My most anticipated movies of 2022

I am not a big moviegoer or tv person; never have been, even as a kid. Before I met my husband, I had ONE tv show that I watched religiously; and even then, it took me four years after the show ended to finish the series. However, my husband and a good friend of his goes to the theater once or twice a month to see a featured new release, and I have found myself tagging along occasionally in the past months. Candyman (meh), Halloween Kills (awful), Scream (loved it), and The Batman (amazing!) to name a few. I always love watching the previews, and there were definitely a few that stood out. I have no overall genre that I am a diehard for, I just like what I like. In no particular order, these are the handful of theater releases I am actually looking forward to seeing in 2022 (apologies in advance to my hubby for crashing guys night):

The Black Phone (Blumhouse Productions, June 2022)– Based on a short story from Joe Hill’s anthology 20th Century Ghosts, this supernatural thriller follows a 13-year-old boy (Mason Thames) after being abducted and held captive by a child killer (Ethan Hawke). Locked in a soundproof basement with an old phone on the wall, Thames eerily begins receiving phone calls from the killer’s previous victims.Morbius (Columbia Pictures, April 2022)– Jared Leto stars as  “Living Vampire” Morbius in this horror superhero film. Leto plays a dying scientist who inadvertently turns himself into a vampire in an effort to cure himself of a rare bleeding disorder. While a stand-alone movie, Morbius is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe adjacent to the Spider-Man films. Also features Michael Keaton.
Ambulance (Bay Films, April 2022)– Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this action thriller as brothers Will and Danny who go on a bank heist in a desperate attempt to cover medical bills for Will’s wife to ultimately save her life. With a botched getaway, Will and Danny find themselves in a high-speed chase driving a hijacked ambulance with a wounded police officer and EMT Cam (Eiza González) in the back. Adapted from the 2005 Danish release Ambulancen.Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret (Lionsgate, September 2022)– A comedy-drama based on the best-selling (and somewhat controversial) coming-of-age novel by acclaimed author Judy Blume. Margaret is 11 years old when her inner-faith family moves to New Jersey from New York. As Margaret navigates a new school, new feelings, new friends, and religion; she is comforted through her nightly talks with God. Starring Abby Ryder Fortson as Margaret, Rachel McAdams as her mom Barbara, and Kathy Bates as grandmother Sylvia.Nope (Monkeypaw Productions, July 2022)– Not much is known about this sci-fi thriller from director Jordan Peele; but based on the trailer, it seems to involve aliens (or possibly a supernatural force) whose presence creepily affects the behavior of the residents in a small town. Starring Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, and Steven Yeun.Halloween Ends (Blumhouse Productions, October 2022)– Does this even need a synopsis? Michael Myers returns in yet another installment of the slasher Halloween franchise. Supposedly the last of the saga, all we really know so far is that Michael lives another day to torment Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter Karen (Judy Greer). Though I pretty much hated Halloween Kills, I loved Halloween 2018; so I am hoping this trilogy will be redeemed by Halloween Ends.

So that wraps up my (short) list of most anticipated movies of 2022. Are any of these on your list? Which ones would you add? Drop your picks in the comments below!

By Raven Alford

Raven has been a product tester and reviewer for 15+ years, working with invite-only programs (such as Amazon Vine and Highlight) and premium brands. Micro-influencer and wannabe foodie, Raven enjoys a variety of topics and interests, and loves bringing them to the public. A true child of the 80's & 90's, she loves old school gaming and fashion; and her favorite band will always be New Kids on the Block.

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