Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling – Against All Odds results from 06-09-2023

Your announcers for tonight’s show are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt

Countdown Match #1: Knockouts One-On-One Match:
KiLynn King vs. Nevaeh
This is Neveah’s first match in IMPACT (right here in her home state of Ohio) in over 2 years as she last wrestled in April 2021. Neveah started the match attacking KiLynn King in the corner, but King knocked Neveah to the outside where Taylor Wilde attacked her a bit as King as the referee distracted. Back inside, King kept attacking Neveah and going for pin attempts. Neveah punched and chopped her way to a comeback before knocking Wilde off the apron, hitting a swinging neck breaker on Wilde, and getting a two count. They start trading strikes and kicks until Neveah hits a clothesline for a two-count. King comes back with a kick and the King’s Curse for the pin and the win.

Winner: KiLynn King

Countdown Match #2: IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match:
Joe Hendry © vs. Dirty Dango
The Director of Authority Santino Marella came out to join commentary for this match. Joe Hendry came out and said that his two magical words for himself are We Believe, but then said there are two magical words … Read More