Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling – Under Siege results from 05-25-2023

Your announcers for tonight’s show are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Countdown Match #1: Knockouts Tag Team Match:
Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King vs. Courtney Rush and Jessicka
Wilde and Rush start with a lock up. Wilde targets Rush’s arm until Rush breaks free and hits arm drags. King comes in and takes Rush down, which leads to Jessicka coming in. King chops her chest and Jessicka fires back. They trade shots until Jessicka unloads with punches and an elbow. Death Dollz double team The Coven, which leads to Wilde accidentally landing on King in the corner. King places Rush in the Coven’s corner as Wilde tags in and chops. The Coven double team Rush for a bit. Jessicka and King get the tags as Jessicka takes control. Rush returns but then gets kicked in the back by Wilde. Jessicka prevents King from double teaming. Rush breaks free and applies the sharpshooter on Wilde for the submission win.

Winners: Courtney Rush and Jessicka

Countdown #2: IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match:
Joe Hendry © vs. Dirty Dango
Dango walks around the ring during the first minute to play mind games. Once the match officially starts, Hendry stays on top of his … Read More