Celebrity Memoirs I Want to Read

There are dozens of articles across the web that include the “best” celebrity memoirs. This isn’t one of them. I have never been interested in celebrity memoirs, autobiographies, or biographies. I’m not sure why. I’ve not felt the need to know their personal lives or been super into celebrity gossip.  Maybe because I’ve only felt “connected” to a handful over the years and those individuals never released one? Dunno. But it seems there has been a surge the past year or so, and a few have actually caught my eye. Below are five that I am interested in… but still may or may not read.

1. Spare- Prince Harry,  Jan 2023: A prince struggles with his royal lifestyle and finding love, eventually relinquishing his title and leaving his royal family after marrying the love of his life. Sounds like a modern-day fairy tale or a rom-com movie. But fairy-tales and rom-coms don’t talk about the nitty gritty details. I don’t share the same fascination of the British monarchy that America possesses overall, but I loved Princess Diana. She was dubbed the “World’s Princess” for good reason, and I admired who she was and what she stood for. Conspiracy theories aside,
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