AEW: Battle of the Belts IV results from 10-07-2022

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

Excalibur, “The Wizard” Chris Jericho and Jim Ross greet the audiences at home as PAC waits in the ring. Best Friends make their way down.

MATCH #1: AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match:
PAC © vs. Trent Beretta

The bell rings and the two men waste no time exchanging forearms. Beretta hits an elbow that sends PAC out of the ring, then goes flying over the top. He delivers a chop, followed by a bodyslam onto the floor. Beretta hits a drop kick, followed by a spear. He tosses PAC back in the ring, then delivers a knee to the back of his head. He goes for a pin, but PAC kicks out. PAC hits a kick to Beretta’s face, then sets up a table near the ramp. Beretta comes back and manages to set PAC up on the table. He runs towards him, but PAC rolls off the table. The two men get back in the ring before ascending to the top. PAC hits an avalanche brainbuster.

Back from the break, PAC hits an elbow on Beretta’s head. He whips him into the corner, then fires off several chops. He hits a German … Read More