Impact Pro Wrestling Results

IMPACT: Rebellion results from 04-16-2023

Your announcers for tonight’s show are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt. 

Countdown Match #1: Tag Team Match:
Champagne Singh and Shera vs. Heath and Rhino
Singh and Heath start things off as Heath splashes with forearms in the corner. Shera and Rhino meet as Rhino goes for the Gore but he gets tripped by Singh. Rhino eventually clotheslines his way out to make the tag, but Shera knocks Heath off the apron. Shera and Singh take turns working Rhino until Heath gets the hot tag. He tries a roll up on Singh, Shera breaks it. Heath tries to argue with the ref but gets rolled up into the ropes by Singh, who uses the ropes for leverage for the win.

Winners: Champagne Singh and Shera

After the match: Rhino gores Singh and the heels retreat.

Countdown Match #2: Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match:
Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King © vs. Rosemary and Jessicka
Jessicka clotheslines King out of the ring. Rosemary gets her turn at working King until Wilde comes in and dominates. Rosemary gets planted face-first into the turnbuckle. King comes back in with a corner chop. The Coven continues double teaming Rosemary for a bit until Jessicka … Read More