AEW Pro Wrestling Results

AEW Dynamite results from 03-30-2022

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
CM Punk vs. Max Caster
We are kicking off tonight’s show with CM Punk in action! Max Caster makes a Will Smith joke to start his rap while claiming CM Punk’s movies are what will put him to sleep. The two men lock up to start things out, with Caster then connecting with a knee strike to take control. However, Punk responds by bringing the younger star to the mat as he begins working on his injured shoulder.

Punk connects with a shoulder tackle and then goes for a crossbody, but Caster catches him in mid-air and drops him down to his knee. Punk then gets launched into the corner, but he comes back with a dive down from the top turnbuckle, following up with an atomic drop and a lower suplex.

Punk then goes for the knee to the corner but misses, and then he nails a big chop to the neck, followed by a fisherman buster. However, Punk is able to kick out. Caster then heads to the top rope but Punk scouts it and fires in some chops. He then hits a hurricanrana from the top rope.

This time Punk does nail the … Read More