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WWE NXT results from 10-04-2022

Tonight’s WWE NXT opens up LIVE on the USA Network, from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The venue has an updated look. Wade Barrett welcomes us to NXT. He’s joined at ringside by Sudu Shah and Byron Saxton. Barrett says Vic Joseph has the night off as he is stuck in Immigration, but it appears he is on his honeymoon as he and McKenzie Mitchell were just married.

We go right to the ring as NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly come out – Elton Prince and Kit Wilson. This is their State of the Commonwealth Address. They are wearing powdered wigs as they step up to the podium and bang their gavels.

Prince and Wilson go on about how handsome they are and how they are ruling over NXT. Fans heckle them but they respond by calling for order, beating their gavels. They go on about how they’ve already beaten everyone in NXT. Fans boo. They take shots at Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, The Creed Brothers, and then The Dyad. They have no choice. It’s come to this… order, order! They decree that our two-time champions should be awarded the Championships forever because there are no challengers. Fans boo. They go on until the music interrupts and out comes SmackDown’s Butch and Ridge Holland of The Brawling Brutes.

Fans pop for Holland and Butch, then chant “BruiserWeight!” for the former Pete Dunne. Holland brings up Pretty Deadly talking tough to Sheamus on Twitter, and said they came to NXT to find out how tough they really are face-to-face. Butch asks if there’s any objection to kicking their heads in. Pretty Deadly claim they were hacked, by Kevin Owens, Kevin Patrick, no, Kevin Owens. Butch and Holland hit the ring now and Holland challenges Pretty Deadly to a fight because it’s Tuesday night and that is… Fight Night! Holland and Butch attack, clearing the ring of the champs. The two teams have words as fans cheer The Brawling Brutes on.

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
Carmelo Hayes vs. Oro Mensah

The music interrupts and out comes Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams. The Brawling Brutes look on from the ring as Hayes heads down. We go to commercial.

Back from the break an we see footage from earlier today that shows Toxic Attraction arriving in their black SUV. Alba Fyre attacked Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, then jumped into the SUV with Unified NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. The SUV drove away with Dolin and Jayne screaming. Tonight’s six-woman match will now be a #1 contender’s match with Dolin and Jayne vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark. We go back to the ring and out comes Oro Mensah as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

The bell rings and they start off hitting each other and talking trash. Mensah goes for the arm and Hayes counters. Mensah keeps at Hayes’ arm and then arm drags him. Hayes blocks a kick but gets kicked back into the corner. More back and forth now. Hayes blocks a dropkick but Mensah comes right back and connects with the dropkick.

Mensah with a scissors takedown. Mensah blocks Hayes and drops him on his head with a suplex for a 1 count. Mensah with offense at ringside now. Mensah ends up distracted by Trick, which allows Hayes to smash him face-first into the edge of the apron. Hayes brings it back in for a 2 count. Hayes keeps control and drops Mensah over the top rope.

Hayes with a big kick. Mensah blocks another kick and rolls Hayes up for 2. Hayes keeps control and hits the springboard flying clothesline for another 2 count. Hayes grounds Mensah now as fans rally. Mensah begins to make a comeback now. Mensah with a flip kick and a springboard moonsault.

Mensah waits in the corner for Hayes to get back up. He runs with a big flip kick but Hayes moves and he hits the turnbuckles. Trick with another quick distraction, which allows Hayes to turn it around and hit the top rope flying leg drop for the pin to win.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

After the match: Hayes stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Hayes puts on a headset and dismisses the idea of being on a losing streak. He says he will stay on commentary while Trick goes and gets his medical assistance.

MATCH #2: Qualifying Match in the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match:
Andre Chase vs. Von Wagner

The music hits and out comes Chase University – Andre Chase with Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail. This is to determine one of the final two spots in the NXT North American Title Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc, and Carmelo Hayes will be scouting from ringside. The Chase U student section cheers on Chase as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Damon Kemp attacked Brutus Creed with a steel chair last week. We now see footage from earlier today, showing Brutus, Julius Creed and Ivy Nile in the trainer’s room. Brutus is getting his shoulder checked out but he’s feisty. Julius tells him to relax so he can get cleared but the trainer says he won’t be getting cleared. Duke Hudson enters and taunts The Creed Brothers. Julius tells him to keep walking or receive some chair shots of his own. Duke insults The Creeds and they have words. Duke and Julius agree to wrestle later tonight. Duke walks out and promises to put Julius in the trainer’s room with his brother later on. We go back to the ring and Von Wagner is wrapping his entrance with Mr. Stone as Chase looks on.

The bell rings and they go at it. Wagner takes Chase to the corner and unloads with shoulder thrusts to put him own. Chase dodges a move, blocks a kick and goes to work on Von’s knee now. Von with a big clothesline. Chase counters again and continues focusing on the knee until Von rocks him and turns it around.

Von works Chase over some more until Chase dropkicks the knee. Chase keeps control and kicks the leg out again. Chase counters again and hits the side-Russian leg sweep. Chase stomps away as the Chase U student section spells “C-H-A-S-E-U!” out for him. Stone interferes from the apron to distract Chase.

Hail gets Stone on her shoulders and she walks away with him. Bodhi and Stone have words now but Hail makes the save, slamming Stone at ringside for a big pop. Von rocks the distracted Chase in the ring ow. Chase counters and rolls Von up from behind for a close 2 count.

Von comes right back with a big boot. Von scoops Chase to his shoulders for the big slam to get the pin, the win, and the Ladder Match spot.

Winner: Von Wagner

After the match: Von stands tall as the music hits. Hayes stands up at the announce table and talks about how it doesn’t matter who qualifies for Halloween Havoc. Wes Lee suddenly flies over the table from out of nowhere and attacks Hayes. Fans chant “let them fight!” as Hayes stumbles away with referees holding Lee back.

BACKSTAGE: Sanga and Nathan Frazer are watching what just happened. Sanga is still a bit down and out. He hopes Frazer wins the Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc if he doesn’t. Frazer is looking to qualify by winning the Best Of 3 Series finale with Axiom next week. Frazer thanks Sanga and walks off. Veer Mahaan enters, wearing a suit, and he stops and smiles at Sanga.

We go back to Lash Legend, who is ranting about Wendy Choo. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the red hoodie mystery person with the yellow mask is in the parking lot handing out happy face pins to fans, the same pins The Schism has had as of late. We see Grayson Waller outside with security. He wants them to stick by his side tonight and look out for Apollo Crews.

MATCH #3: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Wendy Choo vs. Lash Legend

We go back to the ring and Lash Legend waits as Wendy Choo makes her way out. Legend puts hands on Choo to get her upset before the bell hits, going for her pillow.

The bell rings and they go at it. Choo dropkicks Legend. Choo with a running kick into the corner to send Legend to the floor. Choo leaps off the apron but Legend catches her, then nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the floor. Legend taunts Choo as the referee counts.

Legend brings it back in and drops Choo, then grabs her hair and taunts her some more as the referee warns her. Legend chokes Choo on the middle rope, then drops her for a 2 count. Legend drops an elbow for another pin attempt. Choo counters Legend and mounts a comeback now. Choo with the cartwheel splash into the corner.

Choo leaps off the top but Legend catches her. They tangle and Choo covers for 2. Legend misses a big pump kick into the corner, and Choo kicks her down. Choo goes to the top and hits the modified corner Vader Bomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Wendy Choo

After the match: Choo sells the match as the referee raises her arm in victory.

BACKSTAGE: Kelly Kincaid is with Wes Lee. He says what he did to Carmelo Hayes was not a message, it was a receipt. He goes on about how Hayes tried to smash his skull and end his career. Lee is going all out for the North American Championship at Halloween Havoc but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t just want to get his hands on Hayes because… Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo interrupts. He said all his friends are gone, and Lee is ruthless. He indicates Tony D’Angelo is suffering from a PCL injury after last week’s qualifier with Lee. Lee says he didn’t want to win the match that way. Stacks threatens Lee and accuses him of hurting Tony D on purpose. Stacks says Lee’s actions will have consequences. Stacks walks off.

We get a video package on Gallus, who have received an indefinite suspension in the storylines. They warn NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly to hold onto the Championships tight. When Gallus comes back, they’re not just coming for tag team gold… it will be Gallus On Top.

MATCH #4: Women’s Tag Team Match:
(Winners will challenge for NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships)
Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark
We go back to the ring to crown new #1 contenders to NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter as Toxic Attraction comes out first – Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. They hit the ring and pose as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a video on Chance and Carter. This includes the two sitting down backstage, talking about how different they are while still belonging together, and their journeys to where they are now. They are not letting go of the Championships, especially to Toxic Attraction. They give some props to Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark but say there’s still a big question mark on them when it comes to being a tag team. The champs say they will be watching tonight’s match and they will be ready for their next challengers. We go back to the ring and Toxic Attraction looks on as Lyons and Stark make their way to the ring.

Lyons and Dolin go back and forth to start. Lyons with some offense early on. Jayne tags in but so does Stark, who smiles at Jayne before attacking. They trade counters and pin attempts. Stark kicks out of an attempt and works Jayne into the corner. Dolin tags in but Stark prevents the double team, then nails a springboard crossbody to Dolin for a quick pin attempt.

Lyons tags in as does Jayne. Lyons unloads with strikes, then a kick. Lyons superkicks Jayne down and out of the ring. Dolin runs in but Stark flies in and takes her own. We see Chance and Carter watching backstage. We go to commercial with the heels standing tall in the ring while the heels regroup at ringside.

Back from the break and Dolin has Lyons down on the mat, working her over. We see Chance and Carter watching from backstage again. Jayne tags in and they hit Lyons with double team kicks. Jayne covers for 2. Jayne grounds Lyons now, then knees her to prevent a comeback. Lyons counters with a roll-up for 2. They end up colliding and both go down. Dolin and Stark tag in now.

Stark clotheslines Dolin, then knocks Jayne off the apron. Stark runs wild on Dolin for a pop from the crowd. Fans chant “Zoey!” now as she unloads on Dolin, kicking her down for a pop. Stark with a sliding knee for a close 2 count. Lyons tags in and holds Dolin, allowing Stark to superkick her into Lyons’ German suplex. Jayne breaks the pin attempt up. Jayne fights off the babyfaces but she and Stark go down after colliding. Chance and Carter seem impressed backstage.

Dolin and Lyons fight up from their knees now, trading big strikes. Lyons scoops Dolin to her shoulders but she slides out. Dolin with the STO. Jane tags in as Dolin superkicks Lyons, then Jayne follows up with a neckbreaker for a 2 count as Stark makes the save just in time. Jayne is frustrated. Jayne and Lyons go at it now. Lyons with a kick to drop Jayne. Stark tags in, then springboards in but Jayne moves. Jayne levels Stark with a big fist, then knocks Lyons off the apron. Dolin tags in for the double team but Lyons trips Jayne, then pulls her to the floor.

Stark and Dolin briefly tangle before Stark nails the big knee to the face. Lyons tags in as Stark launches herself to the floor to take Jayne back down. Lyons finishes Dolin off with the split leg drop for the pin to win and earn the future Championship Match.

Winners: Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark

After the match: Lyons and Stark celebrate as the music hits. We see Chance and Carter looking on from backstage. Lyons and Stark hit the corners to pose now.

We get a video from Ilja Dragunov to promote the Halloween Havoc main event. He says he has never feared pain, pain makes you feel alive but agony is a different kind of feeling. When he hurt his ankle it was much more than the searing pain of a snapped ligament, the agony he felt when he had to vacate his title… a title taken away not by an opponent but by circumstance. It was his privilege to shoulder the weight of an entire brand and the biggest challenge was sitting and watching NXT UK breathe its last breath. He watched in frustration from home as worlds collided, titles were unified, knowing it should’ve been him in the ring with Unified NXT Champion Bron Breakker. He says opportunities like that only happen once in a lifetime. He can’t change the past but he can change the future. He says Bron is a great champion but he’s a man, and at Halloween Havoc, he’s stepping in the ring with a machine. He says JD McDonagh likes to take credit for his injury and his body bears the scars of their heated battles, but JD knows in his heart that Ilja has suffered to be victorious… he leaves every ounce of himself in the ring, including days, weeks, months of his career, which is something JD likes to talk about but doesn’t possess. Ilja says at Halloween Havoc he will suffer, he will endure a great deal of pain but it will be worth it because he will once again become champion as the world says in unison… Long Live The Czar!

We see Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Grayson Waller is in the ring for another must see episode of The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller talks about how good looking he is and how everyone is watching, including Apollo Crews. He has them put up a picture-in-picture camera on him.

Waller gets right to the show and introduces his first guest, who he calls the Tony Hawk of NXT. The music hits and out comes Cora Jade with her kendo stick. Waller then introduces Jade’s Halloween Havoc opponent and says she’s also getting the Grayson Waller rub tonight. The music hits and out comes Roxanne Perez. Waller apologizes for not having a booster seat for Perez. Waller is seated at the table between Jade and Perez.

Jade asks Perez how many people she had to cry to just to get this match. Perez says she will kick Jade’s ass. They have some words and Waller interrupts because this is his show. Perez says she feels nothing because she is going into this match with no emotions, unlike Heatwave. Jade taunts her for being emotional. Perez recalls how they wanted to grow in this business together and be what the Four Horsewomen were to them, but the moment she got a little bigger than Jade, Jade turned on her. Perez says she will leave Jade behind at Halloween Havoc. Perez says everyone will find out that Jade was a whole lot of internet hype and not a lot of talent. Jade says Perez just wasn’t good enough to be a part of The Generation of Jade. Perez says now the true Jade is out after she spent a year of the nice girl act when no one was buying it, and the second Jade realized no one was buying it, she blamed Perez and the fans. She says Jade and her Generation of Jade are full of… Waller interrupts and says we don’t use that kind of language around here.

Waller says this is the second time they have interrupted him. He has two big scoops – in two weeks they will play Pick Your Poison, and get to pick each other’s opponents and the whole WWE roster is eligible. Waller suggests Omos vs. Perez. They both have people in mind they want to pick. Waller yells at them for interrupting again. He then reveals that their Halloween Havoc match is a Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal match. We see the wheel on display. Waller wants to spin it right now and if it lands on Spinner’s Choice, he gets to pick their stipulation. Waller says they both suck. He tells security to go keep an eye on the girls while he walks over to spin the wheel. A hooded druid is next to the wheel and Waller taunts him, then says he knew it wasn’t Apollo.

The wheel lands on Weapons Wild Match. The camera cuts back to the ring to Perez blocking a kendo stick shot from Jade. Security hits the ring to keep them apart now. Waller goes back in the ring an starts taking selfies. Apollo is dressed as one of the security guards. He pulls Waller out of the ring, then under the ring. Jade and Perez keep trying to brawl but security is keeping them apart. Waller crawls from under the ring now but he’s bleeding from both eyes, and his clothes are torn. Crews also crawls from under the ring, and now he’s stalking Waller, taunting him while Waller tries to scramble away.

We see what’s left of The Diamond Mine backstage. Julius Creed hugs Ivy Nile before heading out to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and The Schism is in the back with the red hooded figure who was handing out pins earlier, apparently not impressed with their efforts. Joe Gacy says the person needs to understand they’re not mad, just disappointed. Gacy says the mystery person needs to do better. Gacy walks off while The Dyad snarls at the masked person, then they follow Gacy.

MATCH #5: One-On-One Match:
Julius Creed vs. Duke Hudson

We go back to the ring and out comes Julius Creed. Duke Hudson watches on from the ring.

The bell rings and Creed goes for a takedown but Hudson blocks it and beats him down. Hudson unloads in the corner now, keeping Creed down.

Creed runs the ropes and drops Hudson with a forearm, then slams him. Julius with another big slam, then a sliding forearm to the face for the pin to get the quick win.

Winner: Julius Creed

After the match: Creed stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Brutus Creed runs out and attacks Hudson now. Ivy Nile tries to pull him off. Brutus brings Hudson in the ring and continues the beatdown. Julius also tries to pull his brother off. Damon Kemp appears on the platform above the crowd. He congratulates Julius on tonight’s win and says things will be a little different at Halloween Havoc. Brutus calls Kemp to the ring so he can kick his ass. Kemp says Brutus already had his match and now it’s his brother’s turn. Julius says he will be his brother’s keeper and he can’t wait because Kemp’s ego is too big. Kemp agrees and says Julius may be his brother’s keeper but he’s Kemp’s bitch. Kemp says he will give Brutus another match if Julius wins at Halloween Havoc, under one condition. Julius wants to know the stipulation. Kemp says this stipulation isn’t about Julius, it’s about his brother. He has things to accomplish in NXT but he can’t if he’s constantly looking over his shoulder. Kemp says if he wins at Halloween Havoc, Brutus must leave NXT, not Julius. Brutus snaps and says Julius accepts. Julius says he doesn’t like to be cold-hearted but when it calls for it, no one can be colder than him as he has ice in his veins. He says it won’t be good enough to beat, pin or submit Kemp, he has to send Kemp out the same way Kemp sent Roderick Strong out. Julius says it will be an Ambulance Match and Kemp says that sounds good. Kemp tells Julius to tell Strong to make room for him. Julius tells Kemp to get his shit together because he will be waiting. They toss the mics and the music starts back up.

We get a video of JD McDonagh watching clips of Ilja Dragunov and Unified NXT Champion Bron Breakker. He says they seem wildly different but any educated brain can see that they are exactly the same. He says they both don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together, they use their bodies. He says at Halloween Havoc they will try to see who is the toughest and who can take the most pain, but his plan is to let them tear each other apart like animals. The winner will not be the strongest or the most aggressive, it will be the smartest. JD says you can call him what you want – vulture, jackal, or hyena, but at the end of the night, you will call him the new NXT Champion.

BACKSTAGE: Hank Walker is with the rest of NXT security. They hype him up for tonight’s match, his first as a contracted NXT talent. He promises he won’t let them down and mentions taking out Xyon Quinn. Quincy Elliott walks up and tells Walker to be careful with Quinn. As much as Quincy likes Quinn’s tribal tattoos, he kind of pissed Quinn off last week. Walker asks who could be mad at Quincy? Walker says he appreciates the heads up, and he’s going to get ready. NXT security chants for Walker while Quincy dances around. Back to commercial.

We get a video package from Axiom to preview his Best Of 3 Series finale with Nathan Frazer next week. He says this isn’t on the pages, this series is live action and intense, with things in the ring we haven’t seen before. He says the first two matches were so close and could’ve gone either way, and he expects the finale will be even closer but the cool thing about this trilogy is that instead of reading about it on the pages, he gets to write the final chapter.

MATCH #6: One-On-One Match:
Xyon Quinn vs. Hank Walker

We go back to the ring and Xyon Quinn is wrapping up his entrance. Out next comes NXT security guard Hank Walker, for what is billed as his first match as a contracted talent.

The bell rings and Quinn unloads into the corner. Walker counters from the corner and nails arm drags. Fans chant “Hank!” now as he fights but Quinn catches him with a Spinebuster to boos. Quinn with knees to keep Walker down now as the referee warns him. Quinn with a fist to the face from the floor. Quinn comes back in and chokes Walker in the ropes. Quinn with a back suplex for a 2 count.

Quinn with a headlock now. Walker fights up and out but Quinn elbows him in the back of the head. Walker comes exploding out of the corner with a clothesline. Walker takes off his shirt and nails a Thesz Press, then right hands as fans go wild for him.

Walker stuns Quinn in the corner, sending him face-first into the turnbuckles a few times. Walker with another corner splash. Walker misses a big boot in the corner, and Quinn kicks him. Quinn with a big shot to the jaw for the pin to win.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

After the match: Quinn stands tall as the music hits. Quinn waits for Walker to get back up so he can attack. Quincy Elliott hits the ring and gets in the way. Quinn changes his mind and leaves. Walker thanks Elliott. Quincy smacks Walker on the backside as Quinn looks on from ringside. Quincy dances around now.

BACKSTAGE: Cameron Grimes is with the mystery figure in the yellow mask and red hoodie. He’s telling the person to stay away from Joe Gacy. The Schism suddenly attacks Grimes now. Gacy looks on as The Dyad unloads on Grimes with a trash can. Gacy also nails Grimes with the trash can to keep him down. Gacy approaches the mystery figure and congratulates them on a job well done. Gacy welcomes the person to The Schism’s tree. The Schism does a group hug and then walks off as Grimes lays in pain.

BACKSTAGE: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen approach The Brawling Brutes, but they’re only here to wish them good luck against Pretty Deadly. They also want the first Championship match. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade enter with similar sentiments. The three teams argue until Butch slams a chair against the wall. Ridge Holland says if Briggs and Jensen want a shot, they must bring the same intensity they brought to Gallus last week, and Enofe and Blade need to get serious. Holland and Butch walk off as they have banger, after banger, after banger to get to. The remaining two teams argue.

MAIN EVENT: NXT Tag Team Championship Match:
Elton Prince and Kit Wilson © vs. Ridge Holland and Butch

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as The Brawling Brutes come out to a pop – Ridge Holland and Butch. They hit the corners to pose as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kelly Kincaid is with Unified NXT Champion Bron Breakker backstage. He says Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh can watch all the film they want and train as much as they want but at Halloween Havoc it will be a dog fight. Javier Bernal interrupts and introduces himself as a future NXT Champion. He taunts Bron for getting himself in a Triple Threat Championship Match, the same kind of match he lost the title in before. Bron laughs at Bernal and says his temper got him into the first Triple Threat, his pride got him into the next one, but Bernal’s stupidity is going to make him request a match against Bernal for next week. Bron walks off.

We go back to the ring and NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly are wrapping their entrances – Elton Prince and Kit Wilson. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor. Holland starts off and unloads with power moves to Wilson early on. Butch tags in for a big double team to Wilson.

Wilson crawls for a tag but Butch stops him. Fans chant “BruiserWeight!” as Butch starts bending Wilson’s fingers back. Prince ends up tagging in and stomping away on Butch for a 2 count as fans boo. Prince runs the ropes and they trade counters until Butch drops him with an uppercut. Holland tags in and they deliver the double team 10 Beats of The Bodhrán to Wilson, with the final blow coming in the form of a running knee to the back from Butch, to send Wilson to the floor. Prince checks on Wilson and yells at The Brutes as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Butch is down on the mat as the champs work him over. Butch fights up and unloads on Prince with big strikes. Butch with chops now as fans cheer him on. He chops Prince own, still holding his arm, then knocks Wilson to the floor. Holland tags in and unloads on Prince.

Holland also drops Wilson in the ring. Prince tries to mount offense but Holland scoops him for a powerslam on top of Wilson. Holland covers Prince for 2. More back and forth between Prince and Holland. Prince charges but Holland clotheslines him and they both go down. Wilson tags in and stops Holland from tagging by jumping on his back with a Sleeper. Holland begins to fade but he marches to Butch and makes the tag.

Butch leaps off the top to powerbomb Wilson off Holland’s shoulders. Wilson kicks out at 2. Fans chant “NXT!” now as Butch gets up first and stomps away on Wilson by holding his arms. Butch bends Wilson’s elbow back now. Prince grabs Wilson’s arm to help him but Butch stomps Prince. Butch then nails a moonsault to Prince on the floor. Butch comes back in and catches Wilson with a German suplex. Prince runs in but he also eats a German suplex. Butch kicks Wilson in the corner, but misses a knee to Prince in the opposite corner. Wilson drops Butch with a Lungblower. Wilson covers but Holland breaks the pin up. Holland is knocked to the floor.

Pretty Deadly stalks Butch now and double teams him, then knocks Holland off the apron with double boots. Butch attacks and drops Prince but Wilson levels him with a lariat for a close 2 count. The champs are frustrated now. They scoop Butch for the double team but Holland knocks Prince to the floor. Butch counters Wilson and takes him down into an armbar. Prince breaks it up and helps Wilson roll Butch for a 2 count. Butch grabs Wilson’s fingers and starts bending them, then he drops Wilson on his head. The referee is slow to make the count it appears, and Prince puts Wilson’s foot on the bottom rope to break it up.

Fans boo Pretty Deadly. Prince runs in but Holland stops him, and now Butch and Holland stare Prince down. Out of desperation Prince swings at the referee but the referee ducks. The Brutes send Prince to the floor. Wilson tags in but Holland slams him and goes for the pin but Butch points out Imperium rushing the ring. Holland meets Giovanni Vinci at the apron and fights him off. Ludwig Kaiser and Prince take out Butch at ringside on the other side of the ring. Wilson and Prince return to the ring and hit Spilt Milk on Holland for the pin to win and retain.

Winners: Elton Prince and Kit Wilson

After the match: Pretty Deadly stands tall as the music hits. We see Butch, Holland, Kaiser and Vinci brawling to the back. Pretty Deadly poses until Edris Enofe and Malik Blade come out to the entranceway and stare them down. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen now appear on the platform above the crowd. Prince and Wilson raise their Tag Team Championships in the air as the other two teams look on. NXT goes off the air.

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