Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling – Bound For Glory results from 10-07-2022

Kickoff Match: IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match:
Brian Myers © vs. Dirty Dango
The former Fandango in WWE has answered Myers’ open challenge. The crowd chanted for him. They locked up and Dango, sporting shorter blonde hair, broke clean in the corner. Myers grabbed a side headlock and was sent into the ropes. He shoulder blocked Dango down to the mat, then did so a second time, Dango went up and over during an exchange and nailed a dropkick. He worked over Brian’s arm.

Myers went for a sunset flip, but Dango held on and drilled him with a left hand. He nailed a leg drop for a two count. Myers went to the floor and Dango followed. Myers cut him off as they returned to the ring and ran him into the ring post. Myers brought him back into the ring and nailed a snapmare, then cinched in a side chinlock. Dango fought back to his feet and nailed a pescado to the outside on Myers. He nailed an inverted atomic drop and began putting some offense together. He nailed a Russian Leg Sweep and a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Myers caught him with an enziguri and … Read More