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IMPACT Wrestling – Bound For Glory results from 10-07-2022

Kickoff Match: IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match:
Brian Myers © vs. Dirty Dango
The former Fandango in WWE has answered Myers’ open challenge. The crowd chanted for him. They locked up and Dango, sporting shorter blonde hair, broke clean in the corner. Myers grabbed a side headlock and was sent into the ropes. He shoulder blocked Dango down to the mat, then did so a second time, Dango went up and over during an exchange and nailed a dropkick. He worked over Brian’s arm.

Myers went for a sunset flip, but Dango held on and drilled him with a left hand. He nailed a leg drop for a two count. Myers went to the floor and Dango followed. Myers cut him off as they returned to the ring and ran him into the ring post. Myers brought him back into the ring and nailed a snapmare, then cinched in a side chinlock. Dango fought back to his feet and nailed a pescado to the outside on Myers. He nailed an inverted atomic drop and began putting some offense together. He nailed a Russian Leg Sweep and a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Myers caught him with an enziguri and hit an implant DDT for a two count. Dango cut him off with a kick and a tornado DDT for a two count. He nailed a charging uppercut in the corner and went to the top but Myers returned to his feet. Dango leapt into the ring but was hit with a spear and the Roster Cut for the pin.

Winner: Brian Myers

They aired a nice video package on Raven’s IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame induction with Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards, Lou D’Angeli, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Mitchell, Scott D’Amore and Mickie James, among others, talking up Raven’s career.

Tommy Dreamer came out to induct Raven. He said three weeks ago, Scott D’Amore came to him and wanted to talk to him about the Hall of Fame and that they all voted and agreed on Dreamer. Dreamer said that his entire career flashed before his eyes and thought about how his family and mom could be there and got all emotional and then was told they voted Dreamer would induct Raven. Even when Raven isn’t wrestling, Dreamer is doing the job for him.

Dreamer talked about Raven and said without him there would be no Mickie James, Dreamer, The Dudley Boyz, Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, Nova, Francine and Kimona. He pointed out Raven gave opportunities for a young CM Punk. He said that as you get older, you look back and he said life is all about moments. He said that when he was down on the mat after a DDT wiping the blood from his eyes, he never realized he was in the middle of a moment and neither did Raven. He said it was his honor to induct Raven and would give anything to have a moment like that again.

Raven came out and said that he’s known for being narcissistic and being dick. He said that his qualities weren’t great in life but these were great qualities for a professional wrestler. He said he never felt he deserved the cheers, but boos made him feel right back at home. He said that he was one of the last guys to go through the territory system and then work in the modern, national stage. He got to do great things and learned a lot from The Grappler Len Denton and couldn’t have done it without him. He drove for Len Denton and got to pick the brain of a true booking wizard. Denton was teaching him how to think serially and how to book that way, so he learned how to think long-term about booking matches and stories. He joked the cheers were making him nervous and asked the crowd to boo him.

Raven said that he had to talk about Paul Heyman. His career had grown by leaps and bounds and Heyman let him do pretty much everything he wanted. He said his feuds with The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer stack up against everything else out there. He said he would have stayed there forever but lots of money was offered and went to WCW where his self-destructive ways led to his prematurely leaving. He got clean and sober and went to WWE, which was a miserable experience, but it allowed him to start to go to therapy and deal with his personal issues and he’s done the work to try and be a better person.

He felt when he left WWE, it was a poor end to his career but then TNA called, and he got to have another great run and be used the way he felt he should have been used. He said he started in Memphis and closed out in TNA, so it was a full circle. He said he wanted to thank so many, including Lodi, Sandman and Saturn but there’s not enough time and his friends know what they mean to him. He thanked Tommy and said he has to single him out for being the yin to his yang, and for being his partner in a 28-year feud that finally ends tonight. Dreamer and Raven embraced for a hug but then Raven kicks Dreamer and lays him out with the Evenflow DDT. The crowd booed and Raven said, “Thank you. Quote the Raven, nevermore.”

Tom Hanifan and Matthew Rehwoldt ran down the main events for the PPV.

MATCH #1: IMPACT X-Division Championship Match:
“Speedball” Mike Bailey © vs. Frankie Kazarian
Some nice, athletic wrestling early on. Kazarian worked him over on the floor and tossed the champ in the ring. He nailed a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Bailey tried to go for a kick, but Kazarian snatched his leg and tied him up on the mat. Bailey nailed a series of kicks while on the mat, dazing Kazarian with shots to the neck and throat.

Bailey used a forward roll out of an Electric Chair for a two count, then nailed a single-leg dropkick. The crowd chanted for Bailey. Some nice back and forth action. Kazarian slapped Bailey but missed a springboard leg drop. Bailey began drilling him with a series of hard knees. Bailey nailed a running spin kick in the corner and scored a near fall. Kazarian cut him off with a slingshot cutter for a two count. Lots of really good near falls. Kazarian even kicked out of the Ultimate Weapon.

They battled to the top, where Kazarian nailed The Flux Capacitor for another two count. They went back and forth. Bailey nailed a Poisonrana out of an Electric Chair. Bailey went to the top for a Shooting Star Press, but Kazarian nailed a Cutter for a two count. Kazarian locked on the Cross Face Chicken Wing and Bailey tapped to win the Championship

Winner and NEW IMPACT X-Division Champion: Frankie Kazarian

BACKSTAGE: Gia Miller is with Mickie James and asks Mickie about her bout against Mia Yim. She said the stakes are high but Hardcore Country delivers. She asked for this match and this bout means the world to each of them. The Last Rodeo is knowing she can hang with the likes of Mia. She isn’t passing the torch, she is the torch, and they are burning Albany to the ground.

MATCH #2: Knockouts One-On-One Match:
Mia Yim vs. Mickie James
Some nice back and forth action early where they mirrored the other. Mickie snatched a side headlock and brought her down to the mat.  Yim shot her off into the ropes but was shoulder blocked down.  They locked up and this time, Yim grabbed a head scissor and held her to the mat. James escaped and went back to the side headlock.  James tried to go for a bulldog off the ropes but was shoved off and “tweaked” her knee and began limping a bit.

Yim caught James in the corner and snapped the leg. James went down as the referee checked on her. Yim kept working on the banged-up knee, but Mickie kept kicking out. They began slugging it out with Yim showing some aggression. Mickie nailed a Lou Thesz Press and nailed several clotheslines, but her leg was hindering her offense. Yim nailed a powerbomb into the buckles for a two count.

They battled on the top where Mickie kissed her to stun Yim and shoved her off.  She nailed another Thesz Press for a kick out. Mickie went for the Mick Kick but was caught in a Stretch Muffler. She drilled James with a kick to the head and a German suplex. She told James she was sorry and nailed Eat Defeat, but James grabbed the ropes at the last second to break up the pinfall.

Yim went for another, but James escaped and kicked her in the head.  Mickie went for the DDT but was shoved into the buckles.  Yim missed a cannonball in the corner.  James nailed the DDT and scored the pin.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match: Mickie and Mia hugged each other to show respect for each other.

They showed Josh Alexander preparing in his locker room.

MATCH #3: IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match:
Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green © vs. Jessicka and Taya Valkyrie
The challengers-controlled Green early, but she ducked a big boot and tagged out to Deonna. Deonna and Taya jawed at each other, so Taya tagged in. Taya caught her with a stomp for a two count. Deonna nailed Jessicka off the apron but was caught up in the ropes, so Taya slid underneath her and nailed a German suplex. Taya chopped away at Deonna.

During commentary, they noted there would be new Impact Wrestling action figures coming soon.

Deonna and Green worked over Taya who finally reversed a double suplex and looked prime to make the hot tag but Green knocked Jessicka off the ropes. Jessicka nailed a kick to the head of Deonna and then nailed some clobbering elbows to Green. She nailed a splash on Deonna for a two count. Deonna pulled her into the buckles, where she hit her head. Green nailed a curb stomp for a two count. The challengers gained control and Jessicka nailed the Sick Driver for the pin and to win the Championships.

Winners and NEW IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champions: Jessicka and Taya ValkyrieM

MATCH #4: IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match:
Matt Taven and Mike Bennett © vs. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley
As you might expect, some good action at the bell. Matt Taven drilled Alex Shelley with a dropkick immediately and controlled him early. Sabin and Bennett tagged in. Sabin was worked over but nailed a body press for a two count. Bennett caught him with a mule kick but was hit with a hurricanrana The Kingdom double-teamed Sabin and worked him over. Shelly made the tag, and The Guns began hitting their stereo offense and worked over Taven’s arm. Maria tried to intercede, but it backfired.

Finally, Shelley was cut off and double-teamed by The Kingdom for a long time. Sabin made the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting a flying body press on the champs at the same time. He nailed a tornado DDT on Taven. Bennett tried to interfere but drilled his own partner. The Kingdom was sent to the floor, where Sabin hit a big dive.

Everyone battled in the ring. Taven and Bennett took out Sabin with charges in the buckles. Bennett nailed a Death Valley Driver. The Kingdom caught Sabin with the spike Fear Factor but Shelley dove in to break it up. The Guns unloaded with a series of kicks but Maria distracted them, allowing Bennett to smash Sabin. Shelley tied Taven to the Tree of Woe. Sabin and Bennett chopped each other. Shelley nailed the hesitation dropkick on Taven. Bennett went to superkick Sabin but hit Maria accidentally. Taven rolled up Shelley for the pin to retain the Championships.

Winners: Matt Taven and Mike Bennett

They aired highlights from Raven’s IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

MATCH #5: Call Your Shot Gauntlet Battle Royal:
The first two Entrants were Eric Young and Joe Hendry. They battled until #3 Entrant Steve Maclin made his entrance. Rich Swann was the #4 Entrant. PCO was the #5 Entrant into the match.

Savannah Evans was the #6 Entrant. She went nose to nose with PCO. Maclin attacked them both just as Evans grabbed PCO.

Johnny Swinger was the #7 Entrant and Swinger coming out in the tiny WrestleMania 3-like cart cracks me up. He took forever to get in the ring and went right after Evans, slamming her. He then sold that he threw out his back.

Tasha Steelz the #8 Entrant out to the match. She and Savannah worked over Swinger in the corner.

Killer Kelly was the #9 Entrant in the match and she went right after everyone with forearms. She locked a choke on Evans. Steelz shoved both of them over the top, sacrificing her ally Evans.

Moose was the #10 Entrant and he eliminated Joe Hendry. Moose eliminated PCO with a backdrop over the top to the floor. He faced off with Maclin until Sami Callihan who was the #11 Entrant came in and attacked Moose and ripped at his face. Everyone battled.

The returning Taylor Wilde was the #12 Entrant and she battled back and forth with Tasha Steelz.

Gisele Shaw was the #13 Entrant into the match.

Moose and Callihan tried to toss Eric Young. One of Young’s cultists hopped the rail and a security guard grabbed him. Apparently they need Atlas Security because it took forever to get this one guy tossed. Young was able to pull Callihan over the ropes to the apron, where he went for a piledriver. Another cultist hopped the rail and was grabbed by security. This allowed a third to hit the ring and knock Callihan off to the floor, eliminating him. The third cultist was revealed to be Deaner.

Former IMPACT World Champion and the returning Bully Ray was the #14 Entrant and he started to unloaded on everyone and pressed and tossed Tasha to the floor, crashing down onto security and the cultists.

“The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer was the #15 Entrant and him and Bully Ray embraced each other and began work with each other.

“The War Machine” Rhino was the #16 Entrant; He faced off with Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray. The crowd chanted for ECW. They showed each other respect. Swinger tried to get in on it. Well, he WAS in ECW but they ended up eliminating him.

#17 Entrant was Bhupinder Gujjar. Tommy Dreamer was eliminated. The crowd booed that. Gujjar nailed a Samoan Drop on Young.

#18 Entrant was Heath. He nailed the Wake-Up Call on Moose while Rich Swann went for a Lethal Injection, but Heath caught him with a leg sweep. Maclin went to attack but was gored by Rhino, Rhino and Heath embraced.

#19 Entrant was Bobby Fish. Audible CM Punk chants was coming from the crowd.

#20 Entrant was the returning Matt Cardona. He took a long time getting in the ring.

Moose eliminated Rhino.

Moose and Maclin eliminated Heath.

Maclin turned on Moose and eliminated him.

Cardona entered and Bully went right after him and slammed him. Taylor Wilde did the Wazzup Headbutt with him. They embraced and she kissed him. Ray called for the tables. Gisele attacked Wilde. Cardona eliminated them both. Cardona was them eliminated by Gujjar.

Young and Gujjar battled and went over the top. Young knocked Gujjar off the apron. Swann and Young battled. Swann superkicked him and knocked him off the apron to be eliminated.

It came down to Bobby Fish, Bully Ray, Rich Swann and Steve Maclin. Everyone attacked Bully. Maclin eliminated Swann. Fish was then eliminated.

The final two were Bully and Maclin, who now face off and began slugging it out center-ring. Ray nailed a big Uranage but was grabbing at his knee. He finally nails the Bully Bomb and scored the pinfall victory to become the 2022 Call Your Shot Winner.

Winner: Bully Ray

BACKSTAGE: Eddie Edwards was preparing for his match when Alisha Edwards showed up with their kids. Eddie said that he heard what she said this week and that when he wins tonight, everything will be done and will be OK. His oldest daughter asked what if he didn’t win. Alisha told her that wasn’t going to happen.

MATCH #5: IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match:
Jordynne Grace © vs. Masha Slamovich
They started slugging it out at the bell. Grace slammed Masha with a big clothesline on the floor and tossed her into the ring. Masha took her down and scored a two count. Jordynne kicked him in the face and set her up for a piledriver on the floor. Masha battled her way out and nailed a reverse driver on the apron, covering her for a two count.

Masha grabbed at her face and drove down with crossfaces. Grace and Masha battled back and forth. Masha nailed some stiff shots. Masha nailed a big boot in the corner and snapmared her over. She mounted Grace and drilled her with elbows to the face. Grace fired back. They chopped the hell out of each other. Really damn good, hard-hitting stuff.

Grace nailed a Michinoku Driver, but Masha kicked up at two. Grace missed a Vader Bomb off the ropes. Masha nailed a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Grace nailed a superplex and rolled through, picking up the challenger for a Jackhammer for another two count. Masha came back to nearly choke her out and nailed a big German suplex for another two count.

They battled back and forth. Grace connected with a backfist and nailed a Guerrero bomb for a two count. Masha came back and tried to set up for the Snow Plow but Grace fought back and nailed the Grace Driver for a CLOSE two count. There was a back and forth “You Can’t Beat Her! – Yes, She Can!” chant. Grace went for a Torture Rack, but Slamovich escaped. They battled. Masha nailed an Air Raid Crash in the corner and hit the Snowplow and scored a close two count as Grace’s foot landed under the bottom rope.

Masha placed Grace on the top, but Grace battled back and nailed the Grace Driver off the top, scoring the pin.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

MAIN EVENT: IMPACT World Championship Match:
“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander © vs. Eddie Edwards
They showed Alexander’s family in the front row. They went through a feeling out process early. Eddie walked around ringside trying to curtail Alexander’s momentum. Alexander brought him down and worked over Edwards’ arm. Eddie sent him into the ropes but ate a big kick. Alexander was sent to the floor and hit with a pescado. They battled on the floor with chops and punches. Alexander gained control and nailed a cross body block through the ropes to the spine of Edwards who was sitting outside on the apron.

They battled again on the floor with Alexander in control. He tossed Edwards into the ring but was caught with an inverted atomic drop and an overhead belly to belly. Edwards nailed a big dive to the floor and pulled up the padding outside on the floor. They battled more on the floor. Alexander was tossed into the ring and immediately rebounded and hit a dive, taking down Eddie.

They fought to the ring apron above the section of the floor where the ring mats had been moved. Alexander tried to nail a German suplex off the apron to the floor. Edwards gained control and nailed a Die-Hard Driver on the exposed floor. The battle returned to the ring, where Alexander was locked in a single-legged Boston Crab after kicking out of a backpack stunner.

Edwards missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a German suplex. Alexander holds on and goes for another, but Eddie grabs the ropes. They go through the ropes to the apron, where Alexander nailed a German on the apron and held on as they bounced off. He nailed another on the floor and held on and then hit one onto the ramp leading to the ring.

Edwards is hit with a backbreaker across the knee for a two count. Alexander locked on a Styles Clash and nailed it, then grabbed an ankle lock. Edwards was trapped in the center of the ring but was able to free himself and knocked Alexander through the ropes to the floor. Alexander was nailed with a kick while ascending to the top rope. Edwards drilled him hard with chops. Edwards nailed a big superplex. Alexander rolled through and nailed the C4 Spike. As the referee was counting, The Kingdom pulled the referee out and nailed him. Alexander discarded them.

Kenny King hit the ring and low blowed Alexander. Security told Honor No More to leave. Another referee came out to oversee the bout. Edwards nailed the Boston Knee Party, but Alexander kicked out. They battled. Alexander turned Edwards inside out with a big suplex. They battled until Edwards nailed a Tiger Driver for another two count. Alexander’s nose was busted open and bleeding heavily.

They continued to slug it out with hard slaps, chops and punches. Alexander threw off his trademark headgear and they threw down. Alexander finally got the pin with the C4 Spike.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After the match: With Edwards out on the floor, Honor No More attacked Josh. Heath and Rich Swann hit the ring but were overwhelmed. The Kingdom pulled out a table. They were going to put Josh through it, but out came Bully Ray (who was holding the Call Your Shot trophy as Honor No More offered Josh up to him. Bully teased he was going to cash in and handed it to the referee.

Josh stepped up in Ray’s face. They had words and then jumped Honor No More. They cleared the ring and Josh turned around to find Bully with the IMPACT World Championship. Ray told him he was going to be the most legitimate challenger Josh has ever had and he’s going to make him step up his game. They faced off and went nose to nose as Bound For Glory went off the air.

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