Pro Wrestling Results Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor TV results from 03-09-2023

MATCH #1: ROH World Television Championship Match:
Samoa Joe © vs. Tony Deppen
Samoa Joe took control early on, peppering Tony Deppen with heavy strikes that sent him to the mat. Deppen came back with chops of his own before getting flattened by a Joe back elbow for a near fall. Joe clobbered on Deppen in the corner before Deppen fought his way out with more strikes. Joe sends Deppen into the corner and dropped him with a body block and enziguri.

Joe brought Deppen to the top rope, but Deppen fought him off and hit a missile dropkick. Deppen came over the ropes and hit a stunner for a near fall. There was a mix up in the corner that ended with a Deppen near fall for two. Joe hit the Uranage Slam out of the corner, but Deppen reversed the rear naked choke with a roll up for a two count. Joe sent Deppen into the corner and took him down with the Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match: Samoa Joe took the mic and said no matter the era, he runs ROH. He made a challenge for anyone to step up and make a challenge for the Television Championship. Mark Briscoe made his way to the stage. He said that the Television Championship was his destiny and made the challenge which Joe quickly accepted.

BACKSTAGE: Dalton Castle lamented the loss of the Six-Man World Tag Team Championships to The Embassy and that pennyfart Prince Nana. He says that after moving dense furniture all weekend, him and The Boys are ready to take the Six-Man Tag Team Championships back.

MATCH #2: Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Dalton Castle, Brandon Tate and Brent Tate vs. Cody Chhun, Guillermo Rosas and Marcus Kross

Dalton Castle told Marcus Kross to fire up before immediately catching him in position for the Bang A Rang but Kross hooked the ropes and sent Castle to the floor. After getting The Boys to limber him up, Castle got back in the ring and took Kross down. After a tag to Guillermo Rosas, The Boys got in and hit stereo offense for a near fall as Castle worked the crowd into a fever pitch on the floor.

Rosas tags out to Cody Chhun, and they isolated Brandon Tate after avoiding a double stomp from Kross, Brandon tags out to Castle, who flung C4 & Kross around with aplomb. After sending The Boys flying to the outside onto their opponents, Castle drops Rosas with the Bang-A-Rang for the win.

Winners: Dalton Castle, Brandon Tate and Brent Tate

Maria Kanellis-Bennett introduced The Kingdom for a promo. The Kingdom talked themselves up as being champions wherever they’ve gone with Mike Bennett calling out Top Flight for ruining their ROH return.

MATCH #3: Tag Team Match:
Rush and Dralistico vs. Serpentico and Angelico

Rush and Angelico start us off with Rush hammering Angelico with a chop. Angelico tags in Serpentico, who tried hitting Rush with chops before getting drilled by a chop of his own. Dralistico came in with a springboard crossbody and a flurry of kicks.

Rush tags back in, with him and Dralistico sending Spanish Announce Project to the floor with strike combinations. Dralistico hit a dive onto SAP with Rush following up with a feigned dive before hitting his pose. LFI beat them down on the floor, with Rush hitting Angelico with a cable. Back in the ring, Dralistico hit an assisted springboard leg drop for a near fall. Serpentico tried firing up, but LFI had none of it and put the boots to him.

Some wires got crossed up before Dralistico got on the apron and hooked Serpentico in the ropes. Serpentico ducked a Rush strike that hit Dralistico. Serpentico dived onto Dralistico on the floor before taking a headbutt from Rush. Angelico cut off the Bull’s Horns but got taken down with a Meteora from Dralistico. Dralistico hit a destroyer on Serpentico for the win.

Winners: Rush and Dralistico

After the match: Rush and Dralistico ripped Serpentico’s mask off his head and tore it in half.

MATCH #4: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Trish Adora vs. Billie Starkz
Trish Adora works on the arm of Billie Starkz to start this match off before Starkz sent Adora to the floor and tried a dive, but Adora caught her with a forearm in the ropes. Adora dropped Starkz with a body slam on the apron before getting a near fall in the ring. Adora hit a very delayed German suplex for another near fall before locking on the Cattle Mutilation sending Starkz to the ropes to break.

Starkz booted Adora in the corner, but Adora responded with a boot of her own for a near fall. They traded forearms with Starkz hitting a spin kick out of it, but Adora immediately followed with the Lariat Tubman for the win.

Winner: Trish Adora

BACKSTAGE: Lexy Nair is with “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels talked up wanting the ROH World Tag Team Championships. He wanted to team with Frankie Kazarian again, but he honored his word as SCU lost the right to team up back in 2020 but he’s had several partners in his career, one of them being Matt Sydal. Sydal accepted the offer and Daniels told the other teams in ROH to say their prayers.

MATCH #5: Tag Team Match:
Ari Daivari and Slim J vs. Jake Crist and Jake Manning

The match begins with Jake Manning was reading a scout’s guide then Ari Daivari threw the book away and got started with the match. Jake Crist quickly tags in and ran wild on Daivari before missing a crossbody. Manning tags in, taking a lariat from Daivari after a knee to the back from Slim J. Slim J tags in and dropped Manning with a springboard reverse DDT. Slim J locked on an STF on Manning and scored the win.

Winners: Ari Daivari and Slim J

After the match: Daivari talked trash about Metalik, which brought the luchador out to the ring. The Trustbusters stomped on him before Blake Christian ran them off with a chair.

MATCH #6: ROH Pure Championship Match:
Wheeler Yuta © vs. Timothy Thatcher
Timothy Thatcher immediately locks on a Fujiwara Armbar, sending Wheeler Yuta to the ropes to use his 1st rope break. Thatcher controlled Yuta’s arms, denying Yuta’s attempts to escape. Thatcher jams Yuta’s arm into the mat before hitting a body slam and an elbow drop for a one count. He did it again, but Yuta fought out of a 3rd attempt and turned it into an Octopus Hold. Thatcher used his 1st rope break to get out of it.

Thatcher avoided a bicep stomp and took Yuta down with a single leg, but Yuta went right back to the arm. Thatcher sat Yuta on the top rope, but Yuta brought Thatcher down by the shoulder. Thatcher started throwing European uppercuts to try and escape but Yuta kept on the left arm. Thatcher fired up and hit a big belly 2 belly but couldn’t follow up with a cover. Yuta stuffed a double underhook suplex attempt and used a hammerlock variant to force Thatcher to use his 2nd armbar.

They traded uppercuts before Yuta sent Thatcher back to the mat with the same hammerlock variant. Thatcher fought back up and drove Yuta into the corner with uppercuts with the good arm. Yuta fought out of the corner with a closed fist, which earned a warning from the referee. Yuta hit the Right-Angle Slam for a near fall which used Thatcher’s final rope break.

Thatcher sent Yuta into the ropes, but Yuta rebounded through the ropes and caught Thatcher with a German suplex. Thatcher kicked out and locked on an armbar to force Yuta’s second rope break. Thatcher strung offense together, scoring near falls with a back suplex and a butterfly suplex. Thatcher drove his knees into Yuta, who had to slide to the ropes and use his final rope break.

Thatcher dropped Yuta with another uppercut sending Yuta to the floor. Thatcher shoves the referee out of the way allowing Yuta to hit an illegal closed fist to Thatcher in the ropes. Yuta ties Thatcher in the ropes with a Cobra Twist to score the tap out.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

After the match: Yuta called out the tracksuit wearing LA Dojo boys for thinking that they’ve accomplished something. Clark Connors made his way to the ring to respond. He says that all three of Yuta’s Blackpool Combat Club teammates wish that they trained under Katsuyori Shibata before making a challenge for the Pure Championship next week. Yuta blew him off and left, but turned around on the ramp and told him that the match was on.

MATCH #7: Tag Team Match:
Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher vs. Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams
After an opening exchange with both teams Aussie Open took control with a flurry of offense on Rhett Titus. Kyle Fletcher started a delayed vertical suplex before tagging Mark Davis in so he could take hold and complete it. Titus fought out of the corner and tags in Tracy Williams, who ran wild on Fletcher with a high angle suplex and a DDT off of the 2nd rope for a near fall.

Fletcher fought off a piledriver attempt, sending Williams to the apron. Williams sent Fletcher to the floor, but missed a running knee. Davis and Fletcher picked up Titus and Williams and ran them into each other. Back in the ring, Aussie Open hits the Dental Plan and the assisted cutter on Williams for a near fall.

Aussie Open hit dual forearms, but Williams fought off the Dental Plan and hit La Mistica on Davis before locking on an armbar. Titus caught Fletcher in a submission as well but both men caught the ropes.

The Foundation ran wild on Fletcher, scoring a near fall with a flurry of offense. They isolated Fletcher, hitting a diving knee and top rope splash back 2 back for a near fall. Fletcher caught Williams with a spinning tombstone before Davis took out Titus with a pull up piledriver. A pair of lariats set Aussie Open up to hit Corealis for the win.

Winners: Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher

MATCH #8: One-On-One Match:
Eddie Kingston vs. Ben Dejo

Eddie Kingston hits the Machine Gun Chops, a Saito suplex, and a backfist to get the quick win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

After the match: Kingston took the mic after the match and calls out ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. Kingston told Castagnoli to give him his shot, but Castagnoli said that a man without honor would never hold the ROH World Championship and left. Kingston followed him to the back, but still got no answer.

MAIN EVENT: ROH Women’s World Championship Match:
Athena © vs. Willow Nightingale
Willow Nightingale scored the first pin attempt after a running crossbody, before following it up with suplexes for a near fall. Nightingale hit a big chop to Athena in the corner, but Athena yanked Nightingale’s arm over the rope to take control. Athena clubbers on Nightingale in the corner before mockingly cheering herself on to boos. Nightingale kicked Athena’s knee out, but Athena kept control with a top wristlock.

Athena missed a senton, allowing Nightingale to attempt several flash pins. Nightingale went for an O’Connor Roll, but Athena ducked and sent Nightingale throat first into the ropes. Athena sent Nightingale onto the apron, where she hit a big kick and a baseball slide to send Nightingale to the floor.

Athena traps Nightingale’s arm in the stairs, and after ramming her other shoulder into the post, Athena dropkicked the stairs into Nightingale’s trapped arm. Athena baseball slid into Nightingale as she tried to get into the ring, but Nightingale caught her on a kick and powerbombed Athena into the apron. Nightingale followed with a Spicolli Driver on the floor that left both women laid out.

Both women got back in the ring at the count of 19, where Nightingale ran wild with offense. Nightingale hits a spinebuster before attempting the Babe with The Powerbomb. But Nightingale’s arm couldn’t hold, allowing Athena to catch her in a crossface. Nightingale got to the ropes, but Athena followed with running knees into the corner.

Athena hit a big facebuster, but Nightingale kicks out, Athena went to the top rope, but Nightingale caught her with a Pounce to score a near fall. Athena went for a springboard, but Nightingale caught her in the gutwrench and hit the Babe with the Powerbomb for another near fall. Athena took a powder, but Nightingale followed her onto the stage. Athena clawed at Nightingale’s eyes and drops her on the ramp with a forward slam. After running Nightingale into the stairs, Athena rolled her into the ring and hits the O Face for the win.

Winner: Athena

After the match: Athena menaced the referee before hitting Nightingale with the Women’s Championship e on the outside. Athena then hits the running knees to Nightingale into the stairs to close out this week’s ROH TV.

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