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Pros & Cons: LouisvilleCon 2022 Review

Louisville Kentucky isn’t home to many conventions these days and hopefully, that is changing as more conventions make their way into town. One such convention, LousivilleCon, made its way back into town this year after being there just six months prior and one that I hope becomes a semi-annual event. What sets LouisvlleCon apart from most conventions that I cover is that it is a one-day-only convention, which tends to break from what a majority of cons do in the scene whether it be a two-day, three-day, or for most larger scale conventions, a four-day event such as Gen Con.

What makes this convention work as a one-day-only event is that it isn’t like most cons I have been to where the celebrities are what shine, which don’t get me wrong, LouisvilleCon does try to provide some decent guests, but what shines here is the sheer amount of vendors and the quality of those vendors which is what I tend to look forward to the most. It’s easy for any con to bring in big-name guests, but the real appeal to myself and quite a lot of others is how many vendors people can spend their hard-earned money on. Sure, … Read More