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The Rising of the Shield Hero: A New Roar

Hey there. The first episode of the new season of Shield Hero quickly introduced a new threat, showcased Naofumi’s strength, gave us insight into the new party member, and gave us mystique with that ending. So let’s not waste any time and discuss some of the more noteworthy aspects of the episode, A New Roar.

It was cool to see that Lurolona Villiage, Raphtalia’s home town, is starting to look lively again. Some familiar faces are there to help the rebuilding process and it was a great way to reintroduce some characters. After getting suddenly attacked, Raphtalia and Filo quickly take out the threat. It’s noteworthy here that the bats that came to attack had a turtle shell type thing on their back. It’s a clear nod to the big bad of this season and it was pretty awesome to have that detail into the enemies. It was at this time that a loud roar is heard and the team is left wondering what that was.

After being summoned to the castle to meet with the Queen, we learn that the roar may be coming from the Spirit Tortoise and the Queen is asking the legendary heroes to take it … Read More