Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling – Slammiversary results from 07-15-2023

IMPACT Wrestling celebrates its 21st anniversary at Slammiversary is LIVE on pay-per-view from the St. Clair College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario!

Your announcers show tonight’s show are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Countdown Match #1: Six-Person Tag Team Match:
Courtney Rush, Jessicka and Jody Threat vs. Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal
Jessicka and Evans start with a lock-up. Jai comes in and slaps Jessicka, so she delivers a receipt with several jabs. Shaw comes in and kicks Jessicka in the midsection. Jessicka counters by smashing Shaw’s face into the turnbuckle. Courtney Rush gets the tag, but Shaw beats her down quickly. Jai tags in and keeps Rush grounded. Shaw hits a double knees in the corner and goes for a cover as the heels maintain control for awhile.

Jai and Threat get tags at the same time as Threat takes him down with clotheslines. Shaw runs in but eats a kick to the head. Threat runs her down with double knees before Evans gets clobbered by Jessicka. Threat hits an exploder on Shaw and tags Rush. Threat hits a German and Rush hits him with a spear for the win.

Winners: Courtney Rush, Jessicka and Jody Threat

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