He’s Back, Baby! My Thoughts on the WWE Return of Cody Rhodes

The date: April 2nd 2022. I’m in my living room,¬† marking out in a way I haven’t since I was a little kid. Why, because I suddenly have faith in the WWE again. I will be brutally honest, when I first started wrestling, it was unanimous that the WWE was the goal and top aspiration for all indie wrestlers and as time drove on, it suddenly wasn’t. The last few years have been hard on everyone, but especially for Vince McMahon’s employees. Apparently, it was so bad that The Elite, who up to this point was a wrestling faction and also a podcast group, decided to make their own t-shirt… uh, I mean wrestling company. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love AEW and what they have accomplished, but when it becomes too much? Well, apparently for Cody Rhodes “too much” was reached on Feburary 15th 2022.

Two days beforehand, I had just placed an order on the AEW site for the very limited edition Bryan Danielson¬† vs Sagat AEW X Capcom t-shirt when I also decided to go ahead and throw down on the Nightmare Family shirt that mirrors the FoxHound logo. I could not wait to rep my … Read More