Pro Wrestling Results Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor TV results from 03-16-2023

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

MATCH #1: ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match:
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Willie Mack
As a reminder, Proving Ground rules state that is the challenger either beats the champion, or is able to last ten minutes, he then gets a shot at the ROH World Championship. Mack gets the better of the exchanges early, sending Claudio to the floor as Mack humps the mat. Claudio back in the ring but Mack catches him with a running hurricanrana for two! Claudio reverses a headlock for a standing vertical suplex. Mack catches a charging Claudio with a huge dropkick to the face and a two count. Claudio blocks an exploder suplex with some elbows to the face in the corner. Claudio looks for a butterfly suplex but Mack drops to his knees to break the grip before delivering some hard forearms. Running clothesline by Claudio gets a two count. Claudio now gets the butterfly suplex and another two count. Huge Samoan drop by Mack and a kip up! Standing moonsault by Mack gets two! Exploder by Mack gets a very long two count. Both men trade forearms and Claudio covers up. Claudio hits the ropes and Mack counters him with a Sky High! Another long two count. Frog Splash by Mack but Claudio moves and Mack lands on his feet, but Claudio comes charging in with a brutal European uppercut that seals it!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

After the match: Claudio shakes an unconscious Mack’s hand after the match, in a show of respect.

MATCH #2: One-On-One Match:
Mike Bennett vs. Dante Martin
Both men trade wrist locks until Bennett delivers a palm strike to the face. Dropkick to the face by Dante and a plancha to the outside! Dante throws Bennett into the steel steps, face-first. Taven distracts Martin, allowing Bennett to drill Martin with a piledriver on the ramp! Dante barely makes it in before the twenty count as Bennett jumps on him quickly, attacking the arm. Hammerlock DDT by Bennett. Benett sends Martin into the ropes, but Martin flies back with a clothesline. Martin with a springboard crossbody from the apron that gets a two count. Martin picks Bennett up in a package piledriver before hoisting him up into a package powerbomb? That’s a new one. Long two count! Bennett tries to fight back with heavy chops and does, as Martin responds in kind. Big boot by Bennett. One from Martin. Another. Another. Spear by Bennett! Spicolli Driver by Bennett gets two! London Dungeon by Bennett, an homage to Nigel McGuinness. Martin fights his way to the ropes and gets there. Both men now fighting on the top rope, but Bennett has Martin in a fireman’s carry, only for Martin to reverse it into an avalanche hurricanrana! Super kick to Bennett and a frog splash off the top! Two count! Bennett traps Martin with a kimura but Martin rolls into a cover for two. Martin has Bennett up in a half and half suplex, but spins him out into a Side Effect that gets the win!

Winner: Dante Martin

After the match: Matt Taven attacks Dante Martin until Darius makes the save.

MATCH #3: Tag Team Match:
Ari Daivari and Slim J vs. Metalik and Blake Christian
Metalik with a springboard to Daivari to start. Big backbreaker by Metalik and reverse Slingblade. Walking crossbody off the middle rope by Metalik gets a two count. Slim J drops Metalik from the outside and Daivari is in control with some mounted punches. Now Slim J. Double suplex by the Trustbusters. Two count. Christian gets in now with a cross body and a basement 619. Pump knee to Daivari but Slim J trips Christian up and bodyslams him on the outside. Trustbusters now making frequent tags and keeping Christian in their corner. Daivari putting the shoulders to Christian in the corner now. J and Metalik are in now and a step-up tieres by J! Metalik comes off the middle rope with a crossbody, but J connects with the anti-air dropkick! Moonsault by J misses! Moonsault by Metalik lands and Daivari breaks up the count at two. Springboard double stomp by Christian to Daivari and Fosbury Flop. Airplane Spin Michinoku Driver by Metalik to J! One, two, three!

Winners: Metalik and Blake Christian

MATCH #4: One-On-One Match:
Jeeves Kay vs. Eddie Kingston
Wrist lock by Kingston as Claudio appears to take a seat in the front row. Outside the ring, Kingston throws Kay into the front row and Claudio gets covered in beer. back in the ring, Saito suplex by Kingston. Dragon Sleeper and this one is over.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

MATCH #5: ROH Women’s Championship Proving Ground Match:
Athena vs. Hyan
Big boot by Athena to start but Hyan responds with a dropkick and a soccer kick. Hyan attempts a second one and, well, maybe lands it? That looked… rough. Athena catches Hyan charging with a Bossman Slam and bounces her head off the mat, nearly attacking the referee. Running crossbody by Hyan and a Wasteland. Big leg drop gets only a one count. Hyan on the apron and Athena cartwheels on the apron and lands in a powerbomb to the floor! Wow! Cartwheel powerbomb off the apron. Athena throws Hyan into the steel steps before rolling her in the ring and somehow only getting a two count. Crossface by Athena and Hyan taps.

Winner: Athena

MATCH #6: One-On-One Match:
Silas Young vs. Marcus Kross
Hammerlock by Silas, who grounds Cross immediately. Cross counters but Silas cartwheels out and grabs a headlock. Low spinning back kick by Cross as Silas bridges out. Both men trade pinning combinations until Silas gets fed up and plants Cross by a clothesline. Cross escapes with a side kick and comes off the top with a cross body. Full Nelson into a knee by Silas and the rolling Pee Gee Waja Plunge by Silas and this one is over.

Winner: Silas Young

After the match: Silas Young tells us that when you think about Ring of Honor, you think of the “Last Real Man” Silas Young. Nobody in the locker room measures up to Silas.

Wait a second…

Shane Taylor is back! Taylor says he’s the most dominant ROH TV Champion of all time, and challenges Silas for next week.

MATCH #7: ROH World Six Man Championship Match:
Brian Cage, Kaun and Toa Liona © vs. Dalton Castle, Brandon Tate and Brent Tate
Kaun and Castle to start. Drop step by Castle and a T-Bone Suplex. Brandon and Brent are in now and it’s a trifecta of clotheslines. Brent gets lifted and brought into the Embassy’s corner. Kaun slaps Toa in the face and then Toa avalanches Boy 2 in the corner. Toa charges Brent but Brent moves and Brandon comes off the top with a forearm. Castle back in as the boys drop Toa with a pair of basement flatliners and a splash by Castle for 1 count. Castle gets the boot up but Kaun catches Castle from the apron. Brandon gets the tag but right into the arms of Brian Cage’s powerslam. Toa sends Castle into the steel steps on the outside. Kaun grounds Boy 2 and delivers a brutal elbow for two. Backbreaker by Kaun on the top turnbuckle! Toa then crushes Brent on the apron. Deadlift superplex outside-in by Cage. Hard bodyslam by Toa, who’s now legal. Spinebuster by Toa on Brent gets another two count. Toa misses a charge and posts himself while Brent gets the tag to Castle. Kaun in now and Castle now cleans house. Deadlift T-Bone Suplex to Cage and Kaun, as a big boot sends Toa to the floor. Inverted Slingblade to Kaun gets two. Bang-A-Rang to Kaun but Prince Nana pulls Kaun out. Superkick to Castle from Cage. Brandon gets a superkick too. F-5 to Castle! Boy 2 holds Cage in place with Soul Food into an enziguri! Sliced bread! Toa is here and so is Kaun. Kaun with a brutal lariat to Brandon. Brent gets caught in a crossbody and then planted face-first on top of Brandon with a face buster for the win.

Winners: Brian Cage, Kaun and Toa Liona

MATCH #8: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Madison Rayne vs. Trish Adora
Adora sends Rayne into the turnbuckle head-first and then delivers some elbows in the corner. Diving back elbow by Adora gets two. Northern Light’s suplex with bridge gets two. Adora looks for Lariat Tubman but Rayne counters with a boot and a DDT. Ripcord Clout Cutter by Rayne gets two. Adora sidesteps a charging Rayne and connects with a German suplex with a bridge for two. Rayne catches Adora snoozing and hits the Crucifix Bomb for two. Rayne ducks a right hand but walks right into Lariat Tubman and that’ll do it.

Winner: Trish Adora

MATCH #9: Tag Team Match:
Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd vs.  Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels
Magnum and Daniels start as Magnum attacks Daniels from behind. Bulldog by Floyd and a running blockbuster by Magnum. Sydal makes the tag, who clears the ring with kicks to Floyd and a running hurricanrana to Magnum. Spinning heel kick to Magnum. Cradle brainbuster to Magnum but Floyd makes the save. STO by Daniels to Floyd and a high kick to Magnum. Angels Wings to Truth before Sydal hits him with the Cradle Neckbreaker for the win for his team.

Winners: Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels

Aussie Open is here! Aussie Open wants a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championship, and there’s no better way to throw their name in the hat than beating former champions like Sydal and Daniels.

MAIN EVENT: ROH Pure Championship Match:
Wheeler Yuta © vs. Clark Connors
Shoulder block by Connors to start. Make that two. Yuta fires in some chops, as Connors calls him on. Yuta quickly floats over into a Fujiwara arm bar before forcing Connors to use his first rope break. Both men trade standing switches before Connors delivers a brainbuster. One count. Connors charges for the pounce but gets punted in the face. Octopus Stretch by Yuta and Connors has to use his second rope break. Yuta quickly uses a closed fist behind the referees back before delivering a Perfect Plex for a two count. Top wrist lock as Yuta stomps on the bent wrist of Connors. Yuta now sends Connors shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle. Big pounce by Connors but Connors shoulder is still bother him. Shoulder charge and a back body drop by Connors now. Connors wants the full impact so he looks for the pounce again but eats turnbuckle. Enziguri by Yuta and a flying elbow off the top rope. Kip-up by Yuta and a deadlift German suplex. Spear by Connors! Both men are down. Connors sends Yuta into the ropes but Yuta returns with a shotgun dropkick. Leg trapped top wrist lock by Yuta but Connors fights out with some palm strikes from the bottom. Connors uses a closed fist and gets issued a warning. Yuta punches Connors in the face right in front of the referee’s face, gladly taking a warning. Hammer and anvil elbow strikes but Connors rolls him up for two. Ankle lock by Connors, who had this move given to him by Ken Shamrock! Yuta gets to the ropes and uses his first break. Powerslam by Connors. Connors looks for a back suplex but the elbow gives out and Yuta locks in a figure four crossface. Connors tries to reach the ropes but Yuta grabs the arm and rolls him into a pin combination as he traps the leg and Yuta gets the pin.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

After the match: Wheeler Yuta challenges the teacher… Katsuyori Shibata to a match at Supercard of Honor, this leads to Claudio Castagnoli hitting the ring as he applauds Yuta.

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