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WWE RAW results from 09-19-2022

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up LIVE on the USA Network as the pyro goes off inside the SAP Center in San Jose, California. Jimmy Smith welcomes us to RAW. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. They hype the show as we go right to the ring.

MATCH #1: WWE Unite States Championship Match:
Bobby Lashley © vs. Seth Rollins
We go right to the ring for tonight’s opener as fans sing along to the music while Seth Rollins makes his way out. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley is out next to pyro and a pop from the crowd. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

They lock up and Lashley shoves Rollins to the mat. They go to lock up again but Rollins grabs from behind, then applies a headlock. Lashley tosses Rollins to the turnbuckles. Rollins is getting upset as Lashley stares him down, and fans sing Rollins’ theme. Rollins kicks Lashley and applies a headlock but Lashley slams him to the mat, then talks some trash.

Rollins mushes Lashley’s face away and talks some trash. Lashley chases him out but Rollins runs back in an kicks him through the ropes. Rollins goes to do a suicide dive but Lashley catches him at ringside. They tangle and Rollins sends Lashley into the ring post-face first. Rollins brings it back in and tries to springboard in from the apron with the flying knee but Lashley catches him in the Hurt Lock attempt. Rollins fights out and briefly dazes Lashley by sending him into the turnbuckles. Rollins with a kick and a superkick.

Rollins goes on and tries for the Stomp but Lashley blocks it by just staying down on all fours, Rollins connects but can’t even get his foot to follow through on the stomp. Lashley powers up and rocks Rollins. Lashley blocks a clothesline and punch, then nails a back elbow. Lashley clotheslines Rollins over the top rope to the floor.

Lashley exits the ring and runs around the corner, leveling Rollins with a clothesline at ringside. Lashley celebrates some with fans at ringside while Rollins recovers on the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has Lashley grounded. Rollins is focusing on Lashley’s hurt arm now. Rollins with another 2 count. Rollins kicks and chops at the injured arm some more, grounding Lashley now. Lashley fights back and scoops Rollins but Rollins goes over the top rope, slams Lashley’s arm over the top rope, then springboards in with the flying knee. Rollins nails it this time but Lashley kicks out at 2. Rollins is frustrated.

Rollins keeps control and grounds Lashley by his arm once again. Lashley finally powers up and out with a big powerbomb. Lashley goes for a second powerbomb but he can’t get Rollins up. Lashley charges but Rollins dumps him through the ropes to the floor. Rollins connects on the suicide dive. Rollins goes for another dive and nails it, sending Lashley back into the barrier, but Rollins also lands bad. Rollins sends Lashley into the ring post. Lashley goes back down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley unloads on Rollins in the corner. Lashley with big back elbows, a shoulder thrust, then a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Lashley with a big Dominator slam in the middle of the ring. Lashley stalks Rollins while he’s down now. Lashley runs into a big knee. Lashley blocks a clothesline and drops Rollins with a Flapjack for a close 2 count.

Fans do dueling chant as they go at it. Rollins fights and goes to the top but Lashley meets him there. Lashley looks for a suplex but Rollins goes for the eyes while the referee’s view is obstructed. Rollins slides out and nails a Buckle Bomb across the ring. Rollins goes to the top for the big Frogsplash but Lashley kicks out just in time. Rollins can’t believe it. Rollins goes into a Crossface submission in the middle of the ring now. They get up and trade shots.

Lashley blocks a Pedigree and drops Rollins for 2. Lashley catches Rollins with a running powerslam. Lashley charges for a Spear but Rollins catches him with a big Pedigree out of nowhere. Rollins still kicks out at 2 and Lashley can’t believe it. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Rollins is up first and fans start singing his song now. Rollins encourages them to get louder. Rollins goes to the top for the Phoenix Splash but he’s forced to roll through as Lashley moves. Rollins misses the Stomp and Lashley comes right back with The Hurt Lock as fans pop.

The referee checks on Rollins as Lashley rag-dolls him. Rollins goes for the ropes but he’s starting to fade. Rollins kicks Lashley back but Lashley turns it into a German suplex for 2. The Hurt Lock is still in as they tangle again, accidentally hitting the referee. The referee bumps allows Rollins to kick Lashley with a low blow back kick. Lashley goes down. Rollins prepares for the Stomp now but the music interrupts and out comes Matt Riddle, running down the ramp to ringside.

Rollins gets ready to fight but Riddle puts on the brakes at ringside. Rollins turns right back around to a big Spear from Lashley for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match: Lashley stands tall and raises the United States Championship in the air as the music hits. We go to replays. Rollins recovers on the mat while Riddle talks some trash from the ramp, warning him. Lashley hits the corners to pose with the United States Championship.

We see how the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned last week. We cut to the back parking lot and see a white limousine pulling up. Damage CTRL hops out and they enter the venue for a championship title celebration. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers hype WarGames at Survivor Series in November.

We go back to the ring and out comes Damage CTRL – Bayley and new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. Damage CTRL comes out in a golf cart, driven by Bayley. They stop on the stage as the pyro explodes. Bayley drives the cart down the ramp while SKY and Kai show off their Championships.

The ring is set up with streamers, balloons and a black apron cover. Bayley says she’s the Bay Area Hero and she’s here. She hoped this could be a homecoming… fans boo. Bayley says don’t worry, she wasn’t talking about you, she was talking about the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Bayley calls for respect because we’re in the presence of champions. She knocks the hometown San Jose Sharks of the NFL, and fans boo some more. SKY says they are in control now. She speaks some in Japanese and then thanks Bayley.

Bayley says she should be thanking SKY and Kai for coming on this journey with her and believing in her vision. Kai says they needed this, the women’s division needed them, but what they don’t need is Alexa Bliss, Asuka and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Fans boo. Kai says those three were once the face of the division but now they are in control of nothing. Bayley agrees. Fans give them the “What?!” treatment now. Kai goes on insulting Belair, Asuka and Bliss. This goes on for another minute or so until Belair’s music interrupts and out she comes with Asuka and Bliss, who is carrying Lilly. Belair says they weren’t going to interrupt this little celebration but Damage CTRL keeps disrespecting them, so now they have to show them some respect. The babyfaces enter the ring for a pop but Bayley yells at Belair and tells her to be more like Bayley, play the long game. Bayley recalls how she said they’d do this on her time.

Bayley insults Bliss and Asuka. Bliss threatens Bayley if she keeps talking. Bayley goes on about Bliss and Lilly, and says Bliss now is like a shell of the old Alexa. Bliss says who is she telling? Bliss would love nothing more than to torment Bayley more. Bliss proposes a match against Bayley tonight. Bliss says don’t worry, Lilly bites but so do I. Bayley ends up charging but Bliss drops her. Damage CTRL retreats as Bayley is pulled to safety at ringside. The two sides yell at each other from the ring and the floor.

We see Austin Theory backstage getting ready. Back to commercial.

MATCH #2: One-On-One Match:
Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens
We go back to the ring and out first comes Austin Theory. Kevin Owens is out next.

Owens hits the apron and goes to enter but Theory attacks and knocks him off the apron to the floor. Theory follows and attacks, sending Owens into the barrier. Theory returns to the ring and taunts Owens while fans boo him. Owens gets up at ringside but he’s limping.

Owens enters the ring and tells the referee he’s good to go. Owens yells at the referee to ring the bell. The bell hits and they go at it. Owens unloads and they fight into the corner, then back out. Theory beats Owens down in the corner and yells in his face as fans boo. Theory rocks Owens but Owens drops him with a back elbow, then hits the senton. Theory scrambles to the corner and dodges a corner cannonball by rolling to the floor. Owens follows but Theory sends him into the edge of the apron, then face-first into the announce table. They brawl at ringside and Owens slams Theory’s face into the steel ring steps, then the announce table. Theory goes down and Owens returns to the ring.

Owens goes back to the apron but Theory drops him on the edge. Theory then hits a neckbreaker from the edge of the apron to the floor. Fans boo as Theory stands over Owens while talking trash. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens is taking Theory from corner to corner. Owens slams Theory’s face into the top turnbuckle several times as fans count along. Owens goes for the corner cannonball but Theory moves and Owens lands hard. Theory covers for 2, then applies a headlock. Owens fights up and out after grabbing Theory’s nose. Owens with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Owens unloads now. Owens with an Atomic Drop and a clothesline. Owens keeps control and levels Theory with another big lariat but Theory kicks out at 2. Theory ends up blocking a Pop-Up Powerbomb and a Stunner. They tangle some more and Theory misses the ATL.

Owens superkicks Theory and goes to the top for the big Swanton Bomb. Theory still kicks out at 2 and Owens is a bit frustrated now. Owens goes to the top as a “whose your daddy?” chant breaks out. Owens says he’s Theory’s daddy. Theory cuts Owens off and slaps him, and says he’s Owens’ daddy. Theory fights and climbs up but Owens headbutts him to the mat. Theory jumps right back up and rocks Owens. Theory tries for a superplex but Owens counters and tries for the super Fisherman’s Buster but Theory escapes. Owens sends Theory to the mat. Theory rocks him again and climbs back up but Owens with more right hands. Theory pulls himself back up and yells “bitch!” in Owens’ face but Owens rocks him to the mat. Owens misses the double-jump moonsault, then Theory rolls into the big Blockbuster for a close 2 count. Theory with a package shoulder-breaker for another pin attempt. A frustrated Theory keeps trying for the win but can’t get it.

The music hits and out comes Johnny Gargano. He gets Theory’s Money In the Bank briefcase. Theory turns back into a superkick from Owens. Owens hits the cannonball, then the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match: Owens stands tall and nods at Gargano as the music hits and we go to replays. Owens makes his exit now. Gargano comes into the ring with the briefcase as fans chant “Johnny!” now. Gargano stands over Theory and then drops the briefcase on him lower region. Gargano’s music starts up as fans cheer him on while he taunts Theory.

We see what happened last week between Matt Riddle and The Judgment Day. Kevin Patrick stops Riddle backstage now for comments. Riddle says what he did to Seth Rollins earlier tonight was just a little taste of payback, and if Rollins thinks they’re done he’s wrong because they’re just getting started. Riddle says he will hunt Rollins down every day, all day until he gets his rematch. Patrick brings up Riddle and Rey Mysterio vs. The Judgment Day happening tonight. Riddle wants to help Rey get that sweet vengeance. He says Finn Balor and Judgment Day used to be cool but they’re not anymore, so he’s teaming with Rey to get that sweet payback, dude. Riddle walks off.

Still to come, a look at Logan Paul challenging Roman Reigns. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see NFL player George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers sitting in the front row.

We see what led to Logan Paul vs. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns being announced for Crown Jewel.

MATCH #3: Tag Team Match:
Ridge Holland and Butch vs. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins
We go back to the ring and out come the NEW #1 contenders – Ridge Holland and Butch of The Brawling Brutes. We see how they won a Fatal Four-Way over Hit Row, The New Day and Imperium on SmackDown to become the NEW #1 contenders to Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Butch declares that Monday Night RAW is Fight Night. Holland looks ahead to beating The Usos for the titles this Friday on SmackDown and says Sheamus is already planning their celebration. Holland says they will then run the tag team division because whether it’s Monday night or Friday night… the music interrupts and out comes The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. The pyro hits and The Profits take the mic and congratulate Butch and Holland on their amazing win. Ford and Dawkins go on with their promo, and point out how The Brawling Brutes may have defeated three other teams, but they didn’t defeat The Street Profits. Butch is ready to fight. Holland and Ford have a few more words before we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Holland is going at it with Dawkins. After a back & forth, Dawkins nails the dropkick. Ford tags in and nails a crossbody for a 2 count. Ford rocks Holland and taunts him. Holland comes back and in comes Butch.

Butch charges but Ford grabs his arm. Butch immediately goes for the elbow, then the fingers. Ford rocks Butch away, and Butch squeals before charging. Ford evades Butch until running into a big boot in the corner. Butch runs into a dropkick. Dawkins tags in for the double team back suplex. Butch kicks out at 2. Butch goes for the ear to get free. Butch grabs Dawkins’ ankle and stomps on it. Butch takes Dawkins back down by the arm, then bends the elbow back and stomps the arm. Holland tags in and kicks Dawkins to keep him down. Dawkins blocks a suplex and Holland blocks that. Ford tags in and rocks Holland, then nails a big flying crossbody. Ford rocks Butch off the apron.

Ford counters Holland, then unloads with kicks to daze him against the ropes. They go at it and Holland nails a big lariat. Butch tags in with a knee drop, then a kick to knock Dawkins off the apron. Butch dropkicks Ford in the ear to send him to the apron. Holland tags in and they club Ford some more. Holland keeps control and nails another slam. Holland knocks Ford into the ropes and in comes Butch for more double teaming. They trap Ford on the ropes and hit double Beats of the Bodhrán in a nod to The Celtic Warrior. Butch sends Ford to the floor with a running forearm to the back of the head. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Butch has Ford down, bending his arm and working him over. Holland tags back in but Ford fights back. Holland rocks him and in comes Butch again, focusing on the arm and fingers. Ford rocks Butch and breaks free, then drops Butch with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Holland and Dawkins are both legal now as they tag in. Dawkins runs wild on Holland with clotheslines, then a flying back elbow through the air. Dawkins with a corner splash and a big kick to the face, then the corkscrew elbow for a close 2 count. Dawkins with an enziguri, then The Silencer for a close 2 count.

Butch rolls in but Ford meets him with a kick to the back of the head. Butch knocks Ford to the floor. Dawkins rocks Butch. Holland rocks Dawkins and they go at it. Butch is legal now and he kicks Dawkins in the jaw to knock him out of mid-air. Butch covers for a close 2 count but Ford flies in to make the save just in time. They go on and Holland with a big slam to Dawkins. He covers but Dawkins kicks out at 2. Dawkins blocks the Alabama Slam from Holland and they go at it, they collide with clotheslines. Butch tags in and applies a Triangle to Dawkins in the middle of the ring. Dawkins powers up and Ford tags in. Ford goes to the top and hits a super Blockbuster to knock Butch off Dawkins’ shoulders. Ford covers but Holland rushes in to break the pin up just in time. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Butch fights off a German suplex attempt but he gets knocked out of the ring. Dawkins charges to knock Holland to the floor.

Ford tags in and leaps over the top, taking The Brawling Brutes down on the floor. Ford brings Holland back in. Dawkins tags in and puts Holland on his shoulders as Ford goes back t the top. Butch grabs Ford’s fingers and snaps them as he yells out, sending Ford to the floor. Holland tags back in and they take control. Holland scoops Dawkins and holds him while Butch kicks him, then Holland nails the powerslam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Ridge Holland and Butch

After the match: Holland and Butch stand tall together in the middle of the ring as the music hits. We go to replays. The Brawling Brutes celebrate as the announce hype their big Championship match on Friday’s SmackDown.

We see what The Judgment Day recently did to WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Rey Mysterio now. Rey says he wishes he knew the resentment Dominik Mysterio had inside so he could’ve stopped The Judgment Day from warping him. Rey says Edge may be sidelined but he’s not out of the fight and nothing will hold him down for too long. Rey hopes his son will come back to the family. Rey will never give up on his son. Rey knows Dominik is listening… everything he’s ever done in life was for Dominik, to give him the life Rey never had growing up, and for the future legacy for Dominik to carry on, only if he wanted to. Rey can’t say the same thing for Finn Balor and Damian Priest because… Matt Riddle approaches and gets Rey hyped up for tonight’s match. They walk off and we go to commercial.

BACKSTAGE: Johnny Gargano is approached by Alpha Academy’s Otis and Chad Gable. Gable saw Gargano’s pathetic display earlier tonight when they cost Alpha Academy’s friend Austin Theory his match. Gable says that doesn’t bode well with him. Gable knows Gargano is new here, but it’s time for Master Gable to teach him a lesson. They say Gargano made the biggest mistake of his short career out there tonight, and Theory has something Gargano never will have – strength in numbers. Gable says if you mess with Theory, you mess with Alpha Academy. Otis agrees. Kevin Owens appears next to Gargano now and says it sounds like there’s a problem. Gable says his problem is with Gargano. Owens says Gargano had his back earlier so now Gable has a problem with him as well. Gable says it also took both of them to take on their friend Theory. Gable proposes a tag team match for next week and Owens likes that idea. Owens is excited about beating Gable up in his home country of Canada next week. Gable isn’t so thrilled now but Owens and Gargano keep taunting him.

MATCH #4: Tag Team Match:
Finn Balor and Damian Priest vs. Matt Riddle and Rey Mysterio
We go back to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor and Damian Priest with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. The crowd boos as Ripley takes the mic. She recalls taking out everyone in front of them last week to prove to the fans once again that The Judgment Day runs RAW, and now with Dominik by their side, no one will stop them. Especially now that he’s a man. Balor agrees that Dominik is a man, and says he’s a brave man. Balor praises Dominik for standing up to his father. Priest embraces Dominik and says he loves him for being a man who no longer walks in a shadow, who is willing to fight his battles, which he proved when he fought WWE Hall of Famer Edge one-on-one last week. Priest says Dominik is standing right here, and Edge is probably not even standing at him. They all mock Edge for being injured. Ripley says she is very proud of Dominik. Dominik thanks her and the fans boo louder now. Balor yells at the crowd to let Dominik speak. Ripley tells Dominik to just ignore the fans. Dominik can barely speak due to the heat but he’s finally here standing with his real family. Balor says what a moment this is. He calls for them to take a family photo and they all pose together. The Judgment Day goes on about having a great time tonight. The music interrupts and out comes Matt Riddle. He stops on the stage and out next comes Rey Mysterio. They head to the ring together and Rey is looking a bit concerned about the situation with his son. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Riddle is going at it with Balor. Balor gets the upperhand in the corner. Priest tags in and rocks Riddle as Rey cheers him on from the apron. Priest with a big right hand in the corner. Priest beats Riddle into the other corner and puts him down. Balor tags back in to take control. Balor with a big corner chop. Riddle fights back and drops Balor, then nails the gutwrench slam, and another.

Riddle powers up for a third gutwrench suplex. Rey tags in and they double team Balor for a close 2 count as Rhea and Dominik look on from ringside. More back and forth now. Balor rocks Rey and in comes Priest. Priest runs over Rey while Rhea and Dominik laugh at ringside. Priest chokes Rey on the middle rope now. The Judgment Day dominates Rey for the next several minutes now. Balor drops Rey for a 2 count, then grounds him there. Rey tries to fight out but Balor puts him back down. Dominik cheers Finn on.

Priest comes back in and cuts Rey off with a big right hand. Priest with Snake Eyes for 2. Balor comes back in and wears Rey down with the headlock again. Fans boo as Balor goes for the Three Amigos suplexes from WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero now. Rey counters the third and drops Balor. Balor comes back and looks to do the shake but Rey nails an enziguri and quickly makes the tag. Riddle unloads and hits a Ripcord knee to Balor, then another big knee to Priest as he runs in. Riddle goes from corner to corner on Balor and Priest, then launches Balor on his head with an Exploder suplex, then does the same to Priest. They go on fighting and Riddle misses but hits the Broton for a close 2 count.

Balor dodges a Floating Bro. Priest tags in but gets kicked. Riddle drops Balor on the apron but then he gets rocked by Priest. More back and forth now. Riddle fights off Balor from the apron again, kicking him down. Priest grabs Riddle from the other side of the ropes and chokeslams him to the floor. Riddle lands hard next to Balor on the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Balor is in control of Riddle. Balor tosses Riddle to the floor. Ripley rakes Riddle from behind, then nails a back suplex on the floor while the referee is distracted. Balor brings Riddle back in and tags in Priest. They hit a double team backbreaker – leg drop combo but Riddle somehow kicks out. Priest grounds Riddle now while Ripley and Dominik look on. Balor comes back in and goes for a close 2 count. Ripley yells at the referee. Priest tags back in for more quick double teaming and quick tags. Priest grounds Riddle with a knee to the back while Rey tries to rally.

Riddle finally catches Priest and stuns him, then hits the Bro 2 Sleep in the middle of the ring. Priest and Riddle are both down now. Balor and Rey tag in at the same time and they go at it. Rey with some of his signature offense. Rey with a big senton off the top rope, then a dropkick to Priest through the ropes. Balor kicks Rey to stun him. Balor works Rey around now. Rey with a springboard crossbody for a close 2 count. Rey rocks Balor from the corner but a distraction from Dominik allows Balor to drop Rey. Rey blocks Balor’s 1916 with a kick to the face. They tangle and Rey drops Balor into position for the 619 but Priest pulls Balor to safety as fans boo. Riddle kicks Priest from the apron, then nails the Floating Bro to the floor into the announce table. Rey drops Balor for 619 again and this time he hits it for a big pop. Rey goes to the top but Ripley is on the apron, distracting the referee.

Seth Rollins suddenly appears at ringside, dropping Riddle with the timekeeper’s bell. Rollins grabs a steel chair but Rey grabs it and chases him away. Rollins retreats through the crowd. Rey checks on Riddle now but Dominik approaches him. Dominik begs his father to hit him with the chair. Dominik drops to his knees and tells Rey to hit him. Rey teases a swing of the chair but he throws the chair down instead.

Rey goes back into the ring but Balor meets him with a Slingblade. Priest tags back in and hits Rey with the South of Heaven chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Balor goes to the top and follows up with a Coup de Grace on Rey for the pin to win.

Winners: Finn Balor and Damian Priest

After the match: The Judgment Day gathers in the ring as the music hits. They stand tall together as Rey recovers with Riddle on the edge of the apron. We go to replays. Riddle and Rey look on from ringside while Balor, Priest, Ripley and Mysterio pose in the corners.

We see how Dexter Lumis was seen in The Miz’s home last week after The Miz and Maryse left to go on their date. Miz and Tommaso Ciampa are walking backstage now, and Miz is all business, but still a little spooked. We go to commercial.

BACKSTAGE: We see Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle brawling with WWE Officials trying to break them up. Rollins says if Riddle wants a rematch, he can have it any time, any place he wants. Riddle challenges Riddle to a Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules. Rollins says Riddle it’s on, he will beat Riddle in his own backyard.

We go back to the ring for another must see edition of MizTV. The Miz welcomes us, and he’s joined by Tommaso Ciampa. Miz says he wasn’t here live last week because he’s been the victim of a deranged madman – Dexter Lumis. It’s one thing to attack him and cost him a title, but “he” crossed the line when he stepped foot into his room. Miz watched his security footage back and wonders what kind of lunatic draws a photo of his family and leaves it on his coffee table. Miz is sick of feeling this way, always looking over his shoulder. He recalls celebrating his daughter’s 3rd Minion-themed birthday this past weekend but he was so paranoid over Lumis, he punched one of the Minions and everyone freaked out on him.

Miz goes on and asks why him. He wants Lumis to come out and face him, man-to-man, face-to-face. Miz still has not said Lumis’ name. A “tiny balls!” chant starts up while Miz waits.

We see a knife start cutting the ring apron, from under the ring. Miz and Ciampa don’t see it but fans are starting to cheer, and Graves is yelling at them. Miz goes on ranting about Lumis and how he will kick his ass the next time he sees him. There’s now a hole in the ring, and Lumis pokes his body up from it. Miz is terrified. Lumis goes to drag Miz under but he escapes as Ciampa attacks Lumis. Lumis is trying to pull Lumis now but Ciampa rocks him with a mic, knocking him back down in the hole. Miz crawls over to the hole to check it out but Lumis pops his head back up. Miz and Ciampa quickly retreat from the ring. Lumis crawls back into his hole as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and announces for next week’s RAW is Matt Riddle vs. Damian Priest plus tag team action with Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano vs. Alpha Academy.

BACKSTAGE: Dominik Mysterio is with the rest of The Judgment Day when Dominik jokes about how he should probably go check on his dad. He laughs and says he’s going to celebrate instead because he’s got a new mami. Rhea Ripley says mami knows best. Damian Priest goes on about how he will kick Matt Riddle’s ass next week, but enough about those losers, let’s go party. They walk off but Finn Balor stops them when they spot someone else standing nearby. The camera pans and we see AJ Styles on the phone. Balor tells the others to go ahead so he can deal with this. Balor tells AJ it’s been a long time since they talked. AJ says it’s been since Finn joined The Judgment Day and turned his back on AJ, but now we’ve talked. AJ goes to walk off but Balor says he did join The Judgment Day, but he’s never turned his back on AJ. Balor says there hasn’t been one moment where he’s never not had AJ’s back. AJ says they’ve both had each other’s backs, so should he just join The Judgment Day and turn his back on the people who love him the most, just like Dominik? AJ wants no part of The Judgment Day. Balor says this is him, Finn, how long have we known each other? Balor says he’s looking for his friend but he feels like AJ is looking for a fight. Balor asks if AJ is looking for a fight. They face off now. Balor laughs and says AJ’s not looking for a fight because they’re boys. Balor embraces AJ but AJ isn’t buying it. Balor says the offer to join The Judgment Day still stands. Balor throws up the “too sweet!” to AJ to end the segment, then walks off.

Graves is at ringside freaking out about what Dexter Lumis tried to do. Smith sends us to a video package on Bliss.

MAIN EVENT: Women’s One-On-One Match:
Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss
We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Damage CTRL – Bayley with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. The heels pose on the ropes as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Alexa Bliss is already out, waiting in her corner. The bell rings and we see Asuka and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at ringside for Bliss. Kai and SKY cheer Bayley on as she locks up with Bliss. They go at it and Bayley rams Bliss back into the corner to get her off her back. Bayley slams Bliss. Bliss fights back and takes control. Bliss gets sent to the apron but she fights back in. Bliss stalks Bayley now but gets rocked. Bliss is angry now.

Bayley gets up and talks some trash. Bliss slams her by her arm, then drops a knee on the arm. Bliss continues to focus on the hurt arm now. Bliss approaches in the corner but Bayley slams her into the top turnbuckle. Bayley works Bliss around now, also focusing on her arm and elbow. Bayley grounds Bliss while Asuka and Belair rally. Bayley with a suplex for a 2 count. Bayley with more offense and pin attempts. Bayley chokes Bliss with the middle rope as the referee warns her now.

Kai with a quick cheap shot. Bliss turns it around and hits double knees to the back against the ropes. Bliss with a hurricanrana and more offense. Bliss stomps on Bayley. Bliss catches herself on the ropes but Bayley kicks her to the apron. Bayley goes for a draping DDT but Bliss kicks her away. They tangle and Bayley pulls Bliss down on the apron, then elbows her knee. Bayley comes back in and nails a sliding clothesline to the back of the neck for a 2 count.

Bayley shows some frustration now. Bliss is on the floor to recover but Bayley slams her into the announce table as the referee counts. Bayley takes apart the announce table top now. Bayley places Bliss on top of the table and then rocks her. Bliss kicks Bayley away. Bliss leaps off the announce table with a big flip to take Bayley back down. Bliss is limping a bit as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley’s hometown meets her with “let’s go Bayley, Bayley sucks!” chants. Bliss fights but Bayley takes her down with a chop block from behind. Bayley dominates now, choking Bliss on the ropes again right in front of Belair and Asuka. Bayley grounds Bliss by her hurt knee again. Bliss turns it around and delivers some of her signature offense now.

Bayley kicks out at 2 as both teams cheer their partners on. Bliss counters with a crossbody for 2, then a back-slide for 2, and another quick pin attempt. Bayley grabs Bliss but gets cradled for 2. Bayley botches another pin attempt. Bliss kicks Bayley into the turnbuckles. Bliss blocks an attack with another roll-up. Bayley drops Bliss and drives her into the mat in the middle of the ring with the Bayley-to-Bayley suplex. Bliss still kicks out, and Asuka and Belair are relieved.

More dueling chants for Bayley. Bliss counters and hits a big Destroyer from the corner. Bayley kicks out and Bliss can’t believe it. Bliss kicks Bayley but has issues with her knee. Bayley uses the ropes with her pin but Belair pushes her leg off the rope to break it up. SKY runs over and charges, sending Belair into the ring post face-first. Asuka drops SKY with a back-fist. Kai and Asuka tangle but Kai gets sent into the steel ring steps. Asuka goes for the Hip Attack on Kai into the steel steps but Kai moves and Asuka hits the steps hard.

The match continues. Bliss with her big DDT in the middle of the ring after the chaos at ringside. Bliss slowly goes to the top but Kai distracts the referee, allowing SKY to hit the apron and shove Bliss to the mat. Bayley immediately follows up with the Rose Plant for the pin to win.

Winner: Bayley

After the match: The music hits as Damage CTRL immediately attacks Bliss for the triple team. Asuka runs in but she also gets beat down and triple teamed as the boos get louder. SKY with a big double-assisted moonsault to Asuka, with the title belt still around her waist. Belair runs in and starts cleaning house, but the numbers game catches up and now Belair is triple teamed. SKY and Kai hold Belair up while Bayley decks her. Bayley yells in Belair’s face, calling her a stupid idiot, and then puts Belair back down with a Rose Plant. Bayley kneels down in Belair’s face again and says she’s in control now, so she gets what she wants, when she wants, and she wants the RAW Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules. We go to more replays as Damage CTRL stands tall. Bayley, Kai and SKY stand tall to boos from the crowd as RAW goes off the air.

By Eric Montgomery

Eric has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was 5 and has had the pleasure of working in the wrestling business as a DJ, among other things, for 20-years. Eric is our "wrestling expert" and looks forward to showing his passion of professional wrestling.

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