana interrupt and a brawl breaks out, Tanahashi then lands a Slingblade on Desperado, Moxley and Tanahashi then stare each other down.

Match #4: First Round Match in the All-Atlantic Championship Tournament:
“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. “The Redeemer” Miro
The match starts off with Ethan Page rolling to the outside, Ethan Page gets in the ring but once again runs to the outside, Miro chases Page on the outside, Page then attacks Miro as he’s getting back into the ring, Page then works on the arm of Miro, Page lands a series of arm wringers and armlocks on Miro, Miro then lands a clothesline on Page, Miro then punches away at the arm of Page, Miro then throws Page shoulder first into the ring post as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Miro lands a series of strikes to the chest of Page from the apron, Page counters and racks the shoulder of Miro, Page then sends Miro shoulder first into the steel steps, Page then slams Miro’s hand into the steel steps, Page then hits a diving shoulder tackle from the top rope for a one count, Page then lands a flying cutter from the second rope for a near-fall, Page then forces Miro’s hands together to pray, Miro then headbutts the chest of Page, Miro then lands two suplexes before landing a running splash in the corner and a spinning roundhouse kick, Lambert then gets on the apron but Miro punches him off, Miro then lands a superkick on Page and the Game Over for the submission victory.

Winner: “The Redeemer” Miro

Match #5: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm
The match starts off with Storm and Britt exchanging punches, Britt rolls to the outside but Toni follows her, Britt then slams Toni face-first into the ring post, Toni then lands a chop on Britt before throwing her back into the ring, Hayter then grabs the leg of Storm, Thunder Rosa then comes out and chases Jamie Hayter to the backstage area as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Britt choking Toni in the corner with her boot, Toni then hits a tornado DDT on Britt from the second turnbuckle, Toni then hits the tornado DDT from the apron on Britt, Toni then lands a German suplex on Britt, followed by a running hip attack to Britt in the corner, Britt fakes an injury and rolls up Toni for a near-fall, Britt then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Toni for a near-fall, Toni then lands a German suplex on Britt for the pin-fall victory.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match: Thunder Rosa comes out onto the entrance ramp with her AEW Women’s World Championship and stares down Toni Storm.

BACKSTAGE: Tony Schiavone with Stokely Hathaway and said TBS Champion Jade Cargill would be issuing an Open Challenge at Rampage this Friday. Willow Nightingale walked out and accepted Jade’s Open Challenge.

“Hangman” Adam Page makes his entrance. Page says that last week he called his shot by calling out Okada for the IWGP World Championship, Page says that before Forbidden Door Okada might not of been champion but this past weekend Okada lost the IWGP World Championship, Page says that the challenge still stands, Adam Cole interrupts, Cole congratulates Jay White on winning the IWGP World Championship, Cole says that he wants to challenge for the Championship at Forbidden Door, Cole says that Forbidden Door is about The Undisputed Elite and The Bullet Club, Cole says that Okada won’t even be at Forbidden Door, Cole then introduces “Switchblade” Jay White, Jay White comes from behind Page, White lays out Page with The Blade Runner, White says that Page couldn’t beat CM Punk and that White is 2-0 against Page, White says that Page and Cole won’t challenge him for the Championship, White says that this is the Switchblade Era.

MAIN EVENT: Ladder Match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships:
Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus © vs. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson
The match off with The Young Bucks going after Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus lands a clothesline on both of The Young Bucks, Luchasaurus tries to bring a ladder into the ring but The Young Bucks kick the ladder into Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy then lands a suicide dive on Matt, Matt then launches Nick up the ladder, Luchasaurus goes for a double chokelsam but The Young Bucks counter, The Young Bucks pick up a ladder but Luchasaurus kicks the ladder into the Young Bucks, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy attempt to climb the ladder but Matt and Nick bring them down, The Bucks then land a drop toehold on Luchasaurus, sending him face-first into the ladder, The Bucks then Irish whip Jungle Boy in the corner but Jungle Boy runs up the ladder, Jungle boy then lands a crossbody, taking out both Bucks, Nick then lands a series of Northern lights suplexes to Jungle Boy into the ladder, Jungle Boy then hits a hurricanrana to Nick through a table, Matt then lands a powerbomb on Jungle Boy through the table, Nick then hits a Canadian destroyer on Luchasaurus, Nick then lands a 450 from the top rope onto Luchasaurus through a table on the outside as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Jungle Boy make Nick superkick Matt, Luchasaurus then lands a roundhouse kick and a chokelsam on Matt, Luchasaurus then lands a spinebuster to Nick on the ladder, Luchasaurus then lands a moonsault from the apron to the outside, taking out The Bucks, Luchasaurus then slides another ladder in the ring, Matt then jumps on the back of Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus climbs the ladder with both Matt on his back, Jungle Boy then hits Matt in the back with a ladder, all four men fight over the gold on top of two ladders, everyone falls off but Luchasaurus, The Bucks then powerbomb Luchasaurus into the ladder, The Bucks then hit Jungle Boy with a Superkick and a reverse hurricanrana, Matt Jackson then hits Luchasaurus with a diving elbow to the outside through a table, Jungle Boy then hits a German suplex on Nick Jackson, both Matt and Jungle Boy slowly climb their ladders, Jungle Boy grabs Matt off the ladder before landing another German suplex, The Bucks then get pushed off the ladder by Jungle Boy, The Bucks falls into the other ladder, causing Jungle Boy to fall off the ladder into the ropes, Luchasaurus climbs the ladder but The Bucks push the ladder over, sending Luchasaurus to the outside through four tables, The Bucks then hit Jungle Boy with a BTE trigger, both Matt & Nick Jackson then climb the ladder and grab both Championship belts to become the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Winners and NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson

After the match:  Christian Cage double-crossed Jungle Boy and planted him with the Kill Switch! Christian Cage grabbed a steel chair and cracked Jungle Boy with a con-chair-to, Dynamite ends with Christian standing over a fallen Jungle Boy.

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