Impact Pro Wrestling Results

No Surrender results from February 24, 2023

Countdown Match #1: Knockouts One-On-One Match:
Gisele Shaw vs. Deonna Purrazzo
The match begins with a shoving exchange between Purrazzo and Shaw, Shaw goes for a kick and Purrazzo blocks it before getting her in a headlock. Shaw gets free and Purrazzo drops her with a shoulder tackle, Vaidal interferes and that allows Shaw to get control. Shaw then drops Purrazzo with a shoulder tackle of her own, Purrazzo recovers, and she drops Shaw with a hurricanrana. Purrazzo follows up by landing a standing moonsault on Shaw, Shaw leaves the ring and she later traps Purrazzo in the ring skirt. Purrazzo tries fighting back and Shaw quickly drops her, Shaw gets Purrazzo in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt. Purrazzo gets up and Shaw hits her with some chops followed by a leaping elbow in the corner, Shaw drops Purrazzo with a leaping elbow strike for a near fall. Shaw drags Purrazzo to the ropes before choking her on the middle rope, Purrazzo fights back, and Shaw drops her with a knee to the midsection. Shaw traps Purrazzo in the corner again while landing some strikes, Shaw also chokes Purrazzo in the corner.

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