Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers New Trailer is the Disney Nostalga Trip I Never Knew I Wanted

In all my years of being a Disney fan, one of my favorite Disney TV shows was Chip ‘N Dale’s Rescue Rangers alongside other great Disney TV shows such as Talespin, Darkwing Duck, and of course, Duck Tales. The last thing I ever expected was a return to this classic animated Disney show but I also did not anticipate after watching the trailer (which you can check out below) just how much of a nostalgia trip this new movie would be.

So as it seems, this movie takes place in a land similar to Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit where toons and humans live together in semi-harmony and the plot shows that some of these toons tend to randomly disappear. That is where you will immediately being to noticed a very large number of these animated characters such as Lemur from Beauty and the Beast. The movie shows Dale as more of a CGI character from the fact that he got surgery to do so, Dale decides to pay Chip a visit who still has his classic animated look. Various scenes in the trailer hint at the possibility of Peter Pan being our main antagonist but that will … Read More