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What I’m Watching During the Spring 2022 Anime Season

Hey there. The Domain’s resident otaku is ready for a new season of anime! Last season had some GREAT shows such as Ranking of Kings (such an amazing story), Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 (action-packed), My Dress Up Darling (guilty pleasure), Love of Kill (intriguing) and 86 (LENA!!!) … just to name a few. I love a great story and there is no shortage of great ones when it comes to anime. Also, I plan on writing up episode reviews as the shows progress so make sure to come back for some deep dive anime content!

So let’s take a look at some of the stories that have caught my attention and will be releasing this Spring 2022 anime season.

The Rising of the Shield Hero 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero
The new Season Starts on April 6th!

I’ll be honest, everyone, I was a bit late to this party. I binged watched the whole first season to get ready for the second and, wow… what a ride! I absolutely love the idea of 4 heroes coming together to take out the big bad (Final Fantasy, anyone?)… but what if you are one of the 4 heroes and cannot choose your weapon/skills? What if you were forced to be the shield… the defense of the team. What if you were mocked for being the lesser hero?

This is what Naofumi, The Shield Hero, had to endure in season one. The way he was treated made him a bit cynical and edgy but it also hardened him into a respected hero.  Will he continue that trend in season 2?

Spy x Family

Spy x Family
Spy x Family Debuts on April 9, 2022!

I have heard many great things about Spy x Family (you pronounce it Spy Family). I’ve heard it’s heartwarming, I’ve heard it’s funny, and I’ve heard that it has a strong fan base that can’t say enough great things about it. As for me? All I know is that it involves a spy that must build a pretend family to carry out his mission. It just so happens that the family he builds includes an assassin and a psychic.

Espionage, assassinations, family? Sounds like a great time to me! Can’t wait to check this out.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic

Kaguya Sama Love is War Ultra Romantic
New Season Starts April 9, 2022

Who hasn’t been in love and was too shy to confess? Let’s take it up a notch… who has been in love but will REFUSE to confess because confessing makes you the, “weaker”, partner. This is the premise of Love is War and it’s just all kinds of great. Miyuki and Kaguya both have a mutual love for each other but they simply refuse to confess to each other because they do not want to seem weak. This creates all kinds of plots and schemes in trying to get the other to confess with many hilarious results. Plus, the supporting cast is phenomenal. Chika, Miko, and Yu provide the perfect blend of balanced character development to support Miyuki and Kaguya’s love story.

This is a romantic comedy that I completely love. I follow the manga and am all caught with the latest chapter so I am looking forward to seeing the net part of the story being animated. Will we finally get a confession this season?

Date-A-Live IV

Date a Live IV
Date-A-Live Returns for a New Season on April 8, 2022

This one is a guilty pleasure of mine, but who can blame me? Who doesn’t love pretty-looking spirits (the ladies of the show) battling each other all while trying to win the affection of their savior by going on dates with him??? Yeah, I know it sounds like a typical battle harem type show with dating sim elements, and the show knows that. But that makes the show fun. It even pokes fun of the dating elements when options come out when Shido is out on dates with the girls, lol, but what really draws me into Date-A-Live is the back story of the spirits. Why does Tohka have an alternative dark side to her spirit form? Will Origami recover from her confrontation with Phantom? Will Shido ever seal Kurimi’s powers? Where exactly did the Spirits come from? And how did Shido end up getting his sealing powers? Hopefully, we’ll get some answers during season 4!

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie
Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Anime Debuts on April 9, 2022

“Surprise me.” It’s a phrase that I use in my life when I want to try something new. Several options for alcoholic beverages? Surprise me. Many spicy sauces for tacos? Surprise me. Many new anime shows to watch? Surprise me. For this anime season, Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is going to be the “Surprise me” anime show to watch. For the winter season, it was Love of Kill and I was pleasantly surprised by how well that turned out. For the Fall season, it was Ranking of Kings and that story just blew me away. So for this season, we will go in blind on Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie. And remember, I know NOTHING of this anime/manga. NOTHING! Well… I can’t say anything actually. I know that the female lead has pink hair and this show will debut on April 9th. lol

So what shows are you guys watching this anime season? Have you ever gone blind in a show and were completely blown away? Or how about utterly disappointed? Let’s hear it in the comments, friends! Later!

By Victor Salazar

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