Content Creators

Victor Salazar

Metallman at the mic

Victor Salazar (Metallman) has been in the blogging game for more than 13 years and has spent quite a bit of that time writing about whatever came to his mind. You’ll find articles about tech, gadgets, games, anime, movies, reviews, and many other topics, penned under his pseudonym, Metallman.

You may also have heard his voice as a co-host of The Get a Life Podcast and The Dragoncast Podcast. Victor will continue podcasting and will be lending his talents to The Domain’s very own podcast, The Next Level


Josh Shaver

One day, Josh was just brought into existence and he’s been crushing it ever since. Josh has a vast knowledge of all things Gaming, Pop Culture, and Entertainment. His expertise are in Horror, Wrestling, Comic Books, and the 80’s. He probably knows where the beef is and has several Skeletor action figures.


Eric Montgomery 

Eric has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was 5 and has had the pleasure of working in the wrestling business as a DJ, among other things, for 19 years. Eric is our “wrestling expert” and looks forward to showing his passion of professional wrestling.


Andrew Denman

Andrew Denman is currently based out of London. When not playing video games, Andrew is interested in a range of different topics, be it Doctor Who, vinyl records, reading, or playing instruments.


Raven Alford

Raven has been a product tester and reviewer for 15+ years, working with invite-only programs (such as Amazon Vine and Highlight) and premium brands. Micro-influencer and wannabe foodie, Raven enjoys a variety of topics and interests, and loves bringing them to the public. A true child of the 80’s & 90’s, she loves old school gaming and fashion; and her favorite band will always be New Kids on the Block.


Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels is the Owner/Editor of The Domain and has had the pleasure of covering the gaming industry as well as reviewing many different conventions for over ten years. Brian also has been podcasting for the same length of time on such shows as The Dragoncast and The Domain’s very own podcast, The Next Level. Brian is also a huge gamer and loves collecting anything related to gaming.