Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling – Against All Odds results from July 1st 2022

Kickoff Match #1: One-On-One Match:
Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus
The two men get started immediately with a huge chop from Black Taurus, and as Laredo Kid tries to use his agility, Taurus blocks it with his power advantage. Kid then misses in the corner and that allows Taurus to attack the arm again. Kid does manage to connect with a boot in the corner though and he then flies in after, but that is followed by a big uppercut from Taurus.

Laredo looks for a cutter but that gets blocked and immediately turned into a sling blade. Taurus then charges into the corner but Laredo reverses, pushing him up to hang him on the top ropes with both legs straddling it. He follows up with a cutter from that spot, but Taurus is able to kick out.

Taurus gets Laredo up on his shoulders, but that gets reversed into a crucifix bomb, only for him to fire back by charging in with the horns to Kid’s head. Taurus charges too quick into the corner, bouncing over the turnbuckles out of the ring and Laredo follows it with a moonsault to the outside.

Back in the ring, Laredo goes for … Read More