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WWE SmackDown results from 07-21-2023

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FS1 opens up with a look at what happened last week with Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa. We’re now LIVE from a sold out Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett. We see Sikoa, Paul Heyman and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns walking backstage as the announcers hype the show.

MATCH #1: United States Championship Invitational Fatal Four-Way Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Sheamus vs. LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes
We go right to the ring and out comes 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio as the WWE United State Championship Invitational continues. The winner of this match will face Santos Escobar next week, with the winner being named the new #1 contender to WWE United States Champion Austin Theory. We see Theory watching from ringside now. Sheamus is out next, followed by Cameron Grimes. We’re in Orlando tonight, the home of NXT, so we see Wes Lee and Dragon Lee in the front row. Out next comes LA Knight to a big pop. LA cuts a promo on WWE SummerSlam and how he’s coming for the title, and this is his game. Yeah.

The bell rings and Rey fights Grimes while LA fights Sheamus. Grimes ends up knocking Rey out of the air, sending him to the floor.

Sheamus rocks Knight but Knight knocks him back to the floor. Knight with a slingshot shoulder-block to Grimes to clear the ring. Knight stands tall and plays to the crowd for a pop as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rey takes out Grimes on the floor. Sheamus with a rolling senton for a 2 count. Rey and Sheamus end up clearing the ring. Rey delivers 10 Beats of the Bodhrán to Grimes, while Sheamus does the same to LA. Fans pop. Sheamus and Rey go at it now.

Sheamus blocks 619 and hits a backbreaker. Grimes goes to work on both now, delivering kicks while they’re on their knees. Grimes decks LA but Sheamus ends up hitting the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus sends LA out but LA pulls him out and sends him into the apron. LA works on Grimes until Rey flies out with a kick to LA. Sheamus and LA end up top with Rey now. This leads to a ridiculous four-man Tower of Doom. Theory looks on as we go back to commercial.

More back and forth after the break. Sheamus ends up clearing house and hitting White Noise on LA for 2. Sheamus calls for a Brogue Kick but has to knock Grimes off the apron. LA dodges the Brogue and slams him for the pin but Rey leaps off the top to break it up.

At one point Grimes kicks Rey but Sheamus hits a big knee to drop Grimes. LA with a BFT on Sheamus but Rey flies in to break up the pin. More close calls and counters as all four Superstars continue to go at it. Rey goes on to hit a double 619 to Sheamus and Grimes at once. Sheamus ends up on the floor while Rey splashes Grimes and goes for the pin but Theory pulls Rey out of the ring, sending him into the steel steps.

Santos Escobar runs down and unloads on Theory, beating him into the crowd and chasing him away. LA ends up dropping Grimes and hitting the big elbow drop but Sheamus drops him with a Brogue Kick. Grimes with a Cave-In to Sheamus off the middle rope. Rey then hits a big hurricanrana plancha on Grimes for the pin to win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match: Rey stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Santos looks on now. Santos vs. Rey is confirmed for next week as the finals. The LWO stablemates are all smiles as they celebrate and shake hands.

Back from a break and we see WWE NIL athletes The Cavinder Twins in the front row.

BACKSTAGE: A furious Austin Theory approaches Adam Pearce and wants him to book him against Santos Escobar. Pearce says it will be a Championship match, but Theory says no because Santos hasn’t earned the shot yet. Pearce says he will make the match.

BACKSTAGE: We see Jey Uso walking in the back when he spots Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. He keeps walking and sees The Creed Brothers, who he stops to fist-bump.

We see what happened with Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar on RAW.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are shown in the front row.

MATCH #2: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Charlotte Flair vs. IYO SKY

We go back to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Cole hypes Flair vs. Bianca Belair vs. WWE Women’s Champion Asuka at SummerSlam. We see NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton in the front row. Out next comes IYO SKY with Bayley. IYO is carrying her Money In the Bank briefcase. Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo replay looks at how SKY almost cashed in during Belair vs. Asuka last week. Bayley joins the announcers for commentary now.

The bell rings and they go at it, showing each other up early on. Flair sends IYO to the corner but flips into boots. IYO tackles Flair and mounts her with punches. Flair fights back and nails a crossbody from the top.

SKY hangs in there and mounts offense, nailing a big springboard missile dropkick from the apron. Flair kicks out at 2. Flair sends IYO out but she fights back to the apron. Flair knocks IYO off the apron with a big boot. They go back & forth now, then unload on each other with big chops. IYO ends up hitting a head-scissors as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley yells at Flair as Flair brings IYO back in. Flair rocks IYO but misses a big stomp to the leg in the ropes. IYO with running double knees for 2. Flair with a belly-to-back suplex. They trade more strikes. Flair mounts kicks and chops. IYO goes for a crossbody but Flair catches her and hits a fall-away slam, then a kip-up and a lariat for a close 2 count. Flair goes on to hit a backbreaker and more offense but SKY kicks out as Bayley cheers her on.

Flair misses a corner splash but SKY misses an attack. Flair slams her face into the turnbuckle as Bayley screams for IYO to do better. Bayley ends up providing a distraction, but Flair kicks out of IYO’s sitdown powerbomb. Shotzi suddenly appears on the big screen, saying Bayley’s name with a maniacal laugh and scissors. Bayley is spooked and says she can’t be out here. Bayley runs away as IYO calls her name.

Flair ends up going for a Spear but she hits the turnbuckles when IYO moves. IYO goes up top for the moonsault but Flair moves. Flair goes up top for a moonsault but IYO gets her boots up. IYO takes Flair down into a Crossface submission now. They tangle on the mat and trade 2 counts.

Flair sends IYO to the apron but misses a big boot. IYO once again works on Flair’s hurt knee. IYO flies off the top with a dropkick but Flair catches her in mid-air and applies a Crab. IYO gets out and nails a basement dropkick.

More back and forth until Flair hits a Spear from out of nowhere. IYO kicks out and Flair can’t believe it. Flair with more strong offense but IYO keeps kicking out. IYO counters and hits a double stomp. Flair goes up top but IYO takes the hurt knee out. IYO climbs up to dueling chants. They trade more pin attempts until Flair hits Natural Selection for the pin to finally win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match: Flair stands tall but WWE Women’s Champion Asuka immediately attacks from behind. Asuka goes on and hits a German suplex. Asuka keeps Flair down and poses with her WWE Women’s Championship as her music hits.

We see how Dominik Mysterio won the NXT North American Championship on Tuesday night.

BACKSTAGE: Kayla Braxton is with Dominik and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Dominik knocks his father Rey Mysterio and says if he goes on to win the WWE United States Championship that will be nothing compared to him as he will only be champion of the USA while Dominik is champion of North America, 23 countries. Butch shows up to congratulate Dominik. He says we’re in the home of NXT tonight and it feels like Fight Night, so how about a match? Dominik makes excuses and says plus there’s no one from NXT to make the match. WWE Hall of Famer & Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative shows up and says Butch vs. Dominik sounds like a wonderful idea. Shawn is headed to Adam Pearce’s office to get the match made.

BACKSTAGE: Roman Reigns is looking at the red lei in his hands. He looks over at Solo Sikoa, then back at the lei as Solo nods at him. A confused Paul Heyman watches from behind them.

MATCH #3: One-On-One Match:
Austin Theory vs. Santos Escobar

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Austin Theory for this non-title match. Theory poses in the corner as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Bayley and IYO SKY in the locker room. Bayley’s luggage has been damaged and there’s a pair of scissors stabbed into a photo on the bag. Bayley rushes IYO out and they leave. We go back to the ring and out comes Santos Escobar as Theory looks on. They lock up and Santos unloads with punches.

Theory looks to mount offense but Santos dropkicks him. Theory sent Santos into the turnbuckles, then kicked away. Theory with a suplex for 2. Santos with a head scissors take down, but Theory comes right with a kick and a big DDT for 2. They continued trading offense until Santos clotheslined Theory over the top, then went for a suicide dive but Theory moved. Santos lands hard as we go back to commercial.

More back and forth after the break. We see how Theory hit the rolling dropkick during the commercial. Santos fights back and hits a suicide dive to send Theory into the announce table. Santos brings it back in and unloads with offense. Santos with a crossbody for a close 2 count.

Theory blocks the Phantom Driver and levels Santos for 2. Theory hits the Ushigoroshi but Santos kicks out. They go on and Theory looks to finish Santos off, but Santos counters and nails a dropkick. They fight it out on the top turnbuckle until Santos hits a hurricanrana, then running double knees into the Phantom Driver for the pin to win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

After the match: Escobar stands tall and celebrates as the music hits and we go to replays. Escobar celebrates with fans now.

BACKSTAGE: We see Bobby Lashley greeting NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the back. Lashley was hoping to see them. They say they are trying to get like Lashley.

MAIN EVENT: NXT North American Championship Match:
Dominik Mysterio © vs. Butch
We go back to the ring and out comes NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Ridge Holland injured Elton Prince last week in Pretty Deadly’s match against Holland and Sheamus. Butch makes his way to the ring now. The bell rings and they lock up. Dominik takes Butch down. They run the ropes and Butch decks Dominik, then grounds him and starts bending the fingers while Ripley looks on.

Butch stomps Dominik’s elbow. Dominik tries to fight but Butch takes him back down and works on the fingers. Dominik gets the rope to break it. Dominik drops Butch over the top rope to stun him.

Ripley runs over and places a steel chain in Dominik’s hand. Ripley distracts the referee but Holland runs down and prevents Dominik from using it. Butch nails the enziguri for a close 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Dominik launches himself in from the apron for 2. Dominik mounts Butch with punches, then applies a headlock. Pretty Deadly comes out now with Kit Wilson pushing Prince in a wheelchair, which is odd as he has a shoulder injury. Butch unloads on Dominik with offense now. Butch with a big right and a stiff kick. Butch misses a stomp. Dominik goes for 619 but Butch side-steps and hits a German suplex. Butch with more offense for 2.

Wilson with a cheap shot but Holland gets involved. Kit backs away as Holland and Butch stare him down at the bottom of the ramp. Prince then jumps out of his wheelchair and runs away with Holland chasing them. Butch goes back to the apron but Dominik kicks him.

Dominik distracts the referee, allowing Ripley to clip Butch’s knee from behind. Dominik then rams Butch into the ring post head-first, and dumps him back into the ring for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the match: Mysterio and Ripley celebrate as we go to replays.

We go back to the ring and out comes Jey Uso to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and it’s time for the SummerSlam Rules of Engagement discussion as Jey waits in the ring. The music hits and out comes Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman as Mike Rome does the introductions. The pyro goes off as they march to the ring.

Jey looks heated as what’s left of The Bloodline heads to the ring, which is set up with a red cover, and a table for a contract signing. Jey snarls as Reigns nods his head at his cousin. Reigns takes the mic and calls on Orlando to acknowledge him. Reigns and Jey sit at the table while Solo and Heyman stand by. No sign of Adam Pearce.

Reigns asks what’s up, Little Jey? Do you still want to do this? Jey says yes… he’s supposed to, Reigns is making him do this because Reigns called a shot and now brother Jimmy Uso is in the hospital. Jey says now he’s got to get you, Roman. Fans pop. Jey says he has no other choice. Reigns laughs and calls him Little Jey, and says Jey won’t get him because Jey just does not get it… you’re just a soldier, a pawn in this game.

Fans chant “Uso!” now. Reigns goes to sign the contract as Heyman hands him a pen. Reigns does not like the chants but he slides the contract to Jey. Heyman takes his pen back. Jey is about to sign now but he rips the paper up and says they don’t need a contract because their contract is in blood. This is Tribal Combat now.

Reigns asks if the elders know about this. Jey says it was their idea. Jey goes on and says he can do what he wants, this is anything goes. Reigns stands up and he’s heated as he tells Orlando to shut up. Reigns orders Jey to shut his mouth because The Tribal Chief is talking. Reigns says don’t act like this is his first rodeo, like hasn’t ran the business for a decade now. Reigns positions his title belt on the table. He says this means nothing to him, it’s done. Let’s go.

Jey repeats himself… I said, this is Tribal Combat now. Jey sits the mic down. Reigns looks a bit shocked as he removes his red lei. Heyman yells, no! Jey stares Reign down as another chant for The Usos starts up. Reigns places the red lei on the title belt on display. Jey and Roman look down at the Championship, then they meet in the middle of the ring. They shake hands and hold the embrace, then touch foreheads with each other. They then back away and stare each other down.

Reigns goes to leave as Jey stands there, but Reigns may have signaled to Solo. Solo yells out and flips over the table. Solo goes for the Samoa Spike on Jey but Reigns stops him by grabbing one arm as Jey grabs the other arm. Reigns and Jey are both holding Solo from hitting Jey now. Jey suddenly superkicks Solo, sending him out of the ring. Reigns looks a bit shocked as he and Jey trade looks, and Heyman watches from behind them. Reigns exits the ring and stands with Solo at ringside as he gets back to his feet. Solo is not happy as they look on and Jey stares back. The Usos’ music starts up as Jey looks out at what’s left of The Bloodline. SmackDown on FS1 goes off the air.

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