Pro Wrestling Results Ring of Honor

ROH TV results from 05-25-2023

Your announcers for tonight’s show are Nigel McGuinness, Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni.

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
Mark Briscoe vs. JD Drake
Briscoe asks Drake to chop him, and he does… but that doesn’t seem like the best idea. Mark fights back with some chops of his own and a big boot. Drake pounds on Mark in the corner and biels him 3/4 of the way across the ring. Mark returns the favor with some Red Neck Kung Fu that sends Drake to the floor, before coming off the top with somersault senton taking out both WorkHorsemen. Big palm strikes by both men, but Drake drops Mark and hits a series of senton, before putting the boots to Mark in the corner once more. Bossman Slam by Drake gets another two count. Big splash by Drake gets another two. Hard chops in the corner by Drake before placing Mark on the top rope, but Mark fights Drake off with some more Kung Fu. Shotgun dropkick by Mark off the top and both men are down. Drake invites Mark to chop him now, and Mark obliges. Mark sets Drake up on top and takes him to the mat with an Iconoclasm, well, tries to, but Drake escapes and Mark hits a T-bone. Two count. Mark calls for the Jay Driller but Henry is on the apron. Briscoe sends Henry to the floor and follows up with a spicy dropkick. Blockbuster by Briscoe but Drake holds on and Mark crashes on the floor. Rebound lariat off the bottom rope on the outside by Drake! Drake goes up top and comes off with a moonsault! Mark is out at 2.99999! Drake charges and it’s the rolling Spiccoli Driver then follows up with the Froggy Bow for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

MATCH #2: Proving Ground Match:
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Serpentico
Serpentico gets in the face of Claudio but gets tossed with a Northern Lights Suplex. Serpentico tries some strikes and then rolls up Claudio for two. Head scissors by Serpentico. Make that two. Roll up for two. Crossbody by Serpentico but Claudio has had enough and tosses him to the outside. Claudio follows and slams Serpentico head-first into the steel steps, before deadlifting him back in the ring. Short-arm clotheslines by Claudio here and Serpentico is out on his feet. Claudio lowers the elbow pad and drops him with one more lariat and this is over.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

MATCH #3: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Vertvixen vs. Kiera Hogan
Both women trade wrist locks before Vertvixen drops Hogan with a running dropkick. Drop toe hold by Hogan into the middle rope and a running hip attack. Step up leg drop by Hogan gets a two count. Sliding trip by Vertvixen and a basement flatliner before locking in the Koji Clutch, but Hogan makes it to the bottom rope. Rebound disaster kick by Vertvixen gets another two count. Hogan fights back with a few dropkicks in the corner and a sliding big boot for a two count. Vertvixen throws Hogan in the corner and hits the Helluva Kick before connecting with the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Hogan fights back with a super kick but Vertvixen blocks a back suplex, momentarily, before transitioning into a Siato suplex and getting the win!

Winner: Kiera Hogan

MATCH #4: One-On-one Match:
AR Fox vs. Kyle Fletcher
Quick striking exchange by both men. AR Fox skins the cat with a pair of boots to the face. Both men fight to the apron and Fletcher hits a high angle back suplex on the apron before following up with a heavy body slam on the floor. More bodyslams by Fletcher as the attack has been focused on the lower back and tailbone. Fox returns the favor with a twisting suplex and both men are down. Clotheslines by Fox and an enziguri send Fletcher into the corner before catching him with a rolling cutter. Two count. Fox misses a 450 splash but lands on his feet, but Fletcher responds with a half-and-half suplex and a vicious running knee in the corner. Brainbuster by Fletcher gets a long two count. Fletcher looks for another bodyslam but Fox gets free and hits a big boot. Fletcher lands on the apron and Fox hits a second big boot before going up top and diving to the floor with a huge somersault senton! Fox hits the 450 back inside the ring! Two count. Fletcher counters Fox avalanche piledriver into an avalanche Michinoku Driver for a long two count. Hammerlock into a spinning piledriver by Fletcher and this one is over!

Winner: Kyle Fletcher

MATCH #5: Women’s One-On-One match:
Willow Nightingale vs. Hyan
Willow evades some stomps before catching Hyan in a seated abdominal stretch. Willow misses an enziguri but cartwheels out of a hair toss. Hyan can’t and lands hard. Big bodyslam by Willow and some chops in the corner. Hyan counters with a double arm bar of her own but Willow comes off the middle rope with a shotgun dropkick. Hammer throw in the corner by Willow and a big cannonball. Straps are down and it’s the Babe with the Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

MATCH #6: Tag Team Match:
Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Willie Mack and Ninja Mack
Willie with a big hip toss to Taven and a pair of arm drags. Dropkick by Willow and Taven tags Bennett. Dropkick to the knee by Bennett and a back elbow by Taven. Rolling elbow and dropkick combo by the Kingdom gets two. Ninja in now as Taven has him up for a delayed vertical suplex but Ninja flips out and hits Taven with a superkick. Ninja with a handspring into a cartwheel but Bennett catches him with a vicious backdrop driver. Gordbuster by Taven right into a seated northern lariat by Bennett for a long two count. Ninja tries to fight out of the corner but an assisted slingshot puts a stop to it. Brainbuster by Bennett and a frog splash by Taven force Willie to break up the pin at two. Ninja back flips out of a back suplex and tags Willie. Willie clears the ring with clotheslines and both Kingdom members are down. Willie clotheslines and follows it up with a cannonball to a seated Bennett. Samoan drop by Willow to Taven and both men are down. Kip up by Willie and a standing moonsault get a two count. Willie sends both members of the Kingdom to the floor and Ninja hits a triple back flip to the outside! Two count on Taven. 3D-type maneuver to Taven and a back flipping double rotation moonsault but Bennett breaks it up. Bennett floors Willie with an elbow on the floor as Ninja goes up top and gets caught with an enziguri by Taven. Proton Pack finishes this one.

Winners: Matt Taven and Mike Bennett

MATCH #7: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Dream Girl Ellie vs. Mercedes Martinez
Ellie pie faces Mercedes and gets clotheslined for her trouble. Single leg dropkick by Ellie but a huge, big boot by Mercedes sends her to the mat. Mercedes in control with some punches in the corner and a huge Saito suplex. Wrist trapped knees to the face and a forearm to the back of the head. Surfboard into a dragon sleeper and this one is over.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

MATCH #8: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Danielle Kamella vs. Ashley D’Amboise
Trading wrist locks and a handspring escape by D’Amboise. Kamella puts the boots to D’Amboise and hangs her upside down in the ropes while kicking her in the back from the apron. Both women are trading elbows in the center of the ring but D’Amboise gets the better of it with some clotheslines and a flying neckbreaker. Powerslam by D’Amboise gets two. Headlock Driver by Kamella gets a two count. Fireman’s carry by Kamella but D’Amboise escapes and hits the KOD for the.. two? Two count. Rock Bottom attempt by D’Amboise and she gets it and picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ashley D’Amboise

MATCH #9: One-On-One Match:
Rocky Romero vs. Titus Alexander
Chop fest to start before Rocky taking control with some forever clotheslines. Titus responds with a huge dropkick and a spinning backbreaker for a two count. Rocky with some elbows and a springboard tornado DDT for two. Rocky with some leg kicks and a low bridge that sends Titus to the floor. Suicide dive by Rocky and a running sliced bread back inside the ring get a two count. Titus responds with a rolling snapmare right into a Brainbuster that gets two. Up and over by Rocky but a big boot by Titus. Titus goes up top and Rocky charges, coming off the top with a flying armbar and Titus taps out!

Winner: Rocky Romero

MATCH #10: Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Vincent, Dutch and Stu Grayson vs. Marcus Kross, Vary Morales and LSG
The Righteous and Grayson attack early, with Grayson hitting a big overhead belly-to-belly on Morales. Morales makes the tag to Cross who gets cut off at the pass. Grayson tosses Cross in the corner and tags Dutch, who gets thrown into the corner by Grayson. Leg drop by Dutch who tags Grayson back in to deliver chops, and tag Vincent. Knee by Grayson, kick by Vincent, and a basement flatliner by Grayson. Springboard forearm by LSG and a dropkick to Dutch. Grayson back flips out of a double back suplex and connects with a double Pele. The Dark Order are here on the ramp and clearly don’t like what they see. Enziguri by Morales but Dutch intercepts and hits a huge Bossman Slam. Assisted Acid Drop by Vincent who tags Grayson to finish Kross with the Nightfall.

Winners: Vincent, Dutch and Stu Grayson

Match #11: One-On-One Match:
Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams
Taylor just tosses Williams to the side, but Williams fights back with some stiff forearms. Taylor muscles Williams in the corner and works over the body. Williams tries to lock in an arm bar over the top rope and is successful momentarily, but Taylor body blocks Williams and sends him crashing to the mat. Williams knees his way out of a suplex attempt and looks for a standing armbar, but Taylor counters with a sidewalk slam. Two count. Williams is on the top rope and Taylor grabs a hold of the leg, but Taylor pulls Williams into a diving tornado DDT. Basement clothesline by Williams gets two. Williams goes up top again, but Taylor catches him, but Williams headbutts him to the mat and follows up with a frog splash for two. Williams looks for a piledriver but Taylor reverses into a back body drop. Big knee by Taylor and a headbutt that follows. Wrist trap, then follows it up with a Uranage Slame and a big splash by Taylor get another two. Williams tries to fight back but eats an elbow before falling victim to the Package Piledriver for the finish.

Winner: Shane Taylor

MATCH #12: Women’s Proving Ground Match:
Athena vs. Promise Braxton
Japanese arm drag by Braxon and a kip up. Athena seems impressed but boots her in the face instead. Running elbow in the corner by Athena. Sidewalk slam attempt by Athena but Braxton counters into an Iron Octopus. Vertical suplex by Braxton who holds on and rolls through for a second. Third one by Braxton but Athena reverses into a gordbuster and a big boot. Two count. Braxon with a pair of clotheslines and a gutbuster. Braxton charges Athena who hurricanrana’s Braxon into the middle turnbuckle. Two count. Both women trade elbows now but Athena chops the back of Braxton and gets caught with a rolling elbow. Cobra Clutch by Athena and Braxton taps out.

Winner: Athena

After the match: Athena looks for the Curb Stomp on the ROH Women’s Championship belt, but Kiera Hogan makes the save.

MATCH #13: One-On-One Match:
Tony Deppen vs. Dralistico
Deppen starts with a dropkick and follows up with a suicide dive to the outside. Dralistico Irish whips Deppen into the turnbuckle on one side, and the steel steps on the other. Hard chops by Dralistico and the crowd is finally into this one. Springboard senton by Dralistico gets two. Dralistico puts the boots to Deppen in the corner and a running superkick to Deppen drops him. Deppen pump kicks his way out of a powerbomb but gets sent to the apron. Deppen side steps a charging Dralistico, sending him to the floor and following up with a springboard imploding senton! Double stomp off the top by Deppen gets two. Chop fest in the center of the ring, which breaks down into a pure fistfight. Rising knee by Deppen and a 360 kick by Dralistico. German suplex by Deppen. Make that two. Rebound German by Dralistico and a poisonrana! Two count. Deppen fights back and looks for a springboard, but Dralistico counters with a double jump hurricanrana. Tilt-a-whirl into the Fujiwara armbar and Deppen is forced to tap out!

Winner: Dralistico

MATCH #14: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Skye Blue vs. Miranda Alize
Alize slaps the hand and get arm dragged for her troubles. Head scissors by Alize sends Blue to the floor. Dropkick by Alize and a basement DDT get two. Alize works over Blue’s body in the corner with elbows and knees. Running European uppercut by Alize and a face wash in the corner. Dropkick to a seated Blue in the corner and a double arm suplex gets a two count. Alize charges into an elbow and a big boot in the corner. Face buster on the knee by Blue and a step-up knee against the ropes. Question mark kick gets a two count. Alize counters an arm drag with a release vertical suplex before locking in the Miranda Rights. Blue rolls her through for a one count but makes enough space to hit the superkick. Alize charges in the corner and Blue evades and rolls her up with her whole body on top for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

BACKSTAGE: Athena acts unhinged while she challenges Kiera Hogan next week.

MATCH #15: Tag Team Match:
Cole Karter and Zack Clayton vs. Action Andretti and Darius Martin
Andretti hits a drop step and some elbows to Clayton to start. Diving arm drag off the top by Andretti and a dropkick floors Clayton. Twisting springboard tornillo to Clayton before tagging Martin. Clayton hits a big clothesline to Martin before tagging Karter. Hard chops by Martin but a tag to Andretti who comes off the top with a corkscrew shoulder block. Andretti looks for a springboard something but he momentarily loses his footing and Karter shoves him hard over the top to the floor. Clayton brings Andretti in with a suplex. Andretti able to hit an enziguri and a superkick that brings in Martin. Martin clears the ring with elbows and enziguri’s before clotheslining Karter to the outside. Bulldog over the bottom rope and a Complete Shot get a two count. Clayton catches Martin charging with a powerslam and tags Karter who comes off the top with a frog splash. Andretti in now but hits a big swinging DDT to Clayton. Double team reverse Fidget Spinner to Karter and this one is over.

Winners: Action Andretti and Darius Martin

MATCH #16: One-On-One Match:
Blake Christian vs. Nick Comoroto
Comoroto throws the lollipop in the face of Christian, who pie faces him in return. Comoroto tries to the shoulder block in the corner but Christian kind of gets out of the way.. but also kind of eats a giant shoulder in the groin. After a second Christian bails to the outside where Comoroto chases him, before eventually eating the steel steps. Somersault plancha to the outside by Christian and a senton back inside the ring. Christian tries a suicide dive again but gets caught by Comoroto and lawn darted into the steel post. Shoulder blocks in the corner and a release vertical suplex by Comoroto. Body slam and a big elbow drop by Comoroto gets two. Christian fires back with some elbows but gets floored with a big chop. Enziguri by Christian who evades a charging Comoroto and eats turnbuckle. Christian low bridges Comoroto and hits a Darby Allin-esque suicide dive. Both men on the apron and Christian double stomps Comoroto on the back from the top rope. Christian goes up again and hits the frog splash that gets a two count. Christian charges but gets chokeslammed for his efforts. Christian tries a cradle and gets two. Fireman’s carry into a Rock Bottom by Comoroto gets two. Christian gets a chair and throws it in the ring, causing Comoroto to retrieve it and Christian rolls it up for the win.

Winner: Blake Christian

MATCH #17: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Trish Adora vs. Diamante
Standing kimura by Adora who transitions into a standing upside-down Octopus Hold. Diamante slams her way out of it and puts the boots to Adora. Neckbreaker through the ropes by Diamante and a running baseball slide sends Adora crashing to the floor from the apron. Both women trade elbows but Diamante catches a charging Adora with an overhead belly-to-belly and a shotgun dropkick to a seated Adora in the corner. Adora blocks an arm trap and hits an arm ringer of her own. Lots of b words being exchanged, here. Diving cross body by Adora for two. Hip attacks in the corner by Adora and a twisting fisherman’s suplex for two. Lariat Tubman is counted by Diamante into a Snake Eyes. Crossfaces by Diamante and a gift wrap arm bar forces Adora to tap out.

Winner: Diamante

MATCH #18: One-On-One Match:
Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Slim J
Spinning back kick by Penta and a punt to the stomach. Enziguri by Penta and a superkick right to the teeth sends Slim J to the floor. Penta changes direction on a dive to the outside and J catches him with an anti-air elbow. J sends Penta to the floor and distracts the referee as the rest of the Trustbusters go to work on Penta. Tornillo diving reverse DDT by J gets a two count. Penta with a kick in the face and another superkick. Slingblade by Penta. Two. Two count. Penta calls for quiet and chops the chest off of J. Fear Factor attempt by Penta but J reverses into a diving Acid Drop for two. J puts Penta on the top rope but Penta superkicks the leg of J out and hits a diving double stomp to a prone J. Two count. Penta missing a double stomp from the top and J counters with a wheelbarrow into a flatliner for two. Diving reverse DDT off the top by J gets another two count. Electric chair by J but Penta escapes and J comes off the middle with a springboard and gets kicked in the stomach. Fear Factor and this one is over.

Winner: Penta El Zero Miedo

MAIN EVENT: Tag Team Match:
Samoa Joe and Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels
Sabre quickly wraps Sydal up with a straight jacket after an ankle pick. Top wrist lock by Sabre but Sydal responds with a hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick. Joe tags himself in ad does Daniels. Chops by Joe floor Daniels but Daniels responds with a drop toe hold and Sydal hits a single leg drop kick. Sydal with leg kicks to Sabre before back flipping Daniels on him. Standing moonsault by Sydal but he’s not the legal man so Daniels tries some back elbows in the corner. Sabre drops Danielson the middle rope and Joe punts him in the face from the outside. Joe and Sabre with quick tags as Joe splashes Daniels in the corner and Sabre with a version of a triangle choke. Sabre and Joe are showing off for each other at the expense of Daniels now. Daniels sends Sabre in to Joe and rolls him up for a two count. Joe is now, who’s done playing around, and hits a snap powerslam to Daniels for two. Daniels with some elbows to Joe and a boot to the face before connecting with the STO. Sydal is tagged in with a kicking combination to Joe and a rising knee to Sabre. Question mark kick to Joe and Sydal comes off the top with a meteora for a two count. Sabre breaks up the pin with a twisting neck breaker and tags himself in. Backslide by Sydal gets two but Sabre locks in a front chancery and suplexes Sydal to the mat hard. Sabre misses a punt and Sydal locks in a crossface as Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch on the charging Samoa Joe. Sabre inches his way to the ropes. Sydal goes up top but Sabre catches him, however, Daniels sneaks in and powerbombs Sabre as Sydal comes off the top with a doomsday meteora! One, two, no! Sabre with another European uppercut and Joe gets the tag. Angel’s Wings attempt by Daniels but Joe counters with a lariat. Spinning hook kick by Sydal to Joe before Sydal goes up top and gets caught with a kravate by Sabre! Angel’s Wings to Sabre! Joe is legal and Daniels runs into a big Uranage Slam before being choked out by Joe for the submission win.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Zack Sabre Jr.

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