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Pros & Cons Tag Team Edition: Squared Circle Expo 2 Review

While I’ve had the pleasure of attending several conventions and expo’s over the years, some of my favorite have been those shows that cater to a specific audience such as the horror scene for instance and last year I was able to attend my very first wrestling expo, Squared Circle Expo and it left me wondering how exactly were owners Adolfo Dorta & Ed Gonzales going to top what they produced last year and I’m very pleased to say they did exactly that.

Squared Circle Expo 2 took place at the same venue as the first SCX which was the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel, a rather familiar venue to locals in the convention scene as it tends to host several other conventions from horror cons to local shows and a space that really feels right at home for such an event as SCX2 as the setup was pretty much the same this time around as it was last year with the same large vendor area with what seemed to me even more vendors this year than there was the previous year. I was very pleased with the amount of wrestling merch to purchase from action figures, to toy wrestling rings … Read More