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WWE SummerSlam results from 07-30-2022

A video package introduces us to the 35th annual WWE SummerSlam. This is the first SummerSlam and the first major LIVE WWE event without Vince McMahon at the helm.

MATCH #1: RAW Women’s Championship Match:
Bianca Belair © vs. Becky Lynch
The bell rings, and the two competitors look sternly at one another before circling the ring. They lock up, and Lynch swipes her off into the ropes. Belair rolls her eyes. Lynch grabs a waistlock before twisting into a side headlock. Belair powers Lynch off her and wags her finger. Lynch looks upset that she’s been shown up. Belair takes her down with a waistlock, but Lynch applies a front facelock. Belair gets to her feet and powers Lynch to the corner. Lynch climbs the ropes for a sunset flip, but Belair rolls out and does a handspring. Belair shoulder blocks her down before hitting the ropes and doing another handspring. Belair goes to leapfrog her, but Lynch picks the leg to take her down. Lynch then attacks the left arm and starts yanking on it. Lynch continues to attack the arm, pulling her into the middle rope and trying to hyperextend the elbow. Lynch angrily stomps her before … Read More