Something Old, Something New… Part 2

Welcome back to a little series I like to call Something Old, Something new. I honestly didn’t know where to go next with this series, because it requires a lot of research. I originally wanted to cover Roseanne/The Conners, Full House/Fuller House, and Twin Peaks, but I’ve only seen one of those comebacks in its entirety and I need to do more research on the matter. I’ll get to those next time, but for now, I needed something I’ve seen and as the resident Horror Fanatic it just kind of came to me. Welcome to Something Old, Something New Part 2: the Slasher Edition. Here is my patented non-spoiler review of  Ash vs Evil Dead, Chucky, and Scream: The Series.

In the first installment of this series of articles,  I referenced how great ‘Chucky’ is. To be honest, I was kind of worried about how this series would do as a television series, but I’ll be upfront, it’s better than Bride and Seed of Chucky.  I’d say it’s better than the reboot Child’s Play movie but the best part of that movie was when it finally ended. Actually, I kind of liked the last act of that monstrosity… the first … Read More


Six Ridiculous and Cringeworthy Reality Dating Shows from the Early 2000’s

Reality shows are commonplace on TV today, with popular titles such as Survivor, Big Brother, and 90 Day Fiance; but before these familiar shows were the ones that started it all. The awkward and unexpected moments had viewers glued to their televisions and some were even too cringe to watch.

Brian and I are pretty big into Twitch and one of our favorite streamers Hasan Piker recently began watching a forgotten dating reality show from the early 2000s. Now, I had never heard of this particular program, but it was so fun watching on Hasan’s stream that I found myself diving deeper into the rabbit hole of reality tv shows. I had absolutely no idea that many even existed. Literally hundreds, in a plethora of genres. For time’s sake (and sanity), I am going to stick to dating shows in the early 2000s that aired for only one season and are US-based. Here is my list of the most ridiculous and cringe-worthy:

1. Playing It Straight (2004)– This is the show Hasan streamed and hoo boy- I am surprised there weren’t more shocking moments, but for 2004, it was actually pretty tame. A midwestern woman named Jackie and 10 … Read More


Excessive Sequels: Leprechaun

Welcome back to part 2 in this exciting series where I talk about the phenomenon that I shall dub “sequel-itis”. To recap the rating system, I take a comprehensive look at an entire film franchise and give two separate ratings pepper mills and cheese graters. If you missed the last article about Friday the 13th, I’ll clarify, cheese graters are to represent the highs and pepper mills are the lows. The analogy I used was going to a restaurant and yeah, fresh cracked pepper is nice but too much is a bad thing. However, I think we all make the person grating the cheese fear for their fingers. Apologies to those lactose intolerant readers, my heart goes out to each and every one of you. Currently I am only covering horror franchises but could look at others in the future. for now though, Leprechaun!

This series really isn’t your conventional horror franchise, as in the killer isn’t fueled by vengeance, some flesh eating creature, or criminally insane. In fact, most of the time hes just a dick. Okay, some times its about his gold, but that only seems to be the cause when the writers remember that. Actually, that’s how … Read More

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Fantastic Beasts 3: The Secrets of Dumbledore – A Brief No-Spoilers Review

Can you keep a secret?

Well, it’s obviously not a secret that Dumbledore’s been keeping secrets from people – the name of this chapter Fantastic Beasts storyline and an old Harry Potter clip worked into the trailers make it a little hard to ignore.

Mystery, misdirection, secrets… where were we anyways? Oh! Right!


er… no. That’s not quite right. Let’s try that again, shall we?



We started out in 1920’s America with Newt Scamander, the world’s first and only ‘magizoologist’, doing some international smuggling and then playing some tag with his magical-animal-rescue-ranch-in-a-trunk …right in the middle of the bustling city of otherwise non-magical people who are mostly unaware of the existence of magic or the wizarding world.

Our socially awkward protagonist faces international bureaucratic turmoil, has some brushes with death, narrowly escapes romance, and sometimes even does both at once. All the while, he and his party of rag-tag witches and wizards try to foil the charismatic magic terrorist and his minions and save as many critters as they can in the process. The social and political landscape are cracking inside and out in the overwhelming state of fear, sparking not … Read More


Excessive Sequels: The Friday the 13th Franchise

Have you ever been at a restaurant where someone comes around with a pepper mill and asks if you would like some? For the sake of my point, you say yes, they grind some pepper, you thank them and they move on. Now, how about the Italian places that have the Parmesan cheese and they tell you to say when and you give them your impression of Vincent D’Onofrio in the First Men in Black movie as you keep saying “more” until they finally walk away because your plate is now mostly Cheese? Okay, now that that concept and apply it to sequels. Most commonly this is a trope of the horror genre, which is what this article is about, but I think we all pictured Vin Diesel just now. However, that’s not the genre I’m talking about, and writing about them would mean I would have to watch them, and I’m not about that life.  For now, though, I’m talking about horror movies that kept coming back, way after they were dead.  The rating for this series goes on a scale of 1 to 5, twice, the Lower the Peppermill count, the better to rate the lows, and the … Read More

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The Rising of the Shield Hero: A New Roar

Hey there. The first episode of the new season of Shield Hero quickly introduced a new threat, showcased Naofumi’s strength, gave us insight into the new party member, and gave us mystique with that ending. So let’s not waste any time and discuss some of the more noteworthy aspects of the episode, A New Roar.

It was cool to see that Lurolona Villiage, Raphtalia’s home town, is starting to look lively again. Some familiar faces are there to help the rebuilding process and it was a great way to reintroduce some characters. After getting suddenly attacked, Raphtalia and Filo quickly take out the threat. It’s noteworthy here that the bats that came to attack had a turtle shell type thing on their back. It’s a clear nod to the big bad of this season and it was pretty awesome to have that detail into the enemies. It was at this time that a loud roar is heard and the team is left wondering what that was.

After being summoned to the castle to meet with the Queen, we learn that the roar may be coming from the Spirit Tortoise and the Queen is asking the legendary heroes to take it … Read More


AEW Dynamite results from 04-06-2022

AEW is invading Beantown tonight as we’re LIVE from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts! As expected, we’re getting right to the action!

MATCH #1: One-On-One Match:
Adam Cole vs. Christian Cage

The two men lock up early and it is Christian Cage who takes control to start, but Adam Cole quickly reverses it by taking the veteran into the corner, abusing the full five count. Cole then rolls to the outside and then spits at Christian. However, as he tries to run around, Cage goes under the ropes and then drops him with a clothesline.

Cage then unloads a series of chops, but Cole reverses when being put on the top turnbuckle. He escapes out and hits a kick to the legs, which sees Cage drop and hang, allowing Adam to get a free superkick shot to the face. Outside the ring, Cage is then sent into the guard rail and the steel steps.

Cole continues putting pressure on inside the ring, standing down on his neck while Christian’s head is stuck on the bottom rope. The veteran once again turns things around with a dive to the outside, and then they go back and forth with punches inside … Read More


The Blue Blur is Back: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Review

Video game movies have always had a tendency of either being downright awful (here’s looking at you Uwe Boll) to being good yet insanely cheesy such as movies like the 1995 movie based on the video game hit, Mortal Kombat. Because of this, many gamers and moviegoers alike have come to brace themselves whenever a movie based on a video game is announced and then released hoping that this movie might be the one that ends up doing the source material some justice with many failing and some just missing the mark.

Until 2020 when Sega decided to bring the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, to movie theaters nationwide, and it absolutely dominated as one of if not the best video game movie ever made. Now, Sonic is back and he has brought some very familiar friends along to take on a returning Jim Carey as Dr. Eggman after being isolated on the Mushroom Planet since the end of the first movie. We find Sonic making his home in the lush town of Green Hills just outside of Seattle where Sonic hopes to be the hero that he believes is his destiny.

While trying to maintain a normal life … Read More


He’s Back, Baby! My Thoughts on the WWE Return of Cody Rhodes

The date: April 2nd 2022. I’m in my living room,  marking out in a way I haven’t since I was a little kid. Why, because I suddenly have faith in the WWE again. I will be brutally honest, when I first started wrestling, it was unanimous that the WWE was the goal and top aspiration for all indie wrestlers and as time drove on, it suddenly wasn’t. The last few years have been hard on everyone, but especially for Vince McMahon’s employees. Apparently, it was so bad that The Elite, who up to this point was a wrestling faction and also a podcast group, decided to make their own t-shirt… uh, I mean wrestling company. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love AEW and what they have accomplished, but when it becomes too much? Well, apparently for Cody Rhodes “too much” was reached on Feburary 15th 2022.

Two days beforehand, I had just placed an order on the AEW site for the very limited edition Bryan Danielson  vs Sagat AEW X Capcom t-shirt when I also decided to go ahead and throw down on the Nightmare Family shirt that mirrors the FoxHound logo. I could not wait to rep my … Read More

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What I’m Watching During the Spring 2022 Anime Season

Hey there. The Domain’s resident otaku is ready for a new season of anime! Last season had some GREAT shows such as Ranking of Kings (such an amazing story), Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 (action-packed), My Dress Up Darling (guilty pleasure), Love of Kill (intriguing) and 86 (LENA!!!) … just to name a few. I love a great story and there is no shortage of great ones when it comes to anime. Also, I plan on writing up episode reviews as the shows progress so make sure to come back for some deep dive anime content!

So let’s take a look at some of the stories that have caught my attention and will be releasing this Spring 2022 anime season.

The Rising of the Shield Hero 2

I’ll be honest, everyone, I was a bit late to this party. I binged watched the whole first season to get ready for the second and, wow… what a ride! I absolutely love the idea of 4 heroes coming together to take out the big bad (Final Fantasy, anyone?)… but what if you are one of the 4 heroes and cannot choose your weapon/skills? What if you were forced to … Read More