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Pros & Cons: Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2022

Horror is one of my absolute favorite genres of movies and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I attended my very first ever Horror convention that I realized just how much I would enjoy attending them. Horrohound was one of my very first experiences at these type of cons and its one of, if not the best, Horror convention in the United States.

Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati provided quite a nice variety of vendors with Horror being the main staple.

Horrhound Weekend took place in Cincinnati, Ohio and this actually ended up being my very first convention that I ever attended in the state. It’s been since 2018 since I’ve attended when Horrorhound was in Indianapolis and it felt great being back as this event was at the Sharonville Convention Center which makes for a very intimate place to have a convention. The vendor areas had a rather interesting layout featuring several vendors local to Cincinnati and Ohio as well as other parts of the Midwest. The smaller vendor room had a few guests on one side with a few vendor booths but one of the interesting things I noticed here was the fact that this was an area in which you could get a tattoo at featuring several tattoo artists from the surrounding area.

The connecting room was an even bigger vendor/exhibit type area but not as large as you’d expect to see convention centers such as Indianapolis or Chicago for instance, had a lot to offer with plenty of Horror themed merchandise such as shadowboxes with posters of various horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, Halloween and more along with authors of various Horror related books. There was even some vendors carrying other types of merch such as comics, wrestling figures and more so while the main items are Horror, you’ll also find a good mix of other forms of pop culture wares to purchase.

The guest area felt rather crammed into the second vendor hall and made getting through it a bit of a hassle, especially on Saturday.

This second vendor area also had more celebrity guests including a row of most of the main cast from Hocus Pocus, one of the big draws of this years Horrorhound Weekend along with the main clowns from Killer Clowns from Outer Space. My only complaint about these two main rows was just how incredibly packed it was and how the lines were not at all very well formed and it made it rather difficult to walk through, especially on Saturday when the convention was at its busiest. I will say the plus side to this was that there were volunteers trying to help guide people to where the end of each line was and also helping attendees figure out which line was which.


Moving on to what is probably the biggest reason why people attend, the celebrities. The bigger, A-List guests, were placed in a much larger area, separated from the two other vendor rooms and this made for much easier accessibility as well as being able to easily see where the lines start and end. In this room you had guests such as Anthony Michael Hall, Ron Pearlman, Keith David, Doug Jones, and many others. I’ve always felt that your more well-known guests should be in an area such as this as it makes for a better flow for any event.

The Hocus Pocus panel was the most anticipated panel of the weekend and did not disappoint.

The only panel I happened to attend at this event was the Hocus Pocus panel and it absolutely did not disappoint. It was great to see most of the main cast, sans the Sanderson sisters themselves, be part of it and to be able to tell so many incredible stories from their time on the set. For being the only panel I attended, it was very well worth it. One complaint I have is that there wasn’t any sort of app, at least to my knowledge, that provided a means to see the event schedule outside of going to the website itself and looking up the panel list.

Cosplay was out in full force at Horrorhound Weekend with some very impressive displays of work by lots of attendees.

Horrorhound has always been a great horror type convention but I hope for even more events such as a zombie walk, or things of that nature outside of afterparties, costume contest and etc. Horrohound also features SCAREoke which allows you to sing spooky songs. Other than that, Horrorhound is a convention I absolutely recommend attending no matter what city they are in and especially an excellent first Horror convention for anyone that has never been to one before.

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By Brian Daniels

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