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WWE Clash at The Castle results from 09-03-2022

The WWE Clash at The Castle Kickoff pre-show opens up with Jackie Redmond welcoming us. She’s joined at the WWE HQ studios in Stamford, CT by Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg. We get a live shot of fans filing into a packed Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales for today’s big event. The panel goes over today’s card. We get a video for Seth Rollins vs. Riddle and then a discussion from the panel. Rosenberg and Camp predict Rollins to win while Redmond goes with Riddle. We get a video and discussion for the SmackDown Women’s Title match next. We see Liv backstage at Principality Stadium talking with UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards, and both of their title belts are on display. Camp predicts Baszler will win the title tonight, but Rosenberg and Redmond believe Morgan will retain.

We get a video package and discussion on Sheamus vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther next. Wade Barrett remotely joins the panel and plugs WWE NXT Worlds Collide tomorrow. Barrett jokes that he’d like to see Gunther win because his 5 Intercontinental Championship wins are the only thing he has up on Sheamus and he’d like to keep that bragging right for the pub. … Read More