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WWE NXT results from 01-17-2023

Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens up on the USA Network with a look back at last week’s NXT New Year’s Evil special. We’re now LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Fans chant “NXT!” as we go right to the ring.

MATCH #1: Tag Team Match:
Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Apollo Crews and Axiom
The music hits and out first are Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams for tonight’s opening bout. Axiom is out first for his team. Axiom hits the ring and has some words with his opponents. Out next comes Apollo Crews as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Crews is all smiles as he hits the ring and poses in the corner while Hayes and Williams look on from the corner.

Axiom and Trick go at it to start. Axiom works on the arm but Trick winds Axiom’s arm up to turn it around. Axiom with a dropkick. Trick locks up and goes into the ropes but the referee warns him. Axiom dodges a big right but Trick then drops him with a shoulder.

Trick over-powers Axiom again, then catches him in mid-air with a big right hand. Axiom goes down. Trick takes Axiom to the corner and works him over as Hayes tags in to “Melo!” chants. They double team Axiom but he fights them off and nails a double takedown for a pop. Axiom with a big arm drag to Hayes, then a dropkick. Crews tags in and decks Hayes. They run the ropes and Crews nails a dropkick.

Crews dropkicks Trick as he runs in. Crews with a double hip toss to both opponents. Trick dodges a move and Hayes takes Crews down. Hayes with a pump kick to flatten Crews, then a hurricanrana to take him back down by the arm. Crews kicks out at 2. Fans chant for Hayes again. Axiom tags in and Hayes is double teamed. Crews with a big knee to send Hayes into a German suplex by Axiom.

Hayes regroups with Trick at ringside, but Crews presses Axiom out of the ring, onto Trick and Hayes at ringside. Fans pop as Crews poses in the ring while Axiom poses on the apron, and we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Axiom rolls Hayes for 2. They run the ropes and collide with both going down. The referee checks on both competitors. They tangle again and in comes Crews, who stops Trick as he also runs in. Axiom and Crews hit stereo German suplexes. They then block stereo attempts by Hayes and Trick. Trick and Hayes turn it around and Hayes nails a springboard clothesline to Axiom for a 2 count.

Trick tags back in to take over on Axiom, stomping him. Trick beats Axiom down in the corner and stomps away now. Hayes tags in and works Axiom over now, grounding him. More back and forth now. Crews tags in and knocks Trick off the apron, then goes to work on Hayes. Crews drops Hayes and kips-up for a pop. Crews goes on and splashes Hayes in the corner, then nails a dropkick.

Crews presses Hayes to the mat, then nails the standing moonsault for a close 2 count as Trick breaks it up. Axiom decks Tick and sends him to the floor, then hits the dropkick from the apron. Hayes comes off the top, but Crews blocks it and spikes him into the mat and holds him there for the pin to win.

Winners: Apollo Crews and Axiom

After the match: Crews and Axiom celebrate as the music hits.

We see Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo walking on a bridge. Stacks asks why they’re there, and Tony says for business. Tony says this bridge represents beginnings and, in some cases, the end. He tosses a chain and pendant into the river. Tony says Stacks did a lot of growing up this year, he proved to be a solid earner, and he took a bullet for Tony over and over, without thinking twice. Tony says the Dijak situation didn’t end how he wanted it. Stacks apologizes and says he’s sorry about that, Tony knows he would do anything for him. Stacks says if this is it, he’s going to be loyal to the very end. Stacks turns and faces the water. Tony goes behind him but hesitates, then tells Stacks his days of being a soldier are over… it’s time to become the Underboss. Stacks can’t believe it. Tony presents Stacks with a shirt that has The Family’s crest on it. He says Stacks now gets to wear the crest, perhaps as a tattoo. Stacks is shocked and grateful. Stacks and Tony embrace, and Tony kisses Stacks on the cheek. Tony is proud of Stacks. They walk off together.

We see how Toxic Attraction won last week’s Battle Royal main event. They are seen walking backstage now. Back to commercial.

BACKSTAGE: McKenzie Mitchell is with Tiffany Stratton and McKenzie asks about last week’s return and Stratton cuts her off, saying she didn’t ask for this interview, McKenzie did, so get to it. McKenzie shows us footage from last night, showing Tiffany trying to get into a door that has her name on it. Indi Hartwell opens the door, and she isn’t happy with how Stratton called them all pigs last week. Indi places a “Women’s Locker Room” sign on the door, removing Tiffany’s sign, and tells her to go get dressed somewhere else. Tiffany tells McKenzie that the footage is disturbing and alarming. She knocks how Indi was dressed and says Indi and the others can fit their wardrobes in a trash bag. Stratton says she will just have to show them that there’s only one Superstar in the division and that’s her. Toodles, she walks off.

We go back to the ring and out comes Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne of Toxic Attraction.

They “told ya so!” when it comes to winning last week’s Battle Royal to become the NEW #1 contenders to NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez. They go on about how they fooled everyone, making them think they were trying to eliminate each other. There is no animosity or jealousy, no elephant in the room, just Toxic Attraction doing what they need to do, and the Toxic Attraction revenge tour is moving forward, straight into Vengeance Day. They promise Perez will regret the day she became champion.

The music hits and out comes Lyra Valkyria to interrupt. She’s tired of hearing them. Valkyria says she would’ve won the Battle Royal if it weren’t for Cora Jade, but that’s OK because she will get her chance. Lyra doesn’t see a champion in Dolin or Jayne. Lyra enters the ring and the back & forth continues until a fight breaks out. The music interrupts and out comes Perez to make the save, forcing Toxic Attraction to retreat. Perez and Valkyria look on.

We go to The Diamond Mine Dojo now. Brutus Creed and Julius Creed are arguing over who gets to face Jinder Mahal, and Brutus wants his shot. Julius says he’s not done with Jinder. Ivy Nile interrupts and says here we go again. She wants to know what happened to the disciplined Creed Brothers. She says they were once champions but now they’re falling apart by going for nothing but revenge. She knew Jinder was going to beat Julius. Ivy tells them to grow a set and get back to being The Creed Brothers instead of focusing on petty rivalries.

MATCH #2: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Alba Fyre vs. Sol Ruca

We go back to the ring and out comes Alba Fyre with her baseball bat. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a new vignette from Stevie Turner. She gives her thoughts on highlights from last week’s Battle Royal. She says stay tuned for her arrival and updates on her life. We go back to the ring and out comes Sol Ruca as Fyre looks on.

The bell rings and they lock up, going back and forth. They tangle some more, and Ruca hits a crossbody for a two count. Ruca with a back-slide for 2. Fyre is a bit fired up now as she faces off with Ruca and they shake hands. They go at it again and Ruca kicks Fyre away.

Ruca counters again and drops Fyre face-first into the mat. Fyre kicks out just in time. Fyre gets a bit aggressive to turn it around, then slams Ruca into the mat. Fyre with a kick and a knee strike while Ruca is on her knees. Fyre with another big strike. Fyre goes to the corner, but Ruca scoops her for a slam. Fyre slides out and nails a superkick. Fyre unloads on Ruca in the corner now.

We see Isla Dawn watching the match from the platform above the crowd. Fyre is distracted but she turns back around to approach Ruca in the corner. Ruca nails the Sol Crusher from the corner for the pin to win.

Winner: Sol Ruca

After the match: Ruca stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Ruca stands tall as a frustrated Fyre recovers. Dawn taunts Fyre from up above the crowd now.

Still to come, Vic talks to Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a vignette from Dijak. He says last week Tony D’Angelo and his goon learned the hard way about hard justice, and next on his docket is NXT North American Champion Wes Lee. Dijak didn’t come back to NXT to make friends, he came to collect punitive damages. He says Lee is a wanna-be and Lee will fill his bag with something he’s never had – championship gold. Dijak would offer a plea bargain where Lee just hands the title over but he’s probably too stupid to take it. Dijak says Lee has no chance to walk out of Vengeance Day with the North American Championship as hard justice awaits. He says this won’t be Vengeance Day for Lee, it will be judgment day.

We go backstage to a pre-recorded interview with Vic Joseph and Grayson Waller, to discuss last week’s controversial match with NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Waller says last week was supposed to be the night he saved NXT from Breakker. Waller goes on about how Bron couldn’t beat him. The only reason he’s not champion is because of something out of his control. We see highlights from the match while the interview goes on. Waller knocks the NXT ring crew for what happened with the ropes breaking. He says since they didn’t do their jobs, he’s not champion. Waller gives Bron some credit for kicking out of his knee. He says he had Bron half dead in the ring, and he’s as much of a champion as Bron is. Waller pulls out a replica title and places it over his shoulder, and comments on how good it looks on him. Vic brings up the Steel Cage match at Vengeance Day. Waller says most people wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cage with Breakker, but he’s not most people. Waller goes on and says he will give NXT a decisive winner and he will take the NXT Championship from Breakker at the most important NXT event in history.

Gallus is shown walking backstage and they’re confident about tonight’s match. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are shown walking with Fallon Henley, and they are also fired up for the match. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and there’s chaos backstage as Alba Fyre is holding a referee down with her baseball bat. NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter appear and try to calm things down, asking Fyre if she’s OK. Fyre is frustrated, saying she can’t beat a rookie or win a title. The champs tell Fyre to be patient as it took them a long time to win titles, but now they’re at the top. They tell her to just chill. Fyre takes this the wrong way and indicates she may go for their titles. They say they just saved her ass and this is how she acts? Chance comments on how Fyre doesn’t even have a partner, but she says she doesn’t need one. Fyre walks off.

We get another return teaser for Tyler Bate, who will be back tonight.

MATCH #3: Tag Team Match:
Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey
We go back to the ring and we see Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs wrapping up their entrance with Fallon Henley. We see some of the history between Gallus, Brooks and Jensen. The music hits and out next comes Wolfgang and Mark Coffey of Gallus.

The bell rings as Jensen and Briggs attack Gallus. It comes down to Wolfgang beating up Jensen in the corner. Coffey tags in and turns Jensen inside out. Coffey unloads on Jensen while he’s down now. They run the ropes but Briggs tags in, and the babyfaces nail stereo clotheslines.

Briggs stays on Coffey for a 2 count. Jensen tags back in for more double teaming but Wolfgang knees Jensen in the back from the apron to take control. Wolfgang tags in and unloads on Jensen with strikes. Wolfgang with knees to the head of Jensen now. Coffey tags back in and they club Jensen back down. Jensen fights Coffey off but Coffey knocks him into the ropes. Wolfgang tags back in and keeps control. Briggs tags back in and he brawls with Wolfgang now. Briggs with a corner splash, then a big boot. Coffey tags in as Briggs runs the ropes with Wolfgang. Coffey trips Briggs and pulls him out, then slaps him on the edge of the apron.

Wolfgang brings Briggs back in as Fallon checks on a hurt Jensen at ringside. Gallus goes out and pulls up the rubber mat to expose the concrete at the entrance-way. Briggs and Jensen attack. Jensen sends Wolfgang into the barrier. Coffey tries to suplex Briggs on the concrete but Briggs resists. Briggs counters and slams Coffey on the floor. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Coffey has Briggs down in the ring. Briggs slams Coffey and in comes Jensen. Jensen fights off both opponents, nailing a spinning heel kick. Coffey blocks a suplex and Jensen’s back goes out. Coffey knees Jensen and rocks him. Wolfgang tags in and nails a big middle rope cannonball for a 2 count on Jensen.

Fallon cheers Jensen on as Wolfgang grounds him in a submission. Coffey works Jensen over at ringside now, then brings him in for a 2 count. Coffey stomps on Jensen and talks some trash while kicking him around. Coffey with a big shot to the lower back for a 2 count. Wolfgang tags back in to keep Jensen down in their corner while the referee counts. Coffey with a quick tag to keep the attack going. Coffey grounds Jensen now as Briggs and Henley rally the fans. Coffey kicks Briggs’ hand away to prevent a tag. Jensen rocks Coffey and in comes Briggs, who runs wild on both opponents with right hands. Briggs sends Wolfgang to the floor, then sends Coffey to the apron and knocks him off to the floor. Briggs leaps off the apron with a flying shoulder to Coffey.

Jensen attacks Wolfgang at ringside now. Wolfgang sends Jensen into Coffey, who back-drops Jensen onto the exposed concrete, hurting his back more. Jensen is out. Briggs brings Coffey into the ring and nails a top rope clothesline. Briggs slams Coffey in the middle of the ring, then nails a splash. Briggs is fired up now. Henley checks on Jensen, who hasn’t moved. Henley calls for medics to come and check on Jensen. Coffey rolls Briggs up off the distraction for a 2 count. Coffey and Briggs collide with rights and both go down. Kiana James comes out to check on Jensen now. Henley and James argue.

Jensen tells the medics to just help him up because he can’t get there on his own. Fans rally for Jensen. Briggs fights off Coffey with punches now, then drops Wolfgang as he comes in. Coffey levels Briggs with a big right hand. Wolfgang scoops Briggs and holds him, allowing Coffey to nail the kick into Wolfgang’s powerslam. Wolfgang covers Briggs for the pin to win.

Winners: Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

After the match: Gallus stands tall together as the music hits. Jensen is still being tended to.

BACKSTAGE: Duke Hudson is with Thea Hail as Thea is nervous for tonight’s match and says she’s about to puke. Andre Chase walks up and says his phone has been blowing up. Thea hopes this means they’re getting a new Chase U swimming pool, but Chase shows us a new video from the NXT Anonymous account. The video shows Duke talking to another Chase U student about Chase. Chase is furious now. He says if Duke has something to say, say it to his face. Duke says the video was taken out of context, and they should be focusing on Hail’s match tonight. Hail asks if they can please focus on her match. Duke heads out with Hail as Chase looks on. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen in the trainer’s room. Jensen is being checked out. Fallon Henley walks up and asks why Kiana James was out there. Jensen defends her and Henley says James was doing more harm than good. Henley goes on about how James is using Jensen, but he doesn’t believe that – just how would she be using me? Jensen says she likes him, and he likes her, and Henley has to deal with it. Henley says she doesn’t have to deal with anything, and when James breaks his heart, she won’t be here to pick up the pieces. Henley storms out.

MATCH #4: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Valentina Feroz vs. Thea Hail
We go back to the ring and out comes Valentina Feroz. Thea Hail is already waiting in the ring as Duke Hudson and Andre Chase look on from ringside.

The bell rings and they lock up. They go at it and Hail takes Feroz down, then works on the arm as fans do dueling chants. They trade offense on the mat, and pin attempts. Feroz tosses Hail and dropkicks her in the face for a 2 count. Feroz grounds Hail now.

Elektra Lopez walks out to watch the match. Feroz tangles with Hail and blocks a counter for a 2 count. Hail comes back with a moonsault for a 2 count. Hail with another quick pin attempt, and another as the Chase University student section cheers her on. Feroz rolls Hail into a 2 count.

Feroz rocks Hail and kicks her in the face. They run the ropes and collide in mid-air with crossbody attempts. The referee is distracted by Chase and Hudson now after Lopez caught the eye of Hudson. Lopez walks over and hands brass knuckles to Feroz. Feroz gets up and tries to do the right thing by giving the brass knuckles to the referee, but Hail takes advantage and drops her with a Cutter for the pin to get her first win.

Winner: Thea Hail

After the match: Hail stands tall and celebrates with Chase and Hudson. Chase is still in a bad mood over the NXT Anonymous video. Feroz is emotional as Lopez looks on.

Apollo Crews has words with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the parking lot. Crews’ brags about tonight’s win and Hayes says it was just a tag team win, and a cheap one at that. Crews says this calls for a celebration but first he needs a fresh new cut. He asks if they know a good barber in town? Crews laughs and says he will see them later. Hayes and Trick are not impressed.

The announcers pay tribute to ROH Hall of Famer Jay Briscoe, who passed away today at the age of 38. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Elektra Lopez approaches Valentina Feroz backstage. Lopez says you either play by the rules or throw the rule book away, but either way you fight to win and fight for respect. Lopez tells Feroz to stop sulking over Sanga. Lopez says she once stood with men but realized she has to stand on her own to get what she wants and do what it takes. Lopez says she practices what she preaches so Feroz should watch her match against Wendy Choo next week. Lopez walks off.

We go back to the ring and out come NXT Tag Team Champions The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The New Day brag about how good they look tonight. Tonight, is special because they are done with Pretty Deadly. They announce that they will be defending against Gallus at NXT Vengeance Day. The music interrupts and out comes Pretty Deadly – Kit Wilson and Elton Prince. Fans boo. They say The New Day is talking nonsense, mocking them like this is funny. The New Day mocks them for losing the Gauntlet last week.

Pretty Deadly goes on about being the rightful #1 contenders but the music interrupts and out comes Wolfgang and Joe Coffey. They say Wilson and Prince don’t deserve a title shot because Gallus ran through them last week. Pretty Deadly says Gallus wasn’t even supposed to be in the Gauntlet, and that’s a gross miscarriage of justice. Gallus says they are back on top so everyone else has no chance at winning the titles. They say after taking out Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen tonight, The New Day is next.

Fans rally for Kofi and Woods. Woods mocks Gallus for their accents, and says it looks like they want to fight. The New Day steps to Gallus but Pretty Deadly attacks both teams with cheap shots. The New Day takes out Prince, while Gallus takes out Wilson. The New Day and Gallus face off in the ring now as officials rush down to hold Pretty Deadly back. Gallus and The New Day start brawling in the ring as officials rush in to try and stop them. Fans chant “let them fight!” as the brawl goes on.

BACKSTAGE: McKenzie Mitchell is with Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez, asking them about the main event. Perez says they have been bound in a common enemy – this week it’s Toxic Attraction, last week is was Cora Jade. Perez knows what it’s like to be the new girl around here, and Toxic Attraction made her life miserable, but she won’t let them do the same to Lyra. Lyra says she normally flies alone but she’s making an exception tonight as Perez was there for her earlier, so she will be there for her in the main event. Javier Bernal interrupts with his guitar. He’s been looking for McKenzie, but she reminds him she’s doing an interview. Bernal says who cares, his match is next. Bernal says she must’ve bought his Christmas album, but no, she didn’t. Bernal asks Perez if she wants to hear a song, but she doesn’t. Lyra also denies the song offer and tells Bernal to get out. Bernal leaves and says this was a tough crowd.

Still to come, Vic talks to the NXT Champion. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Vic Joseph is sitting down with NXT Champion Bron Breakker for a sitdown interview. They talk about New Year’s Evil and the match with Grayson Waller. Bron says he wanted to beat Waller, stand over him and say he is better, but he didn’t get the chance and that was a bummer. Vic brings up “the knee seen around the world” and how he thought Waller had it won there. Bron says lots of people thought the same thing. He admits Waller got him and put him down, and it took everything in his power to kick out. Bron says the ropes then broke and the big question is “what if?” he would’ve hit the elbow. Bron can’t answer that, but he will put all doubt to an end at Vengeance Day. Bron says the Steel Cage match is the icing on the cake because there’s nowhere to run or hide, all the mind games won’t matter at that point. He promises he won’t climb over the top of the cage to win because he will finish Waller in the middle of the ring. Bron says Waller is the best trash talker around, like the Chael Sonnen of WWE as he keeps getting his ass kicked in big matches, despite the trash talking. Bron gets a big hyped up as he goes on about how Waller would be the worst champion for NXT as he’s all about himself. Bron says he will beat Waller all over the cage and he will be the definitive winner after Vengeance Day.

MATCH #5: One-On-One Match:
Javier Bernal vs. Tyler Bate

We go back to the ring and Javier Bernal is out with his guitar. He says in honor of his “Feliz Navidad” single hitting the Top 40, he’s going to perform the song. He begins playing but the music interrupts and out comes Tyler Bate to make his return to a pop.

The bell rings and fans chant for Bate, who shows Bernal up for another pop. They go at it and trade holds. They run the ropes and Bate nails a dropkick. Bate grounds Bernal by his arm now. Bernal ends up decking Bate with a thumb to the eye and fans boo him.

Bernal with a Bulldog and a clothesline for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. Bernal mounts Bate with strikes and slams his head into the mat as the referee warns him. Fans boo Bernal some more. Fans chant for Bate now. He mounts offense and tosses Bernal across the ring. Bate with a series of strikes now, then a flying back elbow.

Bate rocks Bernal in the corner. Bate blocks a counter and knees Bernal. Bernal flies but Bate rocks him in mid-air. Bate with a big suplex and a kip-up, then a standing Shooting Star Press. Bernal blocks the Tyler Driver 97 but they tangle.

Bate rocks Bernal in the jaw with a few strikes, the Bop and Bang, and then ducks a swing from Bernal. Bate hits the slingshot rebound lariat for a pop. Bernal blocks the Tyler Driver again, and now Bate hits it, but just barely as there’s some sort of botch or issue with Bernal. Bate covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

After the match: Bate stands tall as the music hits. He bows to the NXT crowd.

Still to come, our tag team main event. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and a disappointed Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are watching the Chase University students celebrate Thea Hail’s earlier win backstage. Fallon Henley walks up and apologizes for what she said to Jensen earlier. She knows how much Kiana James means to Jensen, and she will work to accept it. Henley says she got booked to team with James next week. Jensen can’t believe it, he’s happy. Henley says she’s doing this only for Jensen. Briggs, Henley and Jensen head out to have drinks.

MAIN EVENT: Women’s Tag Team Match:
Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez vs. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne
We go back to the ring and out comes Lyra Valkyria for the main event. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez is out next. Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are already waiting in their corner.

The bell rings and the two teams go at it. Perez and Valkyria clear the ring. Perez then nails a suicide dive on Jayne. Dolin approaches Perez and yells at her until Valkyria rocks her from the ring. Perez brings Jayne into the ring for a 2 count. Perez controls Jayne and in comes Valkyria for the brief double team.

Jayne takes Valkyria down, but Perez makes the save. Perez with a wheel-barrow roll-through and a dropkick to Jayne for 2. They tangle and Perez goes for another pin attempt. Dolin ends up coming in but Valkyria hip tosses her and grounds her for a quick pin attempt. Perez tags in for a flying back elbow to Dolin for 2. Jayne tags in but Perez doesn’t see it. Jayne unloads on Perez and screams out at her. Jayne with a hip attack in the corner. Dolin tags in for a Bronco Buster, and Jayne hits the corner cannonball. Dolin covers Perez for a close 2 count.

Jayne and Dolin shut Perez back down and keep her grounded off the quick tags. Jayne with a senton for 2. Jayne taunts Valkyria, then keeps the attack going on the champ. Jayne knocks Valkyria off the apron to the floor. Perez counters Jayne and they run the ropes but collide and both go down in the middle of the ring. Valkyria and Dolin tag in and they go at it. Valkyria with big kicks, then a standing enziguri to rock Jayne as she runs in. Valkyria launches Dolin with a T-Bone suplex.

Valkyria goes to the top, but Cora Jade runs down and shoves her to the mat. Valkyria lands hard. Jade taunts Perez from ringside as she runs around screaming. Jayne attacks but Perez tags in and hits a Thesz Press on Jayne, then right hands. Valkyria attacks Jade at ringside and they brawl into the back. Perez unloads on Toxic Attraction.

More back and forth in the 1-on-2 match now. Dolin and Jayne double team Perez now. Jayne accidentally levels Dolin with a running boot in the middle of the ring. Perez takes advantage and hits the side Russian leg sweep to Jayne, then a kick to Dolin. Perez nails Pop Rocks on Dolin for the pin to win as the crowd goes wild.

Winners: Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez

After the match: Perez stands tall with the NXT Women’s Championship as Toxic Attraction recovers. We go to replays. Perez is standing on the stage now, raising her Championship while looking back at the ring. Dolin and Jayne argue about the finish in the middle of the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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