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Pros & Cons: LouisvilleCon 2022 Review

Louisville Kentucky isn’t home to many conventions these days and hopefully, that is changing as more conventions make their way into town. One such convention, LousivilleCon, made its way back into town this year after being there just six months prior and one that I hope becomes a semi-annual event. What sets LouisvlleCon apart from most conventions that I cover is that it is a one-day-only convention, which tends to break from what a majority of cons do in the scene whether it be a two-day, three-day, or for most larger scale conventions, a four-day event such as Gen Con.

LouisvilleCon always has a great variety of vendors such as actor and artist Matthew Atchley (Top) and Nerdy & Flirty Boutique with owners Liz & Nash (Bottom)

What makes this convention work as a one-day-only event is that it isn’t like most cons I have been to where the celebrities are what shine, which don’t get me wrong, LouisvilleCon does try to provide some decent guests, but what shines here is the sheer amount of vendors and the quality of those vendors which is what I tend to look forward to the most. It’s easy for any con to bring in big-name guests, but the real appeal to myself and quite a lot of others is how many vendors people can spend their hard-earned money on. Sure, while it was great to meet AEW and Impact superstar Doc Gallows of the famous Good Brothers tag team and even getting to meet Patricia Patts a legendary voice actor that has done the voice of iconic Peanuts character Peppermint Patty, for me it was the vendors that stood out the most.

One of my favorite vendors that stood out was “Nerdy & Flirty Boutique” owned by Cash & Liz, which supplies nerdy lockets, charm bracelets, and many other special one-of-a-kind vintage t-shirts on their many travels. Another vendor I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with was actor and artist Matthew Atchley who has been on various TV shows and movies as well as making some rather impressive art of various characters of such and other pop culture icons.

LouisvilleCon this year was in a much bigger space this time around with a decent turnout and plenty of room for vendors and guests alike.

This time around, LouisvilleCon was able to take up an even bigger space at the Triple Crown Pavillion, a popular venue for other expos and shows such as the Louisville Arcade Expo that I covered previously and it made the convention look that much bigger and was even better for it with the ability to have more space and not feel like you were brushing elbows with everyone like their show back in October did. LouisvilleCon is also a very family-oriented convention for many ages to enjoy with various panels as well as a room for people to go and check out tons of tabletop games as I have seen at other conventions that I have covered.

LouisvilleCon has something for everyone no matter your age from Super Smash Bros tournaments, anime trivia, and even a cosplay contest that will please any fandom out there. I hope that since LouisvilleCon is returning this October that we see many other conventions out there make their way into Louisville as I believe that it makes for a great city to host a convention in and I also hope that you check out LouisvilleCon as it makes for a one-day convention that is only 7 hours which should be easy for anyone to be able to plan around.

By Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels is the Owner/Editor of The Domain and has had the pleasure of covering the gaming industry as well as reviewing many different conventions for over ten years. Brian also has been podcasting for the same length of time on such shows as The Dragoncast and The Domain's very own podcast, The Next Level. Brian is also a huge gamer and loves collecting anything related to gaming.

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