Celebrity Memoirs I Want to Read

There are dozens of articles across the web that include the “best” celebrity memoirs. This isn’t one of them. I have never been interested in celebrity memoirs, autobiographies, or biographies. I’m not sure why. I’ve not felt the need to know their personal lives or been super into celebrity gossip.  Maybe because I’ve only felt “connected” to a handful over the years and those individuals never released one? Dunno. But it seems there has been a surge the past year or so, and a few have actually caught my eye. Below are five that I am interested in… but still may or may not read.

1. Spare- Prince Harry,  Jan 2023: A prince struggles with his royal lifestyle and finding love, eventually relinquishing his title and leaving his royal family after marrying the love of his life. Sounds like a modern-day fairy tale or a rom-com movie. But fairy-tales and rom-coms don’t talk about the nitty gritty details. I don’t share the same fascination of the British monarchy that America possesses overall, but I loved Princess Diana. She was dubbed the “World’s Princess” for good reason, and I admired who she was and what she stood for. Conspiracy theories aside, there remains controversy over her death, and Harry himself has said he believes the paparazzi to have played a part. I have loosely followed William and Harry over the years and always had a soft spot for Harry, so I would love to hear his journey. This may be one I listen to, as Harry narrates his own story.
2. Paris: The Memoir- Paris Hilton, Mar 2023: I have always loved Paris Hilton. I can’t explain it. She is one of those above mentioned celebrities I felt that “connection” with. Not that I could ever relate to her or her lavish lifestyle, or really had anything in common with her. There was just always something about her that spoke to me. She always seemed kind of… sad. But like she knew she “shouldn’t” be sad, so she tried to cover it up. Over the years, my respect for her grew as I learned of her work as a DJ and activist- most notably and recently for “troubled” youth, testifying in court multiple times, participating in marches, and holding press conferences. When she came out about her own trauma and abuse a few years ago, she stood her ground and refused to be deterred from her work by all the critics and non-believers. I adore her. This may also be one that I listen to on audiobook, as Hilton is the narrator.
3. Open Book- Jessica Simpson, Feb 2020: Such a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice. And such an easy target for ridicule. Playing into the “dumb blonde” persona worked well for television, but people didn’t seem to grasp or believe that it could be an act. Before it was well known that reality tv shows are mostly scripted and embellished, Jessica Simpson was brutally mocked and made fun of, especially for one particular incident on her newlywed show still making rounds today. With an IQ of 151 (or 160- there are multiple resources for both) and huge success as an entrepreneur, she hardly lacks intelligence. Toxic relationships, mental health struggles, weight fluctuations, and alcohol abuse are just a few of the topics covered in Simpson’s memoir. She has always seemed heartfelt and real to me, and I believe she will be here, as well. Simpson also narrates the audio version.
4. Rememberings- Sinead O’Connor, June 2021: I had no idea this memoir even existed until I came across it preparing this article, but I knew I had to include it. I was truly saddened to hear of O’Connor’s sudden and recent passing. Passionate and unmoving, she did not shy away from activism and standing up for what she believed in. She was an old soul who was ahead of her time in music, fashion, and beliefs, becoming the subject of controversy especially among conservatives and religious sects. I would like to learn more about this beautiful, powerful woman.
5. The Woman in Me- Britney Spears, October 2023: As of mid-July, “The Woman in Me” was already the number one bestseller, and it’s not even slated to release until 3 months from now. People love her, hate her, and love to hate her. There is no denying she is a commanding presence, and is now seemingly living her life on her terms, after her 13 year conservatorship came to an end. I have always loved Britney. I still remember coming home after purchasing the cassette single of her first hit “…Baby One More Time” from Borders and reading the insert while listening to the song on my parents’ sofa. Even from day one, she had an impact. Believe what you will of her, but the amount of shear… unending bullshit this woman has been through would be enough to break nearly anyone. Her healing is going to take a LOT of years, and if releasing this book will help her, I’m all for it.
What are some celebrity memoirs you’ve read?

By Raven Alford

Raven has been a product tester and reviewer for 15+ years, working with invite-only programs (such as Amazon Vine and Highlight) and premium brands. Micro-influencer and wannabe foodie, Raven enjoys a variety of topics and interests, and loves bringing them to the public. A true child of the 80's & 90's, she loves old school gaming and fashion; and her favorite band will always be New Kids on the Block.

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